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30% off Dyson Full Price Tools and Accessories @ Dyson.com.au


30% off full price tools and accessories online at Dyson, enter the code at the checkout.
T&Cs: Offer not available at retail stores. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Maximum of 10 items per transaction.

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  • Do they have the Carbon Turbine head for the Cinetic Big Ball?


    This one doesnt say which model is compatible.

    • I reckon it's the same as on Amazon and if you know your model number, you can check it there.

      • Doesnt say. Mine came with the musclehead tool.

  • Will the articulating hard floor tool work with the v6 animal?

    • -2

      v6 animal is suitable for all floor types… i've bought 3

      • you're talking about the hard floor tool, right? The motorised head scratches my jarrah floors

    • +1

      I have the hard floor tool. It does actually work OK on the v6 animal in the turbo mode (if that's what it's called can't quite remember). May as well be a broom in normal mode.

  • I'm curious to know if the articulating hard floor tool and tangle free turbine tool will both fit the Dyson V6 Slim. Can anyone help please? Ta :)

    • I had a similiar question (above). Just checked out the youtube video on it and the dyson rep advised in the comments that it is compatible with the v6 :)

      • Fabulous. Thanks muchly :D

        • +1

          The tangle-free turbine tool will be compatible with the v6 slim, however a mini motorised head will be far superior.


        • @DYEL: but will i still need to cut out the hair? I have looooooong hair and am having trouble with the head provided with the V6 Slim. Ta.

        • @saki100:

          Yeah. What you said is right, the mini tangle free tool is easier to maintain, but the mini motorised head will perform much better (you have to take the roller out and cut off hair, just like with the regular head).

        • tangle free turbine tool is rubbish on carpet as it isn't motorised

        • @DYEL: Can you confirm the mini motorised head will fit on the V6 Slim? I'm led to believe there is a narrow and a wide electrical connection on the vac, depending on the model. Seeing as the Slim didn't come with the MM-head, I wanted to confirm it connects before getting it. Apparently this is a technique they use to upsell you to a more expensive/better featured vac in the first place, and prevent you upgrading on the cheap.

        • +1


          Yeah some of the v6 models have a wide electrical fitting and some have a smaller one. I'm not sure the reason for two fittings, but it generally prevents machines from being backwards compatible with attachments (you cannot use a motorised V6 head with the V6 Absolute). The machines are still forwards compatible (you can use the motorised V6 Absolute heads with the V6).

          I can't remember which category the V6 slim falls under, but the link I gave above came from the Dyson website after searching through V6 Slim spare parts so it is going to work with that model.

        • +2

          @endotherm: v6 Slim and absolute has the same (except color) base vacuum. So if the mini motor head fits any of the v6, it'll fit the slim one no problem.

          Dyson doesn't do a terribly good job in advertising their vacuums' accessory compatibility.

        • @DYEL: Thanks all. Even though the code didn't work, I'm happy with $60.01 for this, cheaper than off eBay. Of course there are 3 identical-looking mini motorised heads on the website: 962748-01, 924027-04, and 917096-06. I think I got the right one.

        • @DYEL: Is it better than the standard head that comes with the v6 slim, just for standard carpet vacuuming?

        • @simulacrum:

          Yeah the mini motorised head is really only for cars, lounges, etc.

  • Coupon code "30ACC2017" is not valid.

    Seems can not be used for parts … was wanting to get a new hose for my DC23 Motorhead. I will live with my SOS tape repairs as I'm not paying $135.

    • How olds your vacuum? When he had an issue with our tube (is that correct?), I called Dyson about buying a replacement. They just sent it to me free of charge.

      • Must be about 8 or 9 years… still going strong. Thinking if I am going to spend 100+ on hose I may as well just get a Mi Robot then the Dyson won't need to be used that much.

    • Yep same here.. needed some spares .. been hanging out.

  • -2

    Says invalid when I wanted to get a
    Dyson V8 Absolute+
    is this not classified as a full price tool?

    • +9

      Tool = accessory not actual product

      • Thank you Lolitsme :-)

  • Does anyone who has purchased the Carbon Fibre Soft Dusting attachment have an opinion of it?
    I assume it is compatible with the Dyson V6 Slim…

    • +2

      Yeah, I have one and I'd say it's essentially useless. It's fairly thick so won't fit under my TV/sound system etc. If the entire length isn't making contact with the surface it doesn't generate much suction so you're really just pushing dirt around. Went back to using a pledge duster which actually picks up dust and fits in tighter spaces.

      Edit: also, yes compatible. Fits my V6.

  • Code not valid if its full price item…

    Any one ?

  • +1

    Sorry, didn't work for the spare I tried

    • I want to buy the full price items, invalid …..

      What are the tools which are valid for the promotion?

  • Does anyone have the flexi crevice tool? I'd like to know if it's just some rubber thing or if it can be bent and stay that way.

    • +4

      heh i just went to test this for ya. It doesn't bend and stay that way, returns to its original position afterwards.

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

  • -1

    Not on battery???

  • +2

    Dyson has a sale at their HQ today and tomorrow in Sydney. Bought a V6 Fluffy for $249

    For the first time ever, Dyson Australia will be holding a two-day run-out sale giving you the opportunity to purchase select Dyson technology from $149*.

    Saturday - 26.08.17 - 8am - 4pm
    Sunday - 27.08.17 - 8am - 2pm
    Or until sold out.

    8-10 Mangrove Lane, Taren Point, Sydney, NSW 2229

    There is plenty of street parking available so spread the word.

    *Sale includes selected Dyson products only.

    • Where in Sydney?

    • Wow bargain! saw pictures of the sale from facebook and i wasn't impressed. might reconsider if you said you bought a v6 fluffy for that price.

    • Any V8 or V7 deal?

      • +1

        They only had one version of the V8 Absolute for $599

        2 models of the V6 being Fluffy for $249 and Absolute for $399

    • Far out! I just paid $150 more than that for a V6 Fluffy from HN ($399, reduced from $649 supposedly)
      I wish I was in Sydney, and I wish I hadn't just read this. XD

    • +1

      I actually posted this here as a deal but reported as a spam. I'm glad i went there today, i bought a v6 fluffy $249 and small ball allergy $299. I saved a lot!

  • has anyone used 'Carbon Fibre Soft Dusting' do you recommend it?

    • I have the 'old' soft dusting brush on my V6. It works OK. Note the newer Carbon-Fibre one is not recommended for the V6 (I called Dyson to check) - they said it's cos of the angle it fits in at but I think it also might be something to do with not having enough power (the new one has a little brush which goes back and forth powered by the suction).

      It's a little bit tricky to manoeuvre if using it in tight spaces so might be better getting the kit with the mini soft dusting brush (non-carbon fibre) and flexi hose (think it's the Car Kit?) so you can get it into tight spots.

      • Get the kit that comes with the soft hose and carbon fibre brush then.

        I have the kit already and I've just purchases the carbon fibre brush.

        Thanks op.

        I'd take Dyson's product recommendation from their call centre with a pinch of salt. Especially after they said dc58 is not compatible with any of the floor motor head (plus wand), which just appears to be bs. The combo is working just fine for my dc58 and it's been over a year now.

  • I'm thinking about buying this handheld tool kit http://shop.dyson.com.au/accessories/handheld-tool-kit-91304... for my car and house. Anyone care to share experience about this tool kit?

    • +3

      This was free when we purchased our V6. Never used a single one, gathering dust. We use the mini motorised head for most small jobs, save your cash is my advise.

  • Can the soft roller head from the V8 be used with the DC45 unit?

  • -2

    Promo code doesn't seem to work? Trying to checkout a V6 animal extra and getting "Coupon code "30ACC2017" is not valid."

    • Just bought "Tangle-free Turbine tool" for $62.30 (down from $89.00). Cheaper than eBay.

  • Thanks for this.

  • Thanks for posting! Just bought a tangle free turbo tool

    All hail free shipping

  • Thanks to Op . Just purchased flat out tool. Great saving :). And that is what its all about.

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