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LG V20 H990 Dual Sim 4GB RAM 64GB Silver + 16GB MicroSD Card + Type C Cable $391 @ eGlobal eBay


Forget about those Moto G deals. This is the king under $400.

Black and pink are still available. Credit to RedSky.

1.3% Cashrewards available as well.

Original 15% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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    This have band 28? Didn't see it in specs unless my eyes are gone

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      your eyes are gone

    • +1

      You're not alone, I made the same mistake on a previous deal for this phone.

      700MHZ is Band 28

      • +6

        700MHZ is Band 28

        Not necessarily, Band 12 13 14 17 and 29 are all 700MHz.
        But the good news is…this phone's 700MHz is 28.

        • You're right.

          I should have been more specific and mentioned that I was talking about the eBay listing for this product.

        • +1

          @lovesabargain77: thanks! Sweet band 28 here I come

  • if this is 6.7" i will buy!

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      That's what she said…

  • Epic phone, epic price!

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      Indeed it is - just remember that you cannot root it to install a better OS, as the bootloader is locked.


      • H990DS has been rooted - that thread has turned into a support thread for getting root working :)

        They are still working on getting the H990N sorted but it seems to be pretty close.

        Not sure what this version is.

    • apart from the removable battery, what's so special about this phone, comparing to say samsung note, or huawei mate?

      • For my personal use case:

        • amazing sound quality (yes, the DAC is better for those who care)
        • I love a nice large colour accurate IPS display
        • the second screen adds usability value for some
        • removable battery
        • SD card
        • lightweight Android skin (IMO much nicer than Samsung's year equivalent)
        • PRICE
        • style if you don't particularly want the same phone everyone else has
        • build quality (no, I'm not talking about flashy yet undurable materials)
  • This phone is well worth the money

  • Crap just bought this last week for $404!!!

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      Crap just bought this one in March for $600.

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        Crap is what I'm doing.

      • +2

        Crap, bought this in December for $1000

  • +1

    I'm jealous seeing this phone for so cheap…
    This phone basically has everything except the waterproof and amoled screen

    • It's a great phone, son has had one for 6 months.
      Previous phones wete water proof but he doesn't miss that. Screen is nice and clear, cameras are great.

  • +2

    This is a great price.

    I have been tossing up for ages whether to buy the V20 or the G6.

    But earlier today I finally made a decision and ordered the G6 for $467.49 as part of the following deal


    Did I make the right choice…only time will tell.

    • -1


    • Yes, the g6 to me is like the v20 version 2.0.
      I guess you miss out on the extra screen though. (my son uses the extra screen a lot so it's not a gimmick)

  • +10

    Tempted by both the G6 and V20 but having plenty of difficulty deciding. Been reading reviews and forums

    Price: LG V20 cheaper by about 18% compared with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/316113
    Size: G6 easier to use
    Build: V20 more drop resistant, G6 water resistant
    Processor: G6 has the slightly newer QC snapdragon 821. Software update to coincide with the release of the G6+ that should allow utilising a low energy mode. Unsure if it is applicable to the V20
    Camera: G6 performs slightly better in low light
    Audio: As far as I can find both recording and playback benefit from the DACs which are identical in both models
    Removable battery: V20 has one, G6 is sealed
    Non-standard screens: V20 has a notification screen - better battery life potentially when phone is off? Also doesn't interrupt your 'main' screen when there is a notification when you're using the phone. Reports of burn in on the notification screen. G6 has a screen that has non-standard proportions, black bars for apps and videos, but smaller bezels so easier to hold

    Not liking the look of the LG skin, V20 apparently plays poorly with custom launchers (posters on reddit/r/lgv20). Both are susceptible to the dirty santa exploit so can unlock bootloader that way. G6 has had some variants (not this one) available officially for unlocking. V20 has roms available but the user base isn't as large as e.g. Nexus phones so interest might wane, and the notification screen isn't able to be used.

    Some of the purchasers from the last thread also haven't had their phones sent out, so the G6 vendor might be more reliable?

    • The V20 also has 64GB internal memory compared to the G6's 32GB, and internal memory is generally better.
      SD cards aren't bad but I remember reading internal being better hence google having some 50/50's about whether to allow external sd cards merge with android, maybe consumers would use fake crappy sd may be a reason too.

      • Both have 64 GB of ram (See G6 thread here)

        • +2

          I think that's only on the v20 server

        • o0o my bad, i remember seeing 32gb ages ago when they were first announced so thought they all were

        • Oops, meant storage not ram

    • +1

      Bought both. Will have a play with each and give the one I don't like as much to mum lol

    • So what's the decision? I am in a similar conundrum. What you guys think of this phone vs s7 or s7 edge. Thanks

      • +2

        For this price the LG is better

        • which lg?

    • +3

      RE audio, they use slightly different chips. V20 features ES9218 Hi-Fi 32-bit DAC from ESS, while G6 (the quad dac version) uses ES9218+ variant

      The v20 is the bassier of the 2 if that's what you like.

      • +1

        Ah interesting, I didn't pick that up. There's an article here comparing them

    • Also V20 has separate microsd and 2nd SIM where as G6 has hybrid. V20 front cam better aperture too. But both of them are as good as the previous G4/G5.

  • +3

    damn these lose value fast

  • One flaw about the V20 that might concern some users is the screen burn-in issue, if this will affect you a lot then probably best avoid this phone.

    • +1

      Seems to be a more image retention issue if you have something static displayed for more than 15 mins. Forums say it's not permanent and goes away after a few mins

      • Yeah they seem to have the exact same issue on G4, V10 and G5 (not too sure about G6 yet).
        My G4 and G5 both suffered the same issue, not that it bothered me too much but annoying regardless.

  • i got my LG G3 and sent back to LG for repair the motherboard for twice. What a scam

  • This is amazing. Thanks OP. What a ridiculously awesome deal.

  • +1

    Good price for the specs, but how people use Oem skins on Android and buy overseas stock without local warranty really amazes me. Best not so spend a bit more and have the convenience of returning to store? Surely something you buy once every two years warrants such.

    Also I've tried using Oem skinned phones, I don't know how people don't do their head in with all these replica apps that are worse than stock Google apps. Not to mention horrid inconsistent UI.

    • +6

      So you are basically referring to almost every single Android phone out there except the Google own line of phones.

      JB hifi sell the V20 for $799…. that is more than double of the price here, it isn't just a little. You could buy two and still be better off.

    • Can't comment on skins because it's purely personal preference and there's really not that much difference between stock Android and with skin on top.
      In terms of buying local though, local V20 is $799 at the moment, you can literally buy 2 grey imports of this phone… need I say more?

      EDIT: got beaten by 3mins.

      • Replying to my post first cost you that 3 mins… Lol

    • +2

      What's wrong with people Complaining about skins? Just use Nova full stop.

    • I wish OEMs features would disappear as well but to get a phone that fits both your criteria and simmilar spec I would be looking at a Pixel XL for $1300. It's worth the risk and the effort to debloat and customize the launcher.

  • +1

    Any good cases (and bargains for them) for this phone?

    • +1

      Poetic revolution is what I use. Really good reviews and was about $18 when I got it.

      • I don't like the plastic screen on it. Although it will provide great protection, I'm worried that it may be really prone to scratches. How has your experience been?

        I'm leaning more towards the VRS design or Spigen.

        • I removed the screen protector that came with the case. Allows you to use your stock screen protector. There are dust protection flaps at the bottom that are more annoying than useful so probably worth cutting off. My main case and battery is a zerolemon though, havent used the poetic for a few weeks

  • Can someone please help me decide between the black and the white? And reassure me that it's not too big (i did pick it up in store and it felt surprisingly comfortable in hand for the screen size). Overall I think I like the black better but finger prints.. plus I don't like the silver border on the black. Love the gold border on the white.
    Black is cheaper.
    Ridiculous I know but can't decide :)

    • +2

      Go black and never look back.

      • Ha thanks :) also realised I posted in the V20 instead of the G6 if anyone is confused. Have flu and brain is not functioning. Anyway chose black so thanks!

        • Get an iring or style ring.
          Hated my phone for awhile but holding it by the rings are alot more tolerable.

  • What are eglobal like for warranty returns? Very interested in buying a second one, just unsure of eglobal vs someone like qd_au who have a much better reputation (and no v20's in stock)

    • The item is brand new and genuine but sourced internationally, so items would go through quality check to assure everything is complete. Hence, we cannot guarantee all items will be sealed.
      The one-year warranty is provided by our company, NO International manufacturer warranty for the item.
      The item may not come with Australian plug. But the AU adapter will come with

      • I'm aware that is the description of the ebay item. I am looking for real experiences as I've read some pretty bad things about them.

    • +1

      Terrible…. Won't buy from them again personally (even though this deal is extremely good).

  • +2

    They just jumped in price to $460 before the discount (up $10 for the Silver and $5 for the Black) = $391 now

  • A V20 at this price is CRAZY!
    Thanks OP, bought one for the family

  • +1

    Finally I throw off my paralysis and can consign my iphone to the dustbin of history. Or just the dustbin.

  • +2

    How come this v20 is way cheaper for local stock too?

    $338 after discount

  • out of stock

  • That was an unbelievable price. I have just commissioned my V20 after using a G5 for a year. It feels great and the screen is awesome. This is a really good phone!

  • Any case recommendations?

  • +1
  • +1

    I just read the v20 just added to the list in the boot loop class action in the USA.

    I think the LG phones are too risky without a local warranty…

    • Added pre emptively, there are only a handful of reports, caused by bad USB c cables

  • How is the Camera guys….? Any ideas?

  • In Any case thanks OP got the phone!

  • LG Bootloops for breakfast

  • Was considering selling my S7 Edge to grab one of these. I assume the dual sim works 3G/4G not 2G/4G?

  • thanks OP, i purchased s8 plus and paid for it ,then i saw this deal and added this to my cart and spent lot of time browsing the case for v20 and by the time i put the code deal was expired.luckily 10percent off code was still working so i got this for 414$.

    • Lol, how big is your phone collection now?

      • i am going overseas so these phones will make a good gift for my loved ones.

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