Cost of Cleaning / Gardening

My suburb and the surrounding ones create a lot of jobs for all kinds of people. Every day there's cleaners and gardening people, not to mention tradies, wandering in and out of houses.

If you use cleaners and mowers/gardeners regularly, how much do you pay them (and how do you structure it), and what kind of work is involved? How would you classify your suburb - above/average/below average in terms of affluence to provide perspective on the relative costs?


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    air tasker. somtime $60 hr depend on colour skin people mayeb maybe cheaper clear


    Can normally find a clear for $20-$25/hour on gumtree close to Sydney CBD. Most will bring own equipment for $25/hour. Their work quality can be hit and miss and the good ones tend to quit after a few weeks/months.

    'Professional' cleaning companies want around $75-$100/week to clean a 2 bedroom apartment. They say they'll send 2 person crew for ~2 hours, but I'm guessing they'll try to finish the work in 1 hour.

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    I pay $82 (3 hours work) a fortnight to have the following done. Clean floors, 2 bathrooms, change bed sheets, ironing, clean surfaces. 3 bedroom home. Not many places do ironing from what I found so the 1 hour this takes is worth it to me. Absolute Domestics is who I use. In terms of my suburb, I don't think many would get this done but it frees me up from spending a weekend doing this stuff.

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    I have a largish block and for the front and back yard mowed, edges trimmed, weeds poisened and the grass taken away - $38 This is done around every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the time of year.

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      That seems like exceptionally good value. What city do you live in if you don't mind me asking?

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        Gold Coast. Company is Mowers on the Move - an owner operator called Mark. We have been using him for years.

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    Bit off topic but plenty of the people offing quotes for work on Airtasker seemed to want prices of around $50 p.h+ for unskilled labour e.g taking rubbish away etc, minor hand an work, which I can't justify. Better to get their contact details and offer CIH and avoid the 15% air tasker fee (if you can get away with it) Back on track in terms of cleaners, I wouldn't pay anymore than $25 p.h with equipment supplied for unskilled labor that is involved.