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Meizu EP51 Bluetooth Hifi Sports Earbuds AU$34.70 /US$26.99 @GearBest


Hi all ,

After contacting Gearbest , i have received this deal for Meizu EP51,

Link review :https://www.androidcentral.com/meizu-ep51-headphones-review
At the price < $AU50 , i think this is still the best option.

Here is the coupon:
Original Meizu EP51 Bluetooth HiFi Sports Earbuds
PS:Limited to first 200 stock,one per account,AU&NZ only.

P/s Dont forget Cashreward.

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  • Good earphones, though I'm surprised the price hasn't dropped since it's been out for some time now.

      • Thanks. Old bluetooth, so after one year should drop significantly. Especially for not so well know brand. They are not samsung or Apple.

    • Thanks OP got one. Paid a little extra for priority shipping (think 5-10 days) and was only $3 more. Its just a headache to wait for more than a month for standard shipping.

  • I've got a pair of QCY Q29. Even with changing the different size plastic ear sleeves, they keep on falling out. Do these stay in the ear better?

    • Right side falls out for me. OK if you aren't moving around too much but needs to be readjusted every now and then.

        • +1

          Perhaps when I'm dead that will be possible. Thanks for letting me know.

        • Sports earphone..,.. Please keep movement to minimum….

      • Same thing happened to me. I'm assuming its the extra weight of the controls coupled with a lot of movement that is causing this.
        I found that having the cable come up and loop behind my ears, rather than letting it hang, helps a lot; it will require moving the tips a bit

  • +8

    I've got a pair of Xiaomi ones but have read these are better. Someone please stop me from making another purchase.

    • I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but even though I've got a bunch of different earphones, my EP51s are by far my favorites.
      My main frustration is that I don't have four ears so that I can justify buying a second pair. Then again, why do any of us need a justification for buying something on OzBargain?

  • +1

    Not sure if I'm doing something stupid (which I probably am) but once I apply the code, the total doesn't update and it changes to the full original price of the item.

    Any ideas?

    • Maybe you need to be logged in, not sure :/

    • I have the same problem. I'm logged in and still no good

  • Spewing I just bought these a couple of days ago $30USD :(

  • +1

    somehow can get 1 of the S530 Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Earphone for free with this purchase.
    I dont know how I did it, but it is on my order now :D

    • Additional Purchase Deal: For any Item Total over AU$25.72,
      purchase 1 Special Promo Item for AU$5.13,AU$6.42,
      Discounts are automatically applied to your shopping cart before checkout.

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  • +1

    Have been using these over plantronics back beat fit over 6 months now, great bluetooth earphones for the gym.

    • Agreed, have owned a few Bluetooth earphones, but the Meizu's are the ones I've continued using.

  • I use mine for exercise,although not a fan of running so not sure there but they are fine for cycling, walking, weights.

    They lack bass but are very robust and get about 4-6 hours batery life out of a charge. Bluetooth can occasionally be a little flakey but could be my s7

    Definitely worth the price

    • How long is the charge time?

      • Unsure, never really timed it.

        Calls are good, I've only made a couple with it but had no complaints

  • How good is the mic for calls?

  • Does anyone know the quality of these compared to the MPow bluetooth earphones?

  • Anyone received their order for these headphones yet? I didn't realize it would take so long.

    • hmm , i am still awaiting for it. Almost a month. It takes longer than Aliexpress

      • Yeah, I've ordered from the same guys before and it didn't take this long, that's why I ordered again, but now it's just way too long.

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