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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Dual Sim 64GB $767.99 Delivered (HK) from Buy Mobile Australia eBay


Cheapest Galaxy s8 plus till now.
Ordered one and on Receipt cam up with amaysim Operations Pty Ltd

Original 20% off Selected Stores at eBay Deal Post

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    Their reputation is questionable.

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      84.8% feedback. A 15.2% chance of stress and aggravation. Pass.

  • Why is Dual sim so much cheaper than the normal ones?

    • overseas stock

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      Samsung Australia refuse to repair these grey imports even if you pay (eg out-of-warranty) and they have the parts in stock. Must send overseas if you want Samsung to do even minor repairs.

      Cracked screen and I was told yesterday to send my S7 edge to Samsung Ghana. Not likely.

      • This is a good price with the 20% off and I'm tempted to buy but what is the warranty process. It says warranty and repairs are administered by local repairers in Australia. Is this not true and you have to send it overseas.

        • It's true, it's simply handled by the seller, and then presumably a third party repairer (who may still be an authorised Samsung repairer).

          Essentially, they're banking that you'll not need any help inside the 12 month warranty they provide.

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          @jasswolf: I dont like that they say Australian warranty but its sent overseas and you probably have to pay the return cost and hopefully not the shipping cost as well. I think shopping square does that too. I want to know the online sellers that deal with the repairs and warranty within Australia. I seen one its called Oz Digital Online anyone know know if they are any good. The price of the phone is more but if the warranty and repairs are done here that gives me peace of mind.

        • @jamesvre: I doubt any of the grey stock are repaired in AU, I believe qd_au have a decent reputation here on OzB, from these posts (not all the results are their deals, some have comments about the store, most of which seem favourable).

  • i bought 1 from them on the 14/8. They sent an email saying it could take them up to 10days before they send it. 4 days later, it still has not shipped

    • Lucky I read your comment, not worth with the headache. Better wait for another ebay deal & buy from QD-ebay.

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    with this price, not really care about warranty

  • This phone is still genuine Samsung, even if you want to send it back few times still cheaper , but can't comment on their reputation

  • This is the Exynos version.
    Isn't there a SD835 version?
    I assume the SD version might get custom roms in future….

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      but people say the Exynos version performs better

    • I believe it's a Exynos version.

      Only NA has 835 version.

  • Is amaysim Operations Pty Ltd in AUS/can you get GST back on this?

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      They are registered in Australia but phone is shipped fro HK, i don't think we can claim the GST.

  • Really good price but only if you will ever get the phone. Lots of comments on this forum and the feedback will tell you that they make excuses and cancel the purchase after you have bought it.

  • Receipt cam up with amaysim Operations Pty Ltd

    Active from 31 Jan 2017

    I doubt they are Amaysim

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      Amaysim bought Vaya and that how they are importing and selling grey stock. What I usually do is keep quite and if shipping is delayed raise a case on eBay as soon as delivery date estimate is missed and ask for a partial refund for the delay. Most of the times sellers fear of chargeback and happy to partial refund 10-20%

      • haha sly :P

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    84.8% positive reviews on Ebay is fairly poor, so I'm negging this one. There are other deals out there only slightly more expensive and you can avoid a shoddy reseller. Read the negative reviews before you buy.

    • They have a good price on the DJI Mavic Pro but the review ratings are worrying me!

    • The bulk of negative review is just slow postage time. All the issues arise probably because they drop ship, they don't have anything they sell in stock, and when people order something their supplier don't have they can't send it in a timely manner. It is not a very good business practice but that is one way you can offer cheaper price than your competitor.

      I think they would get a lot less complain if they didn't list their item in Australia. Judging from the feed back, they are no out there to scam you, if you are in urgent need of a phone, then yeah don't buy from them. If you are just looking to buy a phone for cheapest price, then they seem like a pretty good option, considering you don't mind waiting up to 2 months.

  • The s8+ is available from ShoppingSquare on ebay for $799 delivered. Although I don't know that their rep re responding to warranty claims in a timely manner is that great? Their feedback on ebay is at least better at 98.1%

    link if anyone is interested. Allow up to 5 days to post seems a bit lengthy.

  • I only have good things to say about this company despite their lower feedback score. I ordered my S8 on a Thursday afternoon and it arrived the following Wednesday morning

  • Again, on many threads from this company I reiterate I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, delivered promptly and exactly new with no fingerprints and untouched and as such a positive experience!

  • I ordered s8+ 128GB version during the last sale and got delivered the phone in less than a week. They use DPEX which is toll. And they are also pretty quick with emails.

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