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What's with CPL's customer service? I sent them an ebay message a few days ago and no reply, I sent the rep on here a message and no reply.

I've boycotted them since they bungled a PC order of mine 10 years ago (charged restocking fee when the parts weren't compatible even though I asked them and they said they were), but you'd think a decade would change their customer service.

Guess not.

Scorptec has the CPU cooler I was looking for a bit cheaper anyway, and they're closer to where I live.


CPL Online

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    Ans what next showing judge judy

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    Afraid that many of these el-cheapo computer parts outlets are not know for their customer service. Guess that in their eyes you are getting a good price so you should be happy with that.
    Sort of like buying anything direct out of China - you get what you pay for


      This would be acceptable if they were the cheapest, but MSY and Scorptec are always cheaper let alone Centre Com, PcCaseGear, etc.

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    Another great OzBargain post!

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