Why Are There So Many Backup Drives on Sale?

Is there a change in technology coming in the next few months which will make all this sale stock obsolete, or is this for FY tax reasons, or is this just normal technology price cuts?

What can we expect in the coming weeks?



    Let me check my crystal ball… There is no change in technology which will make big capacity spinning disk hard drives obsolete any time soon. It is just normal tech price cuts in action. There has been a hard drive shortage since vendors tightened supply last year, so this may show some increase in supply now that margins have recovered. RAM and SSDs remain fairly high due to constraints in production and demand.


    was just thinking the same actually. I just bought a 2tb harddive and realised that I should wait to get even more TB's for storage. as I may need more space for ' ultra -HD taking up lots of megabytes or gigabytes…videos

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    Well probably due to the recent ransomeware attacks and such, backup drives have never been as popular to protect your content. So sales have been boooming and in demand I guess.


    Maybe you are seeing more HD ads just because you are seeing more ads in general due to EoFY sales?


    Its a cross section of multiple factors that make hard drives an attractive post, including
    1) Small size, easy to post, lends itself free post
    2) Commoditized nature of it, hard drives a hard drive
    3) Well known, you know that a 2tb portable is $100 so anything less than that is a good deal
    4) Not limited to a single purpose. Data is all over the place now


    Selling "backup" hard disk drives helps sell more hard disk drives.



    Because hardly anyone burns DVDs anymore and I doubt many backup on Blu Ray.

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    for a more serious answer…

    the biggest market for 2.5 hdds is laptops

    whats taking place of hdds in laptops? ssds

    whats been artificially limited in quantity so as to keep prices high? ssds

    notice there are hardly any ssd sales now

    so they continue to make hdds because they have machines to make them

    so how do they make these hdds saleable?

    IMO a 2tb ext. hdd for $99 is super bargain territory

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    Netflix and streaming sites.

    I don't know anyone who downloads a lot of movies anymore.

    This leaves obsessive collectors and genuine backup as the most common uses.

    That's a huge demand drop.