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2017 NEW Fashion Casual NAVIFORCE Brand Waterproof NF9056B US $15.11 (AU $19.24) @ AliExpress


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Men's Military Quartz Watch


• Day & Hour Display
• Dual Core with Analog & Digital Display
• Hourly Chime Function
• 1/100 Lap Chronograph Mode
• Water Resistant
• Case Material: Stainless Steel
• Case Dimensions: Diameter: 47 mm, Thickness: 13 mm
• Band Size: Length 245 mm, Width 24 mm
• Brand Material: Leather
• Weight: 83 g

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    Cheaper on eBay -
    Naviforce 9056 US$13.29 (AU$16.66) shipped

    Also you can get similar Naviforce models for less, like the -
    Naviforce 9048 US$9.69 (AU$12.14) shipped)

    If I was going to spend around $20.00 on a China watch, then I would definitely be considering the -
    Sinobi 1132 $21.55 shipped
    Lots of comments on Watchuseek about this model - Best of Aliexpress

    • hey watchnerd, can you recommend some decent alternative brands (<$50)? wanting to suss out whats available as the above are not my style.

      • Sure, but you haven't given me much to go off. What style do you like?
        Maybe do a search first to pick out something that interests you.

        • i've worn gshocks all my life and would like a more elegant/simple/classic look

        • Hi WatchNerd,

          Do you know any alternatives for Seiko watches especially their Coutura line and the Casio Edifice? I also really like the style of the Bulova Marin Star but couldn't find anything on watchuseek. Thanks in advance!

        • @OptimumCrush: Like I said, maybe do a search first then you can link me to some styles that you like. This will give me more of an idea.

          $50 or under is a tricky price point, because you can either get a Casio for around $50.00 or a $10.00 China Cheapo.

          If you spend around $100.00 it opens up to good quality watch making brands, like Seiko (Orient) & Citizen.

    • +1

      Everytime I see your posts I love checking out the Ali watches you post, but I rarely go through with it. That Sinobi tipped me over the edge though. Thanks!

      • +1

        No probs, did you look through the linked Aliexpress thread on Watchuseek? There's lots of good photos & comments on that watch.

        • +1

          Nah, I just took the punt. Every time I dive into one of your forum links I get distracted and end up buying nothing; hell, I've got over 20 watches in my AliEx cart that i added from the first few pages of the best-of Ali post you link to occasionally. If this one turns out to be as good as it looks then I fear I'll be forever lost down the rabbit-hole… And I'll blame you!

        • +1


          Every time I dive into one of your forum…

          Yeah, i'm actively stalking WatchNerd.
          Nice balanced combination of watch knowledge and trolling.
          Just what i like in my men.

          Now [6] days since i've bought a watch.

          I wish that Watch Repair kit would show up so i can pull the back off a few of them and take some shots. Stand by.

        • @AngryChicken: since I'm pretty much sorted for torches for now (at least until the BLF Q8 starts shipping), I suspect watches will take over from my flashlight addiction for a while (or so I tell myself). And yeah, I stalk him/her a bit too

        • @ebosh:

          I went peak torch with the Nitecore EA4 thanks to the Torch Nerd ezarc. I hardly use it, but when i do - BLAM!

          Holy crap, BLF Q8 is 4500 lumens!

        • @AngryChicken: get in on the group buy and it's only $40USD. Dooooo iiiiiiit

        • @AngryChicken: it's funny, the EA4 was my first foray into torches. I'm up to about 20 now, the last being the Zebralight SC600fd mkiii neutral. What a wonderful piece of engineering that thing is.

        • @ebosh:

          What group buy? I can find some online refs but not a clear link. Is this ending 12pm froggy time today?

        • +1

          @AngryChicken: ahh poo, looks like you just missed it


  • -1

    Dual Core with Analog & Digital Display
    Hourly Chime Function
    1/100 Lap Chronograph Mode

    ?? where's the digital screen or buttons to use these features?