System Errors That Have Cost You Money

Hi OzBargain,

Has there ever been a time where a system error for a service, subscription or product has cost you money? Obviously this comes down to being diligent with money. Obviously most of us are tight arses but not all of us are accountants so having the scrutiny to pick up on these things requires time and effort - if you're checking absolutely everything with a fine tooth comb.

For example, me and my partner recently signed a lease for a rental property and we were able to negotiate with the agency to make monthly payments even though it was listed as a weekly payment amount. After the first couple of rental invoices it appears as though the calculated monthly amount varied from the initial weekly amount by a total amount of $77 over the term of the lease(12 months). This was put down to being a "calculation of the system" according to the agent. He has yet to provide a valid explanation.

It's only obvious to me because we were expecting to pay a certain amount and the monthly invoice is higher. Had I not have been diligent I probably would not have noticed.

Another example might be the Centrelink debt letter scandal. Given that we rely so much on these systems, it appears one cannot be diligent enough these days with their moneys.



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    I think of it as a system error but it was probably my error.

    Bought two burritos on GYG app instead of one.

    • I hope you were hungry?

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        no it was by his inherent choice.

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    I was swapped at birth accidently with James Packer. Damn hospital staff didn't follow correct system and procedures. It has cost me a bit of money. Oh well.

    • There There Chumlee Packer

      • at least you didnt have to put up with mariah

  • Not a system error as such, but my AAMI auto renewal for my car insurance was higher than if I started a new one.

    I called and asked why, and they advised that it was due to some loyalty nonsense. So I pay more for being loyal? Apparently so.

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      that is an issue with almost every company. Look at the cases where discounts only apply to "new" customers. The phone companies are particularly rife for this. There is a tax on people not shopping around and be willing to move.

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    are you just multiplying the weekly amount by 4 to calculate your monthly rental amount?

    • Nope. Granted I did Maths A, I used the following formula:

      (Weekly rent x 52) / 12

      • Cool. You're right. Just a lot of people make that mistake so thought I would check

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