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Bose QC35 Wireless - $370, Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB - $1320, Apple iPad (2017) 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular - $730 + Shipping - IJK


Bose QuietComfort QC35 Over-Ear Wireless (Black) - $370 - BOSEDEAL347

Bose QuietComfort QC35 Over-Ear Wireless (Silver) - $370 - BOSEDEAL347

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (Black) - $1320 - iphoneoz1107

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (Jet Black) - $1320 - iphoneoz1107

Apple iPad (2017) 128GB Wifi + Cellular - $730 - ipadoz1107

Hi all, as hinted in a previous comment, we are offering the ever popular Eneloop Bose QC35 for $370 through IJK. We are also offering several rarely discounted Apple products at the same time. Be aware, we are limiting the QC35 at 40 of each colour, so please look at the stock levels on the IJK website. If you receive a backorder notice, IJK will reverse the transaction at the very next business hour.

All products are official Australian stock and comes with a GST invoice.

Now, to the fun part. We are offering one lucky buyer the chance to purchase the Bose QC35 at a discounted rate of between $300 - $350. All you need to do is PM me with your P/O number and a number between 300 - 350. The first person to get the right number we are thinking of will get their order discounted to this rate. If, for some strange reason, no one gets the right number, we will choose the next closest number. Only one guess per unit - if you ordered 5 units, you get 5 guesses but only ONE unit will be sold at this discounted price.

Also, because we are feeling extra wonderful tonight, anyone that has purchased any of the Apple products listed here can also have a guess at a number between 250 - 300. If they get it right, or are the closest to the number we are thinking of, they have an opportunity to purchase a Beats Solo 3 Wireless at this price. Yes, these headphones retail at $399. You do NOT have to purchase the headphones before making a guess - you just have to have purchased the Apple iPhone or Apple iPad listed here. Again, PM me your guess. If you are the lucky winner of this opportunity, you can pass this pricing onto someone else here if you are feeling overly generous too.

And a final say, I have sent a cryptic PM to scotty about the prices of the QC35 and Beats 3 Wireless before this started to avoid any disputes. Hopefully he will understand why I sent him two prices after reading this :)

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention earlier, the Bose QC35 won't ship out until next Tuesday.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will ask IJK to refund any surcharge from Paypal/CC, so process the order as you normally would. We will pay the surcharge to them directly.

NINJA EDIT: Quite a few of you are guessing in the upper range of 300 - 350. Hint: We are a bit more generous than that.

UPDATE: 2 people have the same exact bid that is closest to the correct answer. If this situation doesn't change, we will honour the correct answer's price for both of them. Also, we will be dropping a small qty of stock for those that have to fly out by Friday. Please be fair to those people and only pick up if you truly are flying out. You should be okay to pick up after 3pm on Thursday.

FINAL UPDATE: Thank you everyone for taking an interest in this deal. As we have set a deadline of Saturday for this deal, I believe I have given enough opportunity for people to place their guesses. The correct price is $329 and two people made really close guesses - @DealsBait and @myocum had guesses of $327. Even though we had originally planned to only have one winner, we feel it's fair to award both instead. So I will ask IJK to refund the difference to both of your orders. Congratulations, your final price will be $329.

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  • Store name in title please

  • Note that you have to login / become a member in order to enter the discount codes. Good price though, I am tempted…

  • +4

    In before the "ZOMG I refuse to buy unless it's $254 like that ebay sale" comments

    • +1

      That was an interesting deal - I understand it shipped from Singapore? Was that grey stock? And ZOMG, I wished I had purchased all of them last time!!!

  • +1

    404 deal missing

  • Any deals for the iPad Pro 12.9 256GB 4G models?

    • It is not a model that is popular with our clients, so we don't have leftovers to drop onto Ozbargain.

  • I've noticed your charging a PayPal surcharge, I don't think that is allowed.

    Might want to look into it.

    • Sorry, we are not part of IJK. We are wholesalers, and for this deal, IJK agreed to this promotion.

      • That's fair enough, but as a wholesaler I would suggest you bring it to their attention.

        • +1

          I am sure they will see your comment but I shall convey it to them

  • Lol 370

  • iPad is cheaper at iFrog, everyday.

  • +7

    At least my 56k modem is happy with the website that was built in 1998.

    • +1

      I didn't upvote your comment, I promise…

      • Very smooth…

        Can you get your hands on some Sony MDR 1000x?

        • We do have some of those Sony in stock but not at the price that some lucky few managed to wrangle out of JB (Huge pricing mistake by the sales people there). We are not sure if that particular instance would spoil a potential deal we may post up because of unrealistic expectations.

  • Need to add 2% - 2.5% surcharges for CC & Paypal payment.s

    • Thanks for letting me know about this. We are used to dealing with online etailers and so there will be some niggling issues dealing with brick stores.

      We will pay your credit card surcharge on your behalf. Just process your order as you would and we will ask IJK to refund the amount that has been surcharged.

  • +2

    has anyone bought anything from IJK? is it 'safe'?

    The IJK site says it was previously trading as umart; however, umart is still trading in Qld.

    I'm liking the iPad with cellular deal, iPad sales are often limited to wifi only models.

    • +1

      I believe Umart and IJK are essentially "buying groups" that computer stores join to try to compete against the bigger computer stores. This particular store has been around for quite a long time and are well known in the IT industry.

      We generally are in the background in all our deals, but for the next few weeks, we will be partnering openly with a few of our retailers and you will see the size of companies we deal with. We work with very reliable partners only.

    • +1

      I've been buying from IJK for about 10 years, they're very good.

  • I just returned my QC35 for a full refund due to ANC performance.

    • Same here. Just posted them off this afternoon.

      • Care to share what happened please? Is it due to that software update bug or is it within the headset itself?

        • It's a problem that occurs after firmware upgrade. BOSE released a downgraded patch, but the problem still exists. They did a worldwide offer for refund of headset or exchange for a new headset with original firmware. The registration period for the offer expired on 31st May, so you had to of contacted BOSE before that date.

  • Has anyone used Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 nc headhones? How do they compare with Bose qc 35?

    • You do realize that you're comparing a wired headset to a wireless ones right? Haven't used or tested ATH's before but its been around for a while and has some excellent reviews.

  • Not a very attractive deal for the QC35. These were going for $350 during the numerous 15% Ebay says a few weeks ago and it was offered at one point $250. There are too many steps to get this mediocre deal from having to make an account on IKJ website, PM you through ozbargain, cross my fingers and hope for a 2% refund and wait over a week before I get my QC35.

    No thanks from me.

    • +2

      Sorry, I am a bit confused. I have already mentioned we will guarantee the refund of your credit card / Paypal surcharge, so there is no hoping that would occur. As to PMing me, that is just an extra bonus to get a super special price - you don't need to PM me at all if you don't want to.

      As to the other deals, EOFY deals are always better than most months. And the $250 deal? Grey import but still a great deal - something I would personally jump on, but others may just want Aussie stock.

  • +1

    Signed up for IJK and also this page and can't send a pm as new users are banned for 1 day from sending PMs :(

    • +1

      PM me your guess when you are able to.

  • I'm leaving Australia on Friday and I'd like get my hands on one. So, waiting till Tuesday is not an option for me.

    Is there any chance I can pickup a pair directly from IJK's store at this price.

    In my home country, these cans cost a whopping AUD $597.927 through Amazon and I'll never be able to buy them.

    • Hi, the deal for the Sony MDR1000X posted above is a very good deal that we could never match.

      If you still want the QC35, PM me as a reminder and I will try to drop a small amount by Wednesday. Cannot do it any earlier than that.

      • Thanks smh007h. I tried PMing you. Unfortunately my Send button is disabled.

        I hope you can treat this as a reminder.

        Thank you.

        • Hi, can you place an order and PM me your P/O. I will have one unit reserve for you to pick up tomorrow. Please come by after 3pm.

      • sm007h,

        I'm still unable send PM. this site says Unable to send messags: Private message throttled for new user accounts less than 1 day old

        Any chance you can send me a PM with the details please.

        • dont worry if you guess it correctly we will still honour your order even if someone else gets it before you

  • +1

    Unfortunately had to cancel my order.

    To verify the account and order, this shop requires a non-free email and landline phone number.

    I don't personally have either of those things and I'm not about to volunteer my work details.

    I haven't seen that sort of requirement for about ten years. PayPal or CC alone works everywhere else.

    • I think the contact number is required in case they need to verify delivery details or issues with the order, the other requirement I have no idea. Its unfortunate you think that is enough to cancel the order but I will pass the feedback to IJK

      • +1

        My Gmail address and mobile number are both excellent contact methods.

        It's not the end of the world and it's probably only me that cares, but I find it intrusive and unnecessary so I'd rather steer clear of them.

        I provided my reasoning in an email to them this morning. Hopefully it causes them to reconsider the requirement, if not I'll stick with every other retailer on the internet.

        • its always interesting to get feedback. we dont retail so we dont have this sort of experience

  • Hi, I have just bought 2 Bose QC35 on IJK with the coupon that you have provided. Thank you!

    But since I have just created an account here, I cannot send you a PM with my PO number :(

    • +1

      you can send it to me tomorrow. two guesses and remember the number is NOT in the upper range

  • Limited stock of QC35 is back on myer ebay. $359.28 with the CMYER coupon


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