Vodafone changes the way they do phones on plans

So as of today Vodafone has changed the way they do things.
They now have three voice options.

Month to month sim only
12 month sim only (double data of m2m)

Month to month red plan with handset
The handset plans are double data of standard m2m (some have special data offers)

You pay for the handset in 12,24 or 36 monthly instalments (interest free)
If you choose 24 or 36 month instalments you get a plan discount (not all handsets and it varies)

You can change te plan anytime (might loose discount not sure)
And you can leave anytime by simply paying out the handset.

International call allowances have changed a bit too.
Still have access to $5 roaming on all plans.

They have always had this option but it was not sold very much and now they have mixed things up a bit and made it the only option.


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  • So apparently now they call phone subsidy interest free purchase.

    You end up paying the same but it is now easier to get out of the contract. I think it is quite clever as previously, you pay less for the phone, but higher for the phone plan. The 60$ red plan seems pretty good.

    • +1

      lol true works out easier for them now when they have a customer with network issues etc.

      Better off buying the phone through an eBay deal and combine with optus $30 12GB family and friend offer.

      • I think the only selling point from Vodafone now being advertised is that you can buy your phones and pay off over time, without establishment fees and maintenance fee as a few credit cards do with their interest free purchases (Amex is getting into this game as well)

    • Another benefit that i like is that at the end of the 24 months you simply go back to paying the sim only price

      Most phone companies fail to tell you that your contract has ended so you continue paying $80 etc for months after the end of your contract which when you could save if you didn't need a new phone.

      imo these new plans are more honest.. they are transparent and show you what you are paying

  • I dont see anything NEW here

    • -1

      Well for starters the voice plan is month to month which wasn't an option before.

  • +1

    So buy a phone on installment. And get a sim only plan. With discount if you want to pay over 2-3 years. It's different to the others but…im not convinced it's better value than other plans.

  • URGH so annoying. I was going to get the $99 plan with the iphone 7 plus 128 and now the equivalent plan costs $110.

    The new plans cost more overall and 100 less international minutes (not that it matters) and some have less data I think.

    • That was a promo.. get the 128GB for the price of a 32GB that was always advertised to end 14/8/17

      New plan + Phone actually costs less that it would off if the promo had of ended and the plans didnt change.
      and you get more data than what was standard on the plans (the double data promo was always ending 14/8 also)

  • +1

    I find the price of the 128GB iphone SE on the $30 red plan to be strangely inexpensive compared to other phones and plans. Officeworks currently sell the phone for $819 but with Voda the total cost over 24 months with 3gb per month of data and unlimited calls and text included is only $842. That seems like a good deal for AU stock if you are happy with vodafone.

  • Do they still let you do Additional handsets interest free over 24 months on the SIM only plans?

    I always used to take a 12 months SIM only plan which usually was discounted or had much more data and then take out an additional handset, was cheaper overall than a subsidised plan and with much more data and less lock in time

    • Not anymore.
      If you want a handset you have to get it on the new "red plans" which are month to month.
      The 12 month sim onlys can not have a phone attached anymore

      • Sucks :( So that means I have to go on the month to month Red plans with less data than deciding to lock myself in for 12 months and getting more

        • The handset plans have double the m2m sim onlys without the lock in.

          $30 m2m 1gb
          $30 12m 2gb
          $30 handset red plan m2m 3gb (normally 2gb has 1gb bonus) + handset payments over 12/24/36 depending on handset choice you may also get a discount on plan. (Example htc u play reduces plan cost to $16 pm am)

  • Really bad deal for iPhone purchases… costs a fortune!

    From $130 a month for the top of the line plan and phone payment, and new phone feeling of $149 you trade for the new iPhone.

    It now costs $130.75 per month for phone cost and $60 a month for plan - $190.75 a month. There is no new phone feeling or any discount whatsoever on the phone cost.

    Why the (profanity) would I buy it on a plan now?

    • With new phone feeling you give the phone back and pay $149
      On a plan you own the phone which means you can sell it yourself if you don't want it.
      I do see your point but I would rather make 400-500 after 12 months than have to hand it back and let Vodafone make that money.

  • Outright and 365 day Kogan/Aldi sim is the way to go.

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