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iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Black @ $1087 (AU Stock) Delivered @ MyMobile eBay


20% ebay father's day special 2 hots deals

Brand New Samsung Galaxy S8 Midnight Black Optus unlocked Australian stock 20,000 qantas points $849 delivered

Brand New Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Black Australian stock $1087 delivered

Original 20% off Selected Stores for Father's Day at eBay Deal Post

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    How to redeem that 20000 Qantas points from buying off you?

    • yes, I how do I get this phone with quants points ……….

    • Their own link in their Ebay ad is a link to Ozbargain here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/323022 says … "but excludes online bidding or auction websites (including eBay)"

    • eBay purchases are excluded unless Rep can guarantee they won't mention eBay anywhere in the tax invoice.

      • +1

        They provide a mymobile invoice,they have a store in brisbane. This is the cheapest I've seen for an aust stock galaxy s8.

        • Are you sure about that invoice?
          And would people receive the invoice before the promotion ends? Is the REP sure this model qualifies, being Optus stock?

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          @Make it so:

          And would people receive the invoice before the promotion ends?

          You would need the invoice AND the phone, since you need to do a screenshot of your IMEI number, as part of the points redemption process.

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          You have a month after the promotion ends to make a claim.
          From Samsung Galaxy S8 Qantas Points Promotion
          Terms and Conditions:

          h) within 1 month of making a Purchase, visit www.samsung.com/au/galaxy-s8-qantas
          ("Website") and:

          v. upload a copy of the Proof of Purchase, which may be in the form of a scanned
          copy or photograph;
          vi. follow the prompts, to provide information required by Samsung, including the
          claimant’s Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership Number and surname; and
          vii. submit the completed Online Claim Form;"

        • Hello KoOl

          yes you are correct we provide a invoice from our retail shop ( My Mobile )

          My Mobile rep

  • Gud

  • How to sell the points

  • Is today Bad Grammar Day?

  • Any love for the s8+?

  • Any benefits in buying Aussie stock over import?

    • I guess 2 year "local" warranty. + that 20000 Qantas point.

    • +1

      I hear Samsung Australia wouldn't touch non-Aussie stock with a ten-foot pole even if you're willing to pay to get it fixed.

  • Hey rep, any chance on an LG G6 deal?

  • AT least Optus haven't lock this down to their own frequencies, even if unlocked as they have with other phones :-/


    The site lists the frequencies/carrier/region, which is a nice touch, but is this phone also available for registering for Samsung's freebies?

  • Has anyone ordered this and got an idea about standard shipping times? There's no time listed on the ebay page.

    • Hello if this is a father's day gift we will offer Free express post please send us a message on ebay after purchase

  • I am after both an iphone 7 plus and a Samsung S8

    So these phones are both local stock and Samsung and Apple will handle any warranty issues?

    • +1

      REP us missing in action. Always disappointing. Was genuinely tempted, as I could claim back the GST through TRS. But I'd need to know whether a tax invoice is provided, which amount is stated (usually undiscounted), and whether it has my name (need above $1,000).

      • +1

        It says there is a tax invoice provided in the picture of the listing? Plus most likely a yes to the rest of your questions.

      • Hello Make it so
        yes we provide a tax invoice from or retail shop in the name of My Mobile Group
        My Mobile rep

        • Great, thank you for all your responses. I put in an order.
          This is a seriously underrated deal, as the Qantas points are easily worth $120, and because TRS will be paid out on the undiscounted price (-$97). Let's hope the Optus firmware won't be a hassle.

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      Hello Mat_lab

      yes both phones are Australian stock and come with a tax invoive from our brisbane retail shop My Mobile
      and yes you can deal direct with the manufacturer or we can help to
      My Mobile rep

      • +1

        Thanks for the confirmation of tax invoice, warranty and QFF promo qualification, I've just bought 2.

  • I really don't get people on OZB… Do you have to milk out everything from a purchase….

    All the people who is asking questions like "are you sure.." "Can you be sure…", etc.. I have a solution for you . Bing Lee is selling this for $999 and all you uncertainty settled.

    I would be miss in action too if I am the rep, seeing all the smart questions…

    Now you can all start to neg this comment… set… go

    • I really don't get people on OZB

      So your reason for being here is…?

  • Hi rep. I'm going to get this S8 and also looking for S7 edgefor my sister. Do you have any deal for S7 egde?

    • Hello Woverine

      I believe we only have overseas stock at the moment for the s7 edge @ $586


      • Thanks rep.
        I looked up link above and work out the value above ($586) is apllied by the given code?
        Also, how does it work with the samsung warranty for overseas stock?

        • yes after using the code you can get the s7 edge for $586 . The warranty is with us here in Brisbane city, we will cover you for 12 months
          My Mobile rep

  • It says Optus stock - just wondering if that means it has anything related to Optus on it or any actual branding of the word Optus on the phone? Am planning to use it for Telstra.

    • Hello it is related to branding , when you turn the phone its says (yes) optus logo , there will be a few optus apps which you can disable

      regards my mobile rep

  • +1

    Great deal & perfect timing for me - my old phone just died.
    Not sure if my kids will be happy when they find out what they are getting me for Fathers Day…

  • +1

    Hi store rep: If I order now, is it possible to get tax invoice dated at least 25 Sept. you can ship the phone to me on 25th Sept. I want the tax invoice for TRS refund purposes dated 25th Sept or later as I am flying after that. I dont need the phone now but later. So if I order and pay now you can ship me later with the later tax invoice. Please confirm.. Thanks

    • You would get the TRS, but miss out on 20,000 Qantas frequent flyer points, which are worth more than the TRS.
      Keep in mind that TRS gives you 60 days nowadays, not 30 like before.

  • HI Store Rep,

    Any deal on s8+ ?? :)

  • But QFF terms and condittions said ebay sited not included. Do we get a genuine tax invoice witout the ebay deal?

    • yes all Australian products sold come with a my mobile tax invoive
      regards MY mobile rep

  • Yes I am flying off on 23rd nov. so would need a tax invoice dated 25sept of later to get the TRS

    • As someone pointed above. QF points worth more than GST refund.

  • is it dual sim? is there a dual sim with the tax invoice?

  • No more stock!

    • hello there is 12 left

  • Hi Rep,

    I see you're out of stock now but you have stock of this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Midni...

    What's the difference and why the price difference?

    • This one has no branding

      Mymobile rep

  • Hey guys, was thinking of buying one today but noticed no more stock. Will you be adding more stock today? Thanks

    • hello we are waiting for more stock but it is looking like next week

      My mobile rep

      • Shame it won't be at the same price then. I suggest getting it else where then.

    • Mobilecity still has the same AU optus model in stock for $885 and you can still get the qantas points.

  • Ordered my phone on Sunday it arrived Wednesday morning.
    Pretty happy with that.

    • BTW In case anyone is wondering the model is Samsung S8 SM-G950F, single SIM.

  • Got mine too so happy with the delivery. However the invoice says "eBay Payment" and "eBay Postage" so I'm worried about the QFF promo. Has anyone successfully used their tax invoice from this deal to get the QF points?

    • Do not use this invoice as it would not be allowed by Samsung.
      Contact the retailer & ask for another invoice.

      • +1

        It have been sent

  • +3

    Hello All

    we are going to email you all new invoices please check your emails in the next 1 hour if you do not receive please call 07 30127977

    My Mobile rep

    • Thanks rep, received and looks good. Cheers

    • Got mine too.
      Thank you.

    • +1

      Thanks REP, you are looking after your customers well.

  • +1

    Just wanted to add a follow-up comment that my 20K QFF points were approved today, so all good.

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