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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus SM-G955FD 64GB Unlocked $849.15 / Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD 64GB $764.15 Delivered @ Quality Deals eBay


Grey import and not eligible for GST

NEW Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus SM-G955FD 64GB LTE Dual SIM UNLOCKED MIDNIGHT BLACK $849.15

Maple Gold
Orchid Gray

NEW Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD 5.8" 4GB / 64GB LTE Dual SIM UNLOCKED MAPLE GOLD $764.15
Maple Gold
Orchid Gray

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    I bought Galaxy edge 7 from Qd au last October, used for 6 months it died. Sent it back to Qd au in early April, so far I have not got my phone back or any updates from them. Good luck whoever is going to buy from them.

    • +1

      I had the same issue with them. Just keep hassling them it took me about three months to get it back which ended up being a new replacement because the original phone still wasn't ready

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      I had the opposite experience. Sent back a LG G4. Was out of the 12 month warranty and QD_AU still got it fixed. Even sent back an extra free battery.

    • Yeah not everyone is a fan of Qd. I personally had a decent experience with them with my LG G4 repair.

    • I had a good experience with them returning the LG G4. Perhaps your issue was with their Samsung repair partner.

    • Same I'm having issues with a mate 9 I just bought last eBay sale.

      They have ignored my message, might have to leave negative feedback to get them moving

  • Your DP, it troubles me.

  • I guess there is a risk if you want to buy grey stock which slightly cheaper.

  • Does anyone know how these imports compare for reception in rural areas compared to the Telstra Blue Tick version sold in Aus?

  • DWI or these guys?

    • Bought LG G6 last week from DWI, received yesterday so less than a week for delivery including weekend.
      Hopefully i don't run into any issue that needs warranty.

  • does anyone know what's the difference between grey imports vs aus stock for samsung 8

    • Does not have all AU bands. This one has dual sim though.

      Samsung Pay won't work.

      Warranty not as good.


      • why won't samsung pay work?

        • It's region locked.

        • @lostn:

          K thanks just bought 2 of these
          Hope they r good fones

        • @ASTROBOY18: They are. I'm using one. Don't have any complaints with it. Would be nice if it had stereo speakers but it's not a big deal.

        • @lostn:

          do we need to flash the firmwarE? cuz its from overseas and iw anna use samsung pay

        • @ASTROBOY18: Hello I have reflash the software for s8 dual sim import added Australia rom and Samsung Pay worked but your dual dual sim function will not work

        • @MyMobile

          Thank you for your help you are very kind:

        • +1

          @ASTROBOY18: You can still use Android Pay with the grey import software, so it's not a big deal if you don't have Samsung Pay.

          But if you don't intend to use dual sim, I guess there's no harm in it.

        • @lostn:

          Thanks so much for that.

          Is there any other benefit for installing the aus firmware other than being able to use ss pay?

          Why do ppl even flash to aus fw? I"m not sure of the clear benefits and if i should do it.

  • I have always had good dealings with qd. My LG g4 had screen mark issues sent it back got a refund, Mobileciti on the other hand tries to pass the buck back to you and make you chase up your own warranty.

  • I have this principle where if I'm going to spend money on a grey import, the amount has to be negligible before I take the plunge. Getting something from overseas cheaper than local stock isn't always the best considering how devices could potentially wind up with defects even while brand new. Claiming warranty becomes a chore. And no one likes chores.

    • Except when you save $300-500 on said chore, which you may not end up doing anyway.

  • does anyone know where QDs service centre in Sydney is?

  • Has anyone received the phone? is it sealed?

    • Received today. There are 2 seals, samsung seal (looks like already broken) and QD seal right on top of the samsung seal. I think they unseal it to check if the phone not DOA.

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