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€75 (~AU $112) Back When You Spend €225 (~AU $337) @ Booking.com


I managed to find a link that works for this previously expired offer on flyertalk.com


Same as before, click link, you get a green banner, make your booking and after you stay you will get your €75.

Full disclosure, I have a referral link to Booking.com saved on OzBargain, but other than that I am just a happy Booking.com customer

I have used the XE conversion (its handy and depending on what you book YMMV, I used my 28deg card and who knows what it will be when I finally pay for it when I get to my hotel in December)

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  • tried chrome & safari. banner not showing up

    • Fixed.

  • Clicking the main link got me no green banner.

    Clicking the referral link got me one that said save $25AUD??

    • Fixed.

      • I"m also getting only offer for $25

        • Still showing €75 for me. Try opening in incognito mode (or perhaps not logged in).

        • @neil:
          tried incognito mode, still only $25 offer coming up. Maybe targeted for certain folks?

          edit: After some experimenting, looks like i should not click on "referrer" but rather directly on the deal. Hope somebody can update the title with this?

        • @zooter:

          Eh, why were you clicking on referrer? All deals (well 99.99%) should be attained via a direct link unless mentioned in the description to go through a referral.

  • Guys, fixed, please use report in future.

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    Fml I just booked 4000€ worth of accomodation on boobings.com and didn’t look here.

    • +21



      Now you speak my language

    • free cancellation and book again?

      • +2

        You mean boob again ?

      • boob again

    • +7

      Were they firm on the pricing? They don't always have the breast deals.

      • +4

        Such a saggy comment.

        • +8

          Stop milking the joke.

        • @ilikeit:
          But that's what we do, isn' tit?

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          Tough crowd.

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    Does this work for bookings in Aus?

    • +1

      The answer is yes.
      Booked a hotel in Sydney and the confirmation says i will get 75 euro back.

      What a deal!

  • +1

    Just booked some accommodation last night (got about the same difference once you took into account agoda was slightly cheaper to begin with)

    I really like the booking.com app though. It's so easy to use and would definetly use/book again. My bookings were with free cancellation so all was good.

  • +3

    Amazing deal!

    I used this deal a couple of weeks ago. Booked using the link, payed with my 28 degrees card.

    Paid Approx $345 AUD

    A few days after the stay I received $111.88 AUD cashback into my 28 degrees account.

    • Hi mate, no problem with master card cash back? I think i read somewhere it needs to be visa for cash back? Thanks

      • I used MasterCard. No problems at all

  • I booked last week and got the 75 pounds in my account this week.

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    Thanks OP! Just booked for a hotel in Tokyo but discovered a 10% genius discount straight after.
    Luckily for free cancellation, was able to use the 10% and hopefully get another €75 back.

    • discovered a 10% genius discount straight after.
      What discount is that?

      • +1

        I'm not too sure as it popped up after i made my first booking. Seems to be some sort of paid membership however I've unlocked a one week trial. Genius travel rewards programme

      • Its a membership you get after a few bookings (5?) on Booking.com. Gives you discounts on some hotels and early checkin/late checkout.

        • thats strange. just made the account today and made 1 booking (which i then cancelled before booking again with the 10% off)

        • +1


          Weird, not sure how it works then. Was after roughly 5 bookings that I receive it.

        • @jeppetto367: Took me a few more than 5 to get Genius status….but it seems to have permanently upgraded me to Genius when it finally happened.

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    thanks op

  • +1

    Made a few bookings last night as well, cancelled and re-booked. Thanks!

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    thanks so much , just booked my nz trip hotel saved 159 ponds :)

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    The cashback, does the 75euro go bank into your payment method (ie credit card) or stay in your Booking.com account as credit for future use?

    • +1

      Cashback. Which is cash-back into your bank account

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        It goes back to the credit card

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    And does the cashback occur immediately or only after your stay?

    • +1

      Approx 5 days after your stay

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    I'm keen to book and happy to use a referral link, but when i click on either of the ones noted above, I don't get the green banner with the offer - it's the first time I'm doing this so perhaps I'm doing something silly?

    • same here

      • +1

        You can't stack a referral with these types of offers.

    • odd - I ended up going through with a booking and the referral notice kept coming up - time will tell if i get that $30

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    Hmhmhmhm, not that much cheaper for my upcoming trip.

    I booked several rooms for family members and was thinking of cancelling one and use this promotion. It is not actually cheaper.

    Is booking.com generally more expensive?

    • I often find that Cheaptickets and Orbitz are the cheapest, but it can depend on hotel or site-wide sales and discount codes that may be happening at the time of booking.

      I wouldn't recommend booking thinking you will get 75 Euro back because there is no guarantee you will.

      Better for piece of mind to get the discount up front, eg. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/322872

      • Yeah I book using Orbitz or Hotels.com

        Always between that two.

        • Booking.com price match

        • @Gringoesai:

          So you price matched the others and still get the 75 euro cashback?

        • +2

          @cintamami: I put in a request for a price match for a trip in Tokyo. I assume as long as its over the required spend there should not be an issue. I didn't go through the T&Cs with a fine comb but nothing was glaring. What was handy is that I booked then submitted the price match after.

        • @Gringoesai: After your stay, can you let us know if you still got the cashback after doing pricematch after booking?

        • @SeeTheLight: Will do - Not until December though.

      • Agree with tranter, just booked with CheapTickets for my Manila trip- works out to be way cheaper than booking.com with 18% discount code! Not worth it for me to spend $225 for 2 nights stay in Manila.

  • How does this work when you pay the property not booking.com?

    • Yes, the information on this is quite unclear. It says you "get it back", but not how. I have qualified for this, and got the confirmation email about getting €75, but no information about how or when. It has not been refunded to my credit card.

      • for payments at the hotel, the €75 seems to occur back to your account 5 or so days after your stay.

        • The property pays you back?

          Or booking.com pays you back?

        • @klif-e: booking.com. Refer to the previous deal and my comments there about the whole process.

        • @Reveen:

          So it will be paid back by booking.com to the 1st credit card in your booking.com account regardless of the method of payment used at the property?

        • @Reveen: Ok, thanks.

  • They do price match if you find same hotel cheap on other websites.

  • Looks like $4 away from being eligible! Will pop on again tomorrow to check out the exchange rate..

  • If your travel won't completed until weeks or months later, you could make more money or less depending on the exchange rate between now and later.

  • +2

    thanx OP, booked.

  • Can I do multiple booking? or one account just entitle to receive once off cash back?

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    I'd be extremely wary of what this offer says. I made several bookings 3 weeks ago spread across 4 accounts as part of the previous now expired promotion. Received confirmations for cashback but now 3 weeks later nothing is showing up in any of the accounts. There is absolutely no trace of me ever taking part in that promotion. I'm not travelling until November. Anyone having similar experience?

    • Mate, you have to stay at the hotel. After your stay you will get the cash back.

    • You won't get your refund until after your stay. This is in the event your stay doesn't eventuate.

      • Yeah I know that. I was referring to this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/317791#comment-4865128 . Mine disappeared after the previous promotion expired. I just wanted to make sure I'll still be getting my refund come November.

        • When I received my cash back it was also accompanied by an email stating I would get it. If you got this or have some reference to the rebate I am sure it will be fine given no one else here has mentioned they haven't got it.

    • Have you checked here?
      Mine took about a week to appear. Changed my booking dates on the weekend and the offer still seems to stick.

      • Yeah mine had that three weeks ago now it's disappeared, which also coincides with the expiration of the previous offer. I wonder why..

    • Don't know why this guy is getting downvoted, this is a legitimate concern. If your booking date is into the future and the offer expires, do you still get your cashback?

      There are quite a few people booking 1month+ out who have had their CB disappear

      maybe this is best to do only if you have a close stay coming up

      Either way I'm leery about doing anything too far into future given the disappears

      • Can't see any reference to my cashback on my booking when I login. I'm not staying until November.

        • When you go to 'earn money' tab under your account menu, do you see the $75 coming up?

          and did you get an email confirming the cashback at the time you booked

  • Awesome. It booked with AUD - rather than Euros, is this an issue?

    Forgot to do the referral - should I cancel and rebook ?

    • Shouldn't matter about currency but I wouldn't rebook just in case it invalidates you for the offer.

    • +1

      No the currency of payment does not matter

  • It gives me $30 discount

    Want an extra saving of AUD 30?

  • I booked 3 nights 1 hour ago but have not received any confirmation email about getting €75. How long will it take? Cheers

    • +2

      Click open your booking and you should have this message


      • I don't have this message under my booking. Is it only valid for oversea stays?

        • in your dashboard open "Free Money" and scroll down you should see it under "all bookings"

  • +1

    Amazing, re-booked a room in November, got email with reward :) Thanks!!!

  • When does this deal expire?

  • How can we stack this with cashrewards?

    • You cannot as far as I know, as both are referral links

      Even if you attempt to do two (e.g friend referral and this cashback), the friend referral will show up but eventually get denied.

      So best to just use one referral link/program.

  • Is it possible to book multiple nights at different hotels under the one booking?

    • Each stay at a given hotel constitutes a booking. If you want to stay at multiple hotels, you will need multiple bookings.
      So the short answer to your question is no.

  • +1

    Found a resort over Christmas I'm interested in and while I have access to the 75 euro refund the first rate shows
    "Low rate, no money back".
    Which kind of defeats the purpose if I have to pay a higher rate to receive money back. Oh well.

    • +1

      No money back doesn't mean no cashback, it means you cannot cancel for a refund.

      If 'no money back' shows and you meet the threshold you will still get cashback

      • OK. Thanks.
        So you're saying that's the euro terminology of what we typically see phrased as a 'non refundable' rate?

        • A booking.com terminology I.e. you will see that on au or American site too

  • Why everybody is getting this while I am stuck with only a $30 offer !! Any idea anyone?

    • +1

      Oh, I was clicking on the referral link! Upon clicking on Go To Deal button, it initially shows me a green banner of 75 Euro discount. But as soon as I search a hotel, the green footer gets changed to $25 discount!

  • Can it be used more than once.

    • I've used it for 2 bookings and also the USD one for $40 or cash back.

      If it works or not is another thing.

  • thanks!
    after my booking , it took me a while to find the confirmation about the cashback
    However eventually found it in the booking confirmation
    "My reward
    You’ll receive € 75 after you’ve completed your stay."

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