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BuzzTelco Unlimited NBN - 100/40 $59 P/M, 25/5 $49 P/M, 12/1 $39 P/M and $0 Setup (0, 12 and 24 Month Terms)


Pricing and products are as follows with the promo code;
12/1 Unlimited $39 p/m + (PAYG Calls or $20 Unlim National Call Pack), $0 setup, ($0 router included on 12 or 24 month contract)
25/5 Unlimited $49 p/m + (PAYG Calls or $20 Unlim National Call Pack), $0 setup, ($0 router included on 12 or 24 month contract)
100/40 Unlimited $59 p/m + (PAYG Calls or $20 Unlim National Call Pack), $0 setup, ($0 router included on 12 or 24 month contract)

FTTP Speedtest - 95.11 Down 32.37 Up 2ms - http://www.speedtest.net/result/6429353532.png
FTTN Speedtest - 91.32 Down 34.45 Up 8ms - http://www.speedtest.net/result/6429365010.png

The discount will last the life of your service plan (as per Jeremey's post in the thread).

You can elect to have a phone service ported/activated at either PAYG rates or add on a $20 unlim national call pack you need to let them know in the order details upon checkout.
PAYG Rates: Untimed Local & National Calls $0.20/call, National Mobile Calls $0.20/minute, 13/1300 Calls $0.45/call.
$20 Unlimited National Call Pack: Unlimited Local, National and Mobile calls.

Support is in Australia too which is nice.

The included router on the 24 month contract is the Netcomm NF17ACV (http://www.netcommwireless.com/product/enhanced-vdsladsl-wir...)
The included router on the 12 month contract is the Netcomm NF10WV (http://www.netcommwireless.com/product/vdsl-adsl-n300-wifi-g...)
There is no included router on the month to month option.

Compared to many other NBN deals out there these guys are very well priced :D

Also - you can use your own equipment but it needs to support IPoE (static IP) on VLAN ID 100.

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      • +1

        Try the Tokyo Speedtest.net server.. and a West Coast US one.

  • +2

    Despite missing out on the previous deal, I do have to give a thumbs up to Jeremy for his willingness to address concerns, acknowledge problems like he did last month when they temporarily stopped activations until capacity issues were addressed, plus the dedicated IP address. He has even been available out of business hours to answer a couple of my questions about my son's install via Live Chat. It is all very refreshing and honest. Being an old fellow from the 33.6 kbps dial up days, I have seen a number of ISPs come and go or go bust (XIS), and get acquired (like all the companies under the iiBorg). A few of these companies have had people like Jeremy who have put themselves out there, for good and bad, but generally they retreated when the heat was on. But I think Buzz is different due to the willingness to address problems, be available despite the 1000 emails he once mentioned he gets per day and listening to their customers.

  • I think I'm getting Coax NBN in a couple months.
    What's the maximum UP/Down speed for coax NBN?

    • Coax is better known as HFC. You won't max the cable out on these speeds. Buy 100/40 and you should see close to that

  • Do they do FTTB in Perth CBD?

    • Hi ddaus

      Yes we do :).



  • I signed up to the last deal on friday. Looks like i signed up at the right time :)

    • +1

      If you stay more than 12 months, this deal is better as the discount doesnt end.

  • @rep, what is the process for porting over a FTTN connection from another ISP?

    • I'm not 100% sure but it would probably involve a day or 2 of downtime possibly - when they swapped FTTN users from PPPoE to IPoE there was a small amount of downtime - I assume the same for a churn.
      Just make sure you're not in contract :D

      • This is correct, there can be a small amount of downtime, not as much as there was doing those transitions between our own networks though. The average is around 1 - 4 hours of down time between providers on FTTN.



        • Do we need to disconnect our existing NBN connection first or do you guys manage that?

  • I'm soon to get NBN (Petersham, Sydney) and am looking at plans. I'm wary of signing up for 12 months though as I may move this year and it will probably be to a non NBN area. Anyone know how it works if you leave an NBN area while on contract?

  • where's the live chat option? Couldn't find it on their website.

    • Bottom right hand corner of the screen - a big yellow box.
      "We are here - Chat with our team"

      • Still cant find it. Probably work computer blocks pop ups/ live chat.

        I have a couple of questions, probably Jeremy can answer it here.
        1. I am getting out of contract on 14th of this month. Can I sign up now and have the start date as 15th?
        2. I have a NBN modem (NF10W) provided by Exetel. Would the same modem work with BuzzTelco or do I have to get a new one?

        • Yeah, looks like it's a java script applet - check your settings :D
          If you're FTTP you can have it activted on another port, if you're FTTN you'll probably have a small amount of downtime while you get cutover.
          Aslong as your router isn't locked down by Exetel and supports static ip addressing (IPoE) you should be fine - a router I had from DoDo worked fine.

        • @Xetrok:
          Thanks Xetrok.

          I suspect modem may be locked. Anyway to confirm this?

          Mine is FTTN. Fiber to building and then copper to the unit. I think i'll have to wait till 15th to sign up then.

        • @Xetrok:
          Chat works on phone. :)

        • +1

          You will probably need to login to the router directly to check it out.
          If you ask Exetel directly they may be able to tell you - I would assume it's not locked but there's always a chance.
          You will need to login to setup the Buzz Telco connection as it's static addressing.

          Exetel have a setup guide you might be able to use to snoop around in your router here http://exewiki.exetel.com.au/index.php?title=Netcomm_NF10W/V...

        • @zerocritical: The ones from Exetel are generally locked unfortunately, however Exetel can confirm this for you. The ones we supply are unlocked.

        • @BuzzTelco:

          Just checked with exetel, they say it's unlocked. I'll follow the steps mentioned in the setup guide above to confirm it tonight.

          Rep: I've already signed up to the month to month connection. In case I find it's locked, can I switch to contact?

        • @Xetrok: thanks. I'll try this tonight

        • +1

          @zerocritical: Hi zerocritical

          You are more than welcome to change it :). If it's unlocked, please let me know as we like to have that kind of information correct as it is a very common question (which unfortunately we are having to answer based off customer feedback).



        • @BuzzTelco:

          I can confirm my modem (NF10W) is unlocked. I can see Setup options and the choice of selecting VDSL and IPOE, etc.

        • @BuzzTelco: hey mate let me know if you can do a free modem on a no contract or ACV modem on a 12 month plan. Cheers

        • @Xetrok:
          I have FTTN line and currently with TPG on ADSL2+ plan. My question is modem Huawei HG659 will work for BuzzTelco on NBN?
          I don't want to go on plan just for free modem..!

  • +1

    What would be the process switching from Internode to you guys? I believe I am out of contract or will be in a couple of months. @BuzzTelco

    • I'm also interested in this. Currently FTTN and on a month to month with Internode.

      • Hello OpenHand and gladbear

        You would need to check with Internode to see if they have a cancellation period. Being FTTN you may get a bit of downtime on the day of transition. However, this would not be long, you would just need to update your modem with the relevant details when we send out the activation email.



        • Thanks for taking my call Jeremy. Looking at porting over now.

  • Is the $10 discount valid for the entire length of the contract? What if you choose no contract option, does the $10 discount still apply and for how long?

    • It's valid for the length of the contract (12 or 24 months).
      I would assume it may not be valid for the month to month option as it isn't a contract.
      Jeremy may be able to elaborate :)

      • +1

        Just confirmed with Live chat, $10 off is till life of plan. Not just till contract end date.

    • +1

      says "$10.00 AUD Recurring Discount" even with No Contract-No Modem. I'd assume it's on going. Can Jeremy confirm?

      • +1

        That is correct, it is on-going for the life of your service.



    • +1

      Hi downcomesthenight

      The discount applies for the life of your service.



  • is the $10 off promotion available to existing customers?

    • Good question - I'll ask Jeremy.
      I assume if it is then it probably won't stack with the previous $20 off for the first 6 months and you would need to be contracted for a 12 or 24 month term.
      Watch this space :D

      • Im watching…

        • Answer below!

    • Confirmed with Jeremy that existing customers can move to this offer. You would lose the $20 discount from the previous deal if you swap and change it to the $10 discount recurring.

  • +1


    1800 053 250 - Just engaged sound.

    • +1

      Their lines might be at capacity while they get ozbargained :D

    • Hi Dickiee

      We are currently getting an average of 50 calls in queue at a time, the number is definitely working. I also just tried calling it from my mobile to confirm that. May I ask, which carrier are you with for your phone? The fact you are getting an engaged sound is worrying.



  • @BuzzTelco

    Can we put this under a company name?

    Also would you need anything from me if I am to use my own equipment? And what info would you provide pppoe un/pw or an ip address for IPoE unless it is DHCP.


    • Their CIS states: This service is available to residential customers only. (so maybe if you sign up in your personal name and have a 4G backup for business continuity?)
      I used my own equipment and just grabbed the IPoE details from them :)
      They do static IP's with IPoE.

  • Is the The Basic Home Phone Service included in these promo deals ?

    • +1

      It's PAYG unless you add on the $20 unlim national call pack - I had to let them know in the order checkout what I wanted.
      Have a chat to them on livechat :D

  • +1

    If it is unlimited why is there a fair use policy ? and how much can I download before the fair use policy kicks in ?

    • I think Jeremy was updating the CIS so he might be able to point you in the direction of the Fair Use Policy when he gets a chance to check this thread.

    • Checked with Jeremy and the fair use policy is to protect them from misuse and impact to the network.
      "Our fair use is effectively as long as your usage doesn’t result in a major impact on the network (downloading at full speed 24/7) it is fine. So general usage, streaming, etc, is all fine."

      So basically if it's "normal internet usage" it should be fine.

  • My Telstra fttn 100/40 $99 contract ends this month. Does it take a long time to move services?

    Also does anyone have any recommendations on which services are best for heavy usage? Telstra has been doing great but it's overpriced with a limited amount of data to use.

    • My FTTN connection is used by 5 people basically 24/7 - I have my own equipment setup Mikrotik rb2011 bridged to TP Link Archer VR200v and it works great.
      They stream youtube/netflix, game pc and xbox and just general browsing with my microserver plugging away in the background.

  • NBN in my area is planned to be FTTN in 2018. Where does FTTN sit in the scheme of things? I find it all quite confusing.

  • Agreed BuzzTelco has been great, customer service is epic and it just works. Might not get exactly 100/40 (usually 85/35) but not complaining.

  • My current speed

    Still getting constant Slow speeds .Waiting to change to static ip.

    Will update the speed then

    Overall happy with the service especially with the customer support.Far better than My Republic.

    • That's pretty shitty speed, what plan are you on ?

      • Yes it is. On Premium Unlimited Plan ( Old $49 promotion )

    • Shoot Jeremy an email and get him to look into changing you to IPoE :)

      • Have already spoke with him. To change to IPoE there will be a 24hr wait without internet it seems.

  • +1

    Is there a limit on how long the $10/month discount lasts before you are jacked up to full price per month ?

    • It lasts the life of the contract (12 or 24 months).

      • but I'm thinking about going no contract so I can test them before leaving my present isp and also I don't need a modem.

        • +1

          Hi bolinao

          It lasts the length of your service with us.



  • +1

    Joined on 19th of June. ADSL disconnected and fttn connected but no modem I paid for. Rang last Friday told me Monday will arrive. Today Wednesday 5th July still no modem. Kids driving me nuts during holidays with no internet. Also own a pizza business in area with online ordering and won't be going with buzz. Telling everyone else as well.

    • Shoot Jeremy an email on the wecare email address and see what he can do to help you out - when I had an issue he fixed it quite fast.

    • I also had issues with the modem delivery when i joined. Better option is byo modem from officeworks and cancel the modem order.They will refund the purchase.

      • Problem with this solution as modem has to be registered with nbnco or they can kick you off.

  • +1

    Honestly, these guys provide great customer service. Had a few minor issues and these guys sorted them out asap. Effificient on live chat as well

  • I just got exetel to switch me over to NBN month to month which costs $99. I wanted to switch companies but couldn't get out of my ADSL contract without copping the $149 cancellation fee. So saved $49 by switching over instead of cancelling,I plan on cancelling with them after a month though. They have their 30 day notice period for cancellation as well so likely this deal will be gone by the time I manage to get out of their clutches!

  • How does this compare to the other deal posted by Aussie Broadband where they say there is enough CVC bandwidth ensuring full speeds at all times?

    • Depends if you need a fixed amount of data with good bandwidth & latency, or unlimited data with potential congestion.

  • Anyone moving from TPG 25 to this 100?

  • What's the deal with using another router? I'm currently using a Netgear R7000 that I would prefer to continue to use. With TPG it was as simple as putting in the log in details and away I went (FTTN if that makes a difference).

    My TPG contract ends very soon (today/tomorrow I think) so I'd be keen to change it up at this price as I'm currently paying $100 for unlimited 100/40

    • You can use your own equipment, you just need to be able to login to your router and change your connection details.
      It also needs to support IPoE (static IP) with a VLAN ID of 100.

    • There's no problem using another router? Also TPG needs 30 days written notice to terminate just a heads up.

    • The r7000 is just router, D7000 is both modem and router so I assume you have separate modem with FTTN. I just bought a D7000 today as I needed a VDSL modem for Buzz on FTTN, the R7000 would only route, not connect to net without a modem. No idea if FTTH is different.

      • FTTH/P just need a router

      • The nbn connection box is effectively the modem. My current setup up is exactly as that diagram (minus home phone).

  • Extremely tempted to break my iiNet contract for this. Would make the break fees back in a few months.

    As with old mate above, I'd like to keep using my ASUS DSL-AC68U. Will this be possible?

    • Hi d3ft

      You are able to keep using your ASUS DSL-AC68U, we have a few customers who I know use that modem.



      • +1

        How about a TP-Link Archer D9?

        When I get there this will be for a HFC service and meant to be soon.

      • I have a similar question: will I be able to use with TP-Link Archer D7?
        I'm not sure if it supports the IPOE thing mentioned before

  • NBN are ready in my area this month. Do you provide HFC connections?

    • Hello Jack9911

      Yes we offer HFC.



  • Stick to the big 3 big with their own back haul infrastructure and volume
    Tpg vocus and Telstra

    With nbn cvc pricing… it all about volume and price so the bigger the player the better with more customers

    • TPG is terrible, Vocus isnt a RSP. And Telstra is overpriced to all heck, though their speeds are good. But… pay for it, you have really bad contracts… and its Telstra (Who the hell would willingly use Telstra?)

      There are some good RSPs, just matter of finding them. Aussie are great atmo, and there is likely others

  • Had a chat with their customer service, Mathew said that if you choose only than you will get free modem. With voucher you can not get modem if on no contract. I thought with voucher I will get no contract and free modem too :(

    • Yeah, on their page it says the router is included with a 12 or 24 month contract.
      So I would assume if it's month to month and if you need a router you would need to pay for it.
      Even so it's a great deal :D

      • Agree… moving out of 25 plan of TPG to 100 here :)

  • @BuzzTelco
    Hi Jeremy, I was wondering if the promo code also applies to ADSL connections, and also my current cycle with my current provider ends at the 24th. Should I sign up online now, or closer to the 24th. Thanks

    Could I sign up now, and have the chrun start on the 24th with my plan?

    • How much notice does your ISP require? Mine wanted 30 days, so Ill be paying for weeks of a service I will not get.

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