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Any 3 for $90 ($30/bt): JW Black, Dimple, Jameson, Bulleit Bourbon, Tanqueray, Jagermeister + More @ Coles [Click & Collect]

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    Thanks Tonester, nothing like an early morning alcohol bargain.

    • no worries - i was just disappointed that people bought from dan's when they could've done better at coles :(

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    Good find! It would be handy if you could put in the volumes in the post somewhere.

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      done, though surely it's 700ml standard unless stated otherwise? :)

  • Is there any reason why these codes just won't work for me? :( Tried setting up a new account and still keep getting errors..which browser should I be using?

    • What's the error?

    • Maybe your location. Best guess.

      • I'm in WA and keep getting the error " Please enter a valid promo code"

        I'm trying to order nappies not alcohol either lol

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      I had trouble with the codes too but they work when you use all UPPER CASE. I.e. kinderling or Kinderling don't work but KINDERLING works.

      You're welcome :)

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        OMG!!! Who THe Man??? Thanks so much! It was driving me so mad!! :)

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          or just copy / pasta the codes above…

  • Not available in my location (Sunshine Coast)… Booooo!!!

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    Johnnie walker black label 3 for $90

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      Yeah its actually 3 for $90!

      • sorry, thanks - misread my original deal - updated :)

  • "Temporarily unavailable" for the JWB in Perth! Damn. Well i was intending to do Dry July so I guess that is a positive outcome

    • try changing location :)

      • I might quit when i am ahead! thanks though

        • Nope, I put an order thru (I was on a VPN before, d'oh!)

          consider it done. my wife is gonna be pissed at you, tonester

        • @richox:

          is that because you should've bought some Grand Marnier as well? :)

  • Just me or did the prices just jump back up?

    • Prices are same for me.

  • Damn it! Not available in QLD!

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    Thanks Tonester, this will save my liver!

  • Where do I even put these codes in?

  • Are the prices listed (i.e. $110 for 2 Johnny Green) after applying the codes? Or is it $140 for the 2 bottles then applying both codes brings it down to $110?

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      $140 - $30 = $110 :)

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      $110 after both codes, $140 before.

  • "Liquor is not available for delivery or collection at this time" !?

    • can't choose morning timeslots for liquor :(


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      Shhhhhh. It's early and I had too many reds last night.

  • Nowhere to enter promo code. I've come to "Almost Done, please confirm your order details". Place Order at the bottom.

    • It was in the screen after you enter your card details.

  • Hey thanks for the post. Was just wondering if there was a larger list for the select 3 for 120 deal?

  • Didn't know you could buy liquor from Coles. I've never seen it in WA.

      • Oh ok thanks. so it's Liquorland. Yeah didn't think you could actually get liquor inside a coles store. So you order from Coles online and collect from liquorland.

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          there actually used to be Coles Liquor in-store as well as Liquorland :)

          check you order details - collection may still be from Coles not Liquorland

  • How do they get bottles into Australia at such low prices?!

    Duties is $82.27 for 100% for a litre

    So black label would be $82.27 x 0.40 x 0.7 = $23.04 in duties alone

    +5% of Cost & Shipping

    +10% GST on duties, Cost and shipping

    Assuming the bottle has a cost price of $4 shipped to Australia

    $4 x 5% = $4.20 + 23.04 = 27.24 + GST = $29.964

    Either they're making nothing out of this and we've got ourselves a bargain or they're skipping a few duties and getting this into Australia for nothing?!

  • Is it just me or is there nowhere in the Melbourne city area that has C&C for alcohol? Seems pretty stupid that there is alcohol for sale available via C&C and no sites that can support it.

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      • Thanks mate the site is confusing there's warning signs for every C&C site in the area. There's one less for that site ;).

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    Click and collect wasn't available for every store, certainly not my local store so I gave up, can't be bothered driving the 15mins to the other nearest store.

    Also note that the C&C feature didn't work properly (didn't even show up) on my phone until I selected 'request desktop site' on google chrome for iphone. Worked fine with laptop though. Just an FYI for anyone else confused and struggling.

    Still an amazing deal though, thanks OP!

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    No Basil Hayden's 8 year old Whiskey? Doug Stamper is feeling troubled XD

  • Thank you OP, great deal!!!

  • deal updated:

    Any 3 for $90 ($30/bt): JW Black, Dimple, Jameson, Bulleit Bourbon, Tanqueray, Jagermeister + More @ Coles [Click & Collect]

    $50 off $150+ Spend @ MyBottleShop eg Basil Haydens Bourbon 750ml or Johnnie Walker Green 700ml 2pk $109.98 Delivered ($54.99ea)

  • thanks tonester. awesome. man the coles checkout is clunky and annoying. no paypal. no gift cards. cc only. at least woolies have their shit together in that area.

  • "Liquor availability : Due to Liquor Licensing in Queensland and Tasmania, Coles online is unable to offer liquor in these regions. Liquor is also not available to the Alice Springs area in the Northern Territory."

  • Thanks OP

  • "Sorry, we're having trouble loading delivery and collection times."


  • Why it doesn't work for me?

  • damn missed the sale.

  • Why can I never C&C alcohol in Brisbane?

  • Order cancelled. Anyone else?

    • out of stock? substitutions?

    • ordered tuesday for delivery Tomorrow - just received email saying both my partners and my order has been cancelled.