Neighbouring Home with *Very* Shabby/Unsightly Fence - with Boundary Alongside Small Council Park

Just wondering if anyone is in the know about such things. Who is more responsible - the owner? the council? One more than the other?

Not sure I'd take or make action on the matter but really is awful, and beside a small park in the street that the council really have done
quite a nice job on I must say to their credit. Quite certain the people in the home are owners (not 100% sure by any means).

The owner does have a well known company signage on his vehicle so quite certain the owner isn't some poor elderly person.
If that were the case I be more understanding. I'm not hostile about this, just wonder from time to time and sort of sigh.


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    Neighbouring home with very shabby/unsightly fence

    is the fence working?

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    Is it hard being an old lady and also being named Chris?


    What makes it unsightly?

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      Some people don't like shabby chic. Or antiques. Or fences maintained in a classical manner.

      Or perhaps @OP hasn't yet learnt the fine art of saying "tut tut" and moving on with his life.


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      Before I read that article I had no opinion on Chris Farley, and after reading it I still have no opinion on Chris Farley (meh is not an opinion, apparently).

      Typically clickbait title.

      My opinion on clickbait hasn't changed either.

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        what is this thing you call "clickbait"

        my comment was in jest of a 2nd rate celebrity tag name,

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          The article promised something it didn't deliver (a change in my opinion of Chris Farley) which makes it clickbait.

          I am now outraged, offended and triggered, and will be writing a stern letter to the editor or a hashtag-laden tweet or whatever it is folk do these days. Perhaps a Top 10 list of the ways the article caused me to be outraged, offended and triggered.

          Or just say "eh" and get on with my life.

          (My neighbours fence is bit shabby… don't tell @OP.)

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    Start with the council.

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    If it's a fence in NSW (not sure about other states) between council land and private land, the fence is likely 100% the responsibility of the private landowner. However if you want them to fix it, better off complaining to council.