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Soft Close Toilet Seat $19.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


I have always felt that soft closing toilet seats are a premium. Always hated the thud sound while putting the seat down to take a dump.

Aldi to the rescue!


Heavy duty duroplast construction
Features a slow release lid
Suitable for standard toilet pans
Fittings and installation instructions included toilet not included

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  • +88

    Bought these from Bunnings a few months ago for about $30 - well worth it especially if you have dipshit kids that just keep slam the seat and lid down and yell "Sorry!" down the hallway. No matter how many times I say "I don't want you to keep saying sorry, I just want you to stop slamming the bloody lid down!" they keep on doing it! </rant>

    These seats are great.

    • -3

      Dunno, I think it's pretty important to have the lid closed when flushing (save the gastro getting around).. I don't (and I expect my kids don't) want to stand there looking at the seat as it (painfully) slowly closes before I/they can flush..

      If you are impatient then you're just gonna shove that thing down and break it quick smart.

      • +12

        Why the negs? You guys enjoy flushing with the seat up spreading your faecal matter?


        Each to his own I suppose.

        • +25

          Ive never flushed with seat down, and im still alive

        • -3

          @jackwoz: Sure, no one said it'd kill you, but you're likely to spread gastro causing bacteria to others (and possibly yourself). Ever had a bad stomach? Gastro? I wonder where that may have come from.

          I smoked for 20 years and I'm alive so smoking must be fine.

        • @iDroid: Nope, dont get a bad stomach often. Have you ever had a bad stomach? With the smoking im pretty sure your not comparing apples with apples

        • -1

          @jackwoz: "often".. so the answer is yes? Yes I have had a bad stomach, and I suspect the cause of it was poor hygiene by someone, perhaps even myself. But none of that negates that flushing with the lid up is poor hygiene.

          I don't actually smoke, I was simply saying "just because something didn't kill you does not equate to that thing being good for you" regardless of what the topic is.

        • +8

          @iDroid: gastro comes from not washing hands/touching contaminated surfaces and ingesting Castro causing bacteria. The flushing/faecal thing was made up most recently recirculated by the guys who wrote freakonomics. Gastro being spread by flushing a toilet is a just a pile of airborne faecal particles.

        • +2

          @altomic: Umm, the concept was around LONG before freakonomics existed and is far from "made up".

          Not closing the lid before flushing is a cause of contaminating surfaces that you then touch facilitating the spread of such germs. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, they are part of the same.

        • +7


          Mythbusters did a piece on this. Untouched toothbrushes in another room, far from the toilet, still ended up with airborne faecal matter on them.

          Up or down, either way, you're fighting a battle you're never going to win.


          But if down gives you piece of mind, more power to you.

        • +1

          @iDroid: Does that mean i have to have a SCUBA tank on my back in case someone around me has farted and i breathe in the poo particles?

          FYI, I'm being facetious

        • +5


          I flush with the seat up and last stomach problem was a dodgy kebab in 1999. Even made it through India unscathed. Maybe I have great immunity from feacal vaccination

          Being as clean as possible isn't always needed or always better

        • +1

          @jackwoz: you're being fartetious

        • +1

          @surethang: Yeah, I trust myth busters over microbiologists.

          Whilst it's a fun show, the Myth Busters are probably the least scientific 'science' to be found.

        • So all you tools flushing with the lid down are the ones leaving skid marks everywhere? I've never flushed with the seat down and haven't been sick in many many years

        • @jackwoz: Better change the toothbrush often then

        • +3


          It's curious how whenever Mythbusters shows someone they're probably wrong, Jaimie and Adam conveniently become terrible scientists. But ok, let's go with the experts.

          Microbiologists "found that the average kitchen sink has about 100,000 bacteria per square centimetre, compared to the average toilet's 100 bacteria per square centimetre… Fecal bacteria in kitchen sinks were in the range of hundreds compared to less than 1 per square centimetre of toilets"

          "Studies at the University of Arizona found 60% of home dishcloths tested positive for influenza; 32% for MRSA; 10% for Salmonella; and 32% for E. coli"

          So that place where you prepare your food has 1,000 times more poop particles than your toilet seat, and unlike the bathroom, you're putting a lot of it straight in your mouth. Run your sink tap or squeeze out your dish sponge, and you put more crap into the air than months of toilet flushes.

          Then there's the laws about food contamination. The rules allow for a small number of mouse poop in grains, maggots in tomatoes, pus in fish, and bugs and their poop in salads, etc. So you're actually eating bits of raw poop all the time; a massive direct dose compared to what your toilet throws into the air.

          So sure, close that lid if it gives you peace of mind, but you're doing next to nothing to lower your total exposure.


        • +1

          @jackwoz: better than being faecetious

      • +3

        I keep the lid closed too. My towel rack is directly above the toilet in the ensuite so always keep it shut when I flush.

        Thanks for pointing out the soft close is actually a bit frustrating in that scenario. The main bathroom has one and I almost thought of getting another one but realised it will just frustrate me!

        • +1

          My towel rack is directly above the toilet in the ensuite so always keep it shut when I flush.

          I have changed my bathroom habits since learning that diseases can be spread when flushing. I now close the lid before flushing. I now change my bath towels daily and hung in the sun to dry as well as keeping toiletries in a cabinet.

        • @t25: Good habits! I do the same thing, made easier when I stocked up on bath towels from this deal.

        • +6

          @t25: Bath towel daily, that is crazy. What benefit is that doing? (Along with the toilet closing thing doing anything)

          That's a lot of wasted water and electricity and money on detergent down the drain every day.

          Really just interested and happy to have my mind changed if there is published data.

        • @t25: daily is a necessity. wipe your face with a towel that previously cleaned your a$$ is no fun

        • +1

          @kulprit: Probably nothing really. But I do like the feeling of clean, crisp sun dried bath towels. Mind you the "bath towels" I use are more like hand towel sizes. So it's not excessively big. I never quite understood the traditional bath towels and why they need to be that large.

        • +1

          @banzini: Isn't that the point of the shower? Do you have a separate towel for the top half and bottom half as well.

          This level of what people term cleanliness is ridiculous. The world is a dirty place, and really just gotta live with it.

      • +1

        Lol its not that slow.

        I've had one for years. Not an aldi one though and i slam it shut and it stops just in the nick of time before it makes a sound.

      • +1

        I actually can't stand when someone's taken a smelly shit and then shut the lid and flushed, then next person to open the lid to use it gets a face full of poo smell because it hasn't had the ability to escape out the window.

        • Light a match..

      • my logs need inspection, usually 2 flushes. Need to view contents.

      • +5

        Watched a program (House Hazards on SBS Viceland a few days back) investigating spread of spray from open toilet seat & whether toilet seat has more bacteria than sink…

        Was interested after watching MythBusters who found bacteria (found in shit) around toilet & toothbrushes. But they hypothesized without real evidence the source was spray from toilet…

        MythBusters also cultured swabs from toilet seat & sink but found (from memory) more troubling cultures from sink, with seat pretty clean. If there was a problem from bacteria spread from flushing toilet - why wasn't it found on toilet seat???

        Maybe the real culprit was the mouths & hands that had been in contact with the toothbrushes!

        On this other program, they stretched cling wrap across seat & flushed & saw no sign of any drops. Easy to check at home - keep flushing to see if droplets form from the "toilet spray". They also used black light to look for the aerosol spray (after adding die to toilet water) without success.

        Again, culturing swabs from toilet seat showed no harmful bacteria, but sink culture contained harmful bacteria (often found in shit & lots of things). That has been demonstrated so many times.

        Toilet design, amount of water flushed, etc is often quite different between countries - so findings need to be from Australian sources to be valid for us!

        Just because aerosol water droplets may disperse from a toilet does not prove harmful bacteria found on a toothbrush is from that "toilet spray".

        Toilet cleaning product manufacturers would like you to be scared of the risks, it's good for their bottom line. I like this ad from Malaysia ;-)

        So toilet spray is very unlikely to be the culprit in any contamination. I'd suspect & be much more concerned by the usual suspects of poor hand washing & other hygiene issues.

        People wipe their shit off their bottom -
        protected only by a thin layer of toilet paper (not a known protection from bacteria), then often poorly wash hands at best, then offer the same hand as a welcoming gesture or touch surfaces others will touch… (Some cultures have customs like a certain hand to wash the bottom, to prevent the spread of disease.)

        I'm off to lick the toilet - it's about the safest surface in the house 😃

      • That's such a ridiculously overblown fear that using it as a rationale for anything is, well, ridiculous. If you're worried about gastro, look to food prep, buy better cutting boards, etc.

    • Same here will get one if aldi have stick so son doesn't slam seat ……

    • Just take their seat away, make them suffer third world seatless pooping until they gain an understanding of the advantages of being civilised.

      • after that comment I've got squat to say

    • +2

      This comment makes me wonder how many people are walking round with the thought that their kids are dipshits in the back of their mind

  • +3

    Remember it is bad to flush with the lid up so with these you must either be patient and wait or force it down before you flush

    • Don't think these are that slow to close.

      • +1

        Just as disgusting, standing up to take a piss.

        • +3

          Er, possibly 1/2 of the population might disagree with you there chum…

        • +5

          It's a fact that urine doesn't shoot out in a perfect stream, there are fine droplets that go everywhere.

          So if you stand up you are basically peeing all over the floor.

        • +2

          @WatchNerd: If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.

        • @StingyBritches: Pretty sure that's sarcasm. Or so I hope.

    • +2

      Username checks out.

    • +1

      Why is it bad to flush etc?

      • If you flush with the lid up then the bacteria in the shit can be dispersed into the air

        • +23

          Too late. Just flushed mine with the lid up. Now there's probably bacteria in the air.
          Who you gonna call? 🚽👻

        • +9

          So instead of the shitty water droplets being dispersed into the air and eventually falling onto the bathroom floor, the shitty water will splash onto the lid, which your bare back will be directly touching, next time you sit down on the loo.

        • @muncan: I remember the days when people tell me to stick my tongue out then they say "haha you just tasted my poo particles"

        • +6

          @mubd1234: You lay back on the toilet seat/lid? Yuk!


        • +7

          @mubd1234: It sounds like your taking a dump naked and leaning against the seat.. maybe in a heavily drunken state but this doesn't sound like a typical visit to me. Each to their own!

        • +1

          @mubd1234: this checks out. Am currently wearing a onesie.

        • @mubd1234: Don't shit topless.

        • @mubd1234: Bare back? You go to the toilet naked?

        • @J4ckal: I lift my shirt up about halfway up my midriff, usually.

        • +1

          @mubd1234: You lean back while on the toilet?

        • +2

          Heck if you've even eaten out or take away the hygiene in that food chain is probably lower than at home and a flush with the lid up ….

        • @mubd1234:

          Or you could not rest your back on the lid. Pretty sure toilets are not designed to be reclined in.

        • @FabMan: Not really, but my back does occasionally glance the lid while I position myself on the toilet.

        • As unhygienic as farting, if you're worried about that.

    • +9

      Why?? If you have the lid down before flushing you can't see if your skid marks go away…

      • +17

        I already know my skid marks never go away.

        • +2

          You need more calcium in your diet.

          I recommend A2 milk.

          Shits good. Real good.

        • @Suspect420:

          I shit on your A2 milk.

    • We have these and I have to force them shut every time, else I'm waiting multiple seconds for them to close before i can flush. I don't recommend them.

    • why isit bad to flush with the lid up?

  • Fittings: Is the seat easy to install and uninstall to clean.

    • +3

      Just be more accurate ;)

    • yeah I was wondering about the removal.
      I saw a great one in Costco which just clips off, so you can wipe it & the toilet clean, but it was about $60

    • Make sure to use the Installshield Wizard.

    • It screws on like normal toilet seats. Given it is a little bit fiddly to adjust it perfectly, I wouldn't recommend removing it to clean.

      The set kind of sits on top of the soft closing hinges, so when the seat is up you can clean under the seat. In this way it is better than my old toilet seat.

  • +5

    What's with all these crappy deals?

    • +5

      Have you got the shits?

    • +4

      Dump the attitude, it's a bargain.

    • These awful puns are sending me round the bend

  • +3

    These are crap I bought some last time and they stopped soft closing after two months

    • Lucky for you Aldi are very good with their ease of returns and warranties.

      Did they give you your money back or offer a new one?

      • +23

        I'm not sure if I could carry back a used toilet seat to an ALDI store to get a refund.

        • +6

          Username doesn't check out.

        • +2

          Here, hold this while I find the receipt. Don't worry it's only had my bare arse on it.

        • Why are you on OzBargain then with such an attitude?

        • @WatchNerd: but the photo does, he migth have to get mum or dad to do it.

    • I was going to say: hope it's the same as last time around, has been very good so far.

      Luck of the draw or mistake during installation?

  • +17

    I once took one of these as carry on in my backpack on a domestic flight. The look on the xray security guy's face was priceless when he realised what it was.

    • Lol! I wonder what were the circumstances leading up to you having to carry one of these on your backpack on a domestic flight.

      • +4

        My guess - bdl was travelling to the A-league grand final. Google "a league grand final trophy" images and you'll see what i mean

        • Lol thats awesome. A silver toilet seat

      • +6

        Basically, interstate relative bought it and it didn't fit their toilet pan. Being the Ozbargainer that I was, didn't want to waste a perfectly good soft close toilet seat.. so back to my place it went.

        It had such a long journey and was fine as a toilet seat until a fat painter stepped on it and broke it.. the replacement I got from Masters seemed a bit tougher.

        • Mate, I never laughed so hard, thank you for making my day

        • +1

          @JetBombat: It's the gift that keeps on giving… first the Xray security dude, now you. :)


          Heavy duty duroplast construction
          Features a slow release lid
          Suitable for standard toilet pans
          Xray fun

          Fittings and installation instructions included toilet not included

  • I love the toilet seat with warm function and even spray mode in Costco, if you have a chance, check it out

    • Do you know how much are those?

      • I can't remember. maybe 100 or so. But I think you need plumber to install it

      • around $400 mark

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