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FETCH TV M616T Mighty 4 Tuner PVR $324.20 @ The Good Guys eBay


This is the best price I have seen the retail NEW FETCH TV M616T Mighty 4 Tuner PVR for. Saves swapping your TiVo for one.

Original 20% off Sitewide at The Good Guys eBay Deal Post

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  • Tempted to get one for my parents, $1 activation without ISP and it just becomes a good PVR. Certainly better than the Topfield they have now - worst GUI.

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      Can confirm that the setup on this was fairly pain-free. Works well - easy to record shows.
      Replaced a TiVo for my non-tech savvy mother in law a month ago, and apart from getting used to the remote, no complaints.

      If you have a TiVo - you can always get the voucher from mytivo web site making the unit $299 from Harvey Norman.

      • If you have a TiVo - you can always get the voucher from mytivo web site making the unit $299 from Harvey Norman.

        Might as well pay $319 pickup for this (or potentially even cheaper later today) and hang on to your Tivo for it's resurrection:


      • +1

        same. i swapped my parents TiVo for one and they seem to love it. I haven't even had one phone call from them needing "tech support" for it, which for them is amazing :-D

        I also set it up to play video's from their NAS (they don't know how to torrent, I have to do it for them remotely) so it's also replaced their WDTV.

        If I watched more than 3 or 4 shows a week on FTA I'd definitely buy one.

    • "$1 activation without ISP" what does this mean? What are you activating?

      • You have to register your CC when you are setting up the Fetch, it just takes a $1 charge to activate the account and that will also be charged if you end up selecting the streaming packs.

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    How good is FetchTV compared to Foxtel in terms of usability etc?

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      I used to have a Fetch TV 2 and it was faster than my Foxtel iQ3 is now. Fetch has better hardware, Foxtel has better content.

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    Great to see Good Guys and Bing Lee now stocking Fetch.

    Mini is available too:


    BTW - might want to hold off for a few hours to get 25% off with code CFINALEOFY?


    • What was posted about a 25% off?

      • 25% off all of ebay from 6pm using code CFINALEOFY.

        • Did they say what the maximum $ discount would be and how many transactions?

        • +1


          Nah there was no details - just had the code and said it was from 6pm.

        • @kirt:
          So was it a fake code?

        • @BlitzR:

          My guess is that it was released a few days too early, and we might see it today (last day of June / financial year)?

          Edit: Looks like 15% off is as good as it's gonna get:


          …so best to stick with the 20% off deal with The Good Guys.

  • Deal unpublished. "Deal isn't a valid bargain"

    • This was meant to be a response to the eBay 25% post above

    • Thought it was too good to be true :(

  • The Mighty appears to have been on the market for about a year now.
    It debuted at $399 - and still seems to be at $399…
    As an Ozbargainer that seems odd to me. Does anyone know why the price has not changed in a year?

  • can this replay on demand from abc, sbs etc ?

  • Anyone know if Stan and Netflix are both 4k on this? I'm assuming there's no Foxtel Go / Now app otherwise it would have been stated…

  • Is this different from the fetch mighty generation 2 box?

    I have a gen 2 mighty box and didn't think it did 4 tuners or 4k!

    • See here for comparison:


      Also, the Mighty has no antenna pass-through, no composite out, and the remote is missing the PVR / Recordings folder button.

      • Just checked mine, it's this model. Cool, 4k and 4 tuners! Maybe I'll actually get to use 1 tuner for my stuff! Paid $299 from HN a few months ago.

      • No youtube, is that still correct?

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          No - Mighty and Mini both have YouTube now (and unfortunately, the Gen 2 is actually losing YouTube next month)

        • @kirt:

          Really? Why?

        • +1


          From their facebook page:

          "The decision to kill off all flash based versions of the app on all platforms globally (including the Fetch Gen 2 box) was made by YouTube with no consultation and little notice to us.

          Unfortunately the Gen 2 box doesn't contain the tech required to run the new app for Mighty and Mini and at this stage we haven't found a way to get YouTube working on Gen 2's again."

        • @kirt:
          Damn. Will optus upgrade my gen 2 if i complain? Yputube is all it vets used for.

  • -1

    I'm confused. This has been on sale for a year now. Why is this a good deal? Get one free from Optus. Plus the ones bought out right and not from Optus can't get the English Premier League on them.

    I've not been that impressed with it. It's ok for free but there's no way it's worth $325.

    • How do I get one free from Optus?

      • I think they are taking about the standard box.

  • If you do not have a fetch streaming account will this work just like the Tivo and record free to air TV in the same way - season pass etc or is it going to chew up my limited broadband data limit?

  • Have an old topfield thats still working (barely) and this is very tempting, do these drop in price often?

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      I'm in the same boat.
      I have a nice old Toppy that still works fine. I also use a Chromecast - both of them are hooked into a receiver which then goes into the old Pana plasma.
      I think it would be nice to have the integration the Fetch seems to offer - but not completely convinced that the greater convenience is quite worth that much…

  • Just be aware that if Fetch co dissappears from Australia these boxes will not have an EPG (same deal as the TiVo), so virtually useless. Plenty of brands have come and gone so don't think it can't happen.

    • True but this is a company that recently stated it had 500k customers so not any time soon.

      • Maybe worldwide, but I seriously doubt that many in Australia. Tivo were pretty big at their height in Australia and they have gone and left users in the lurch (in Oct).

        • Fetch TV is Australia only and isn't just a TiVo, it also has an IPTV offering along with the ability to record free to air so it is much more than what a TiVo provided, it simply being a PVR.

        • +1

          Tivo was a little more than just a PVR (though the extras were rubbish admittedly). It had a big market share at its height, but that didn't stop it flopping eventually. Any PVR is facing an uphill battle against streaming services which most TV's now provide without having to buy a box.

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