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amaysim Unlimited 2GB 6x 28 Day Renewals $27.30 with Code (Was $39) - New Customers @ Groupon


Wow this probably is one of the best deal for Amaysim from Groupon


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  • Price?

  • Does this use the 4G Plus Optus Network?

    • All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network which covers 96.1% of Aussies

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          They use 4G network only. No 2G/3G signal.

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          3G is used to make/receive calls.

        • @peterpeterpumpkin:

          Is this confirmed?

          I'm thinking of buying this deal for my 2nd sim (Dual Sim phone). My phone is capable of 4G & 3G simultaneously so I'd need Amaysim to be able to handle calls over 3G. I'm 99.99% sure it will but a little confirmation would be great before I buy :)

        • @peterpeterpumpkin: Yes, you are right. But definitely no 2G signal when I tried it on my old phone.

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          @Click_It: Beyond the fact Amaysim says you can turn off 4g and it will work fine (https://www.amaysim.com.au/blog/tech-talk/some-of-your-4g-qu...), I can confirm this as well on my phone when I used WCDMA (3g) only (no LTE). I've used this to get a new IP address :)

          So I'm 99.999% sure.

        • @peterpeterpumpkin:

          Good enough for me thanks. At this price I might as well give myself 6 months on the spare sim.

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          @Click_It: Most phones and networks don't even support calling over 4G, when you make or receive a call they drop to 3G.

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          @pilotyuan: Yeah, even Vodafone is dropping 2G. I think it's from today in fact! So old Nokia phones are officially Snake-playing machines from today.

          I just hope they don't eliminate the feature from phones sold in Australia since it's still used in developing countries I travel to.

        • @Namesareapain:

          Ah there you go, learn something new everyday. Makes sense too I suppose, for voice 4G probably can't do anything superior over 3G and if anything just tax the battery more perhaps?

          Anyway cool, didn't know that.

        • @Click_It: Voice calling over 4G (VoLTE) is a thing but hasn't really become all that prevalent as yet. It is supported by Optus and Telstra on specific plans but the issue is to get any benefit both the person making the call and the person receiving the call need to be connected with VoLTE.

          Not really an issue of battery, more so an issue of widespread market penetrarion/lack of any real superiority over just making a call on 3G (other than a slight voice quality improvement) - if voice quality is of real concern to you, solutions like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio etc already exist :)

        • @pilotyuan: For your interest (not sure if this is already answered) but as of April, 2G doesn't exist any more of Optus. Or anyone for that matter.

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          @Click_It: it works on 3G/4G

        • @pilotyuan:


          thats because its been shutdown… vodafone is the last one with 2G and its shutting down soon as well.

        • @pilotyuan: thats because Optus has shut down the 2G network already, nothing to do with Amaysim directly.
          3G still available if you don't have 4G hardware.

  • I like!

  • New customers only

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      True, but anyone can be a new customer. Just need to port out and then port back again. The process is not too difficult.

  • Last activating date?

    • Redeem by: Sun 10 Sep 2017

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        That is the last date to redeem Groupon code and not the last activation date.

  • Does anyone know if it comes with international unlimited? can't find any from groupon.

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    Wow. Less than $5/month

  • unlimited int'l talk

    Standard talk & text to mobiles and landlines in 10 countries.

    • Source?

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  • That is such a great deal, too bad it is for new customers only.
    The fact that they have no real plans below the $25 mark (which is a plan that has way more than I use) and that only new sign ups can take up this deal does make me think about switching to some other telco.

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      So port out of amaysim and then port back in using this deal.

      • Is that practical?

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          I did that….. was with Amaysim…moved to optus and same day moved back to amaysim.. :)

        • @AbhiC: One of the prepaid SIMs? If so, did you have to spend the min $10 recharge to activate it?

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          @Namesareapain: No, you don't need to. I ordered a telstra sim online for $0, port from amaysim to telstra, port back to amaysim once active. No recharge needed.

        • @hunter108: How long did it take to port out?

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          @Namesareapain: less than 4 hours ,sometimes a few minutes during the day

        • @Namesareapain: Wait for free Optus/Vodafone SIMs from 7-11 app?

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          1. Buy the Groupon deal now. Do not activate it yet.
          2. Order free Telstra SIM. It should arrive in a couple of days (was overnight for me).
          3. After Telstra SIM arrives, activate SIM and port number to Telstra (took less than 5 minutes).
          4. Select Day-2-Day plan. Do not load any credit.
          5. Sign up to Amaysim and activate Groupon deal with Amaysim. Request number to be ported to Amaysim (need to provide different email address than what you used previously - Gmail alias address will work well for this).
          6. Amaysim will send you new SIM. This took 3 days to arrive.
          7. After Amaysim SIM arrives, activate SIM and you are all set.

          Took me 4 days from start to finish. I did not make calls/txt or use internet when on Telstra (3 days) but could receive calls. I could have bought credit if needed.

        • @Rodo:

          Took me 4 days from start to finish.

          You mean after ordered the SIM? How long it will take to get the number port across?

          I am using Coles Prepaid at the moment.

        • @superforever: It took 4 business days from first starting the transfer (i.e., activating the Telstra SIM) to go from Amaysim to Telstra and back to Amaysim. Add another day if you need to order the Telstra SIM first.

          Both Coles and Amaysim are on the Optus network. It can take up to 3 days from memory to port between 2 providers on the same network. It can be easier to transfer out of the Optus network to another network and then back again. Doing it this way took me less than 5 minutes from requesting the port to start to it being active on the new provider (from Amaysim to Telstra and also from Telstra to Amaysim).

          You could either just transfer from Coles straight to Amaysim which could take up to 3 business days or else transfer out to Telstra (order Telstra SIM, wait to arrive, activate number), then transfer to Amaysim which could take 5 business days.

        • I've ported every month before

        • @Rodo:
          During the transfer will there be any down time? That is my main cpncr.

        • @Rodo: I did that, but the amaysim website (because it was clearly programmed by a moron) has confused the old account with the new one because I used the same password, even though I used different email address.

        • @superforever: From memory, there may have been a couple of minutes downtime but that is all.

        • @Rodo:

          So even Optus to Optus will take longer my existing Coles prepaid will still work until the cutover happen, right? So I can I assume it won't take long for amaysim to work.

        • @superforever: Yes, your Coles prepaid should still work up until cutover. Going Optus to Optus will be ok, just might take a few days to port across. I would just do it this way and wouldn't go via Telstra. And as long as the port goes well then you shouldn't have much if any downtime.

        • @Rodo:
          Thanks so I don't understand why people can't wait and need to port to Telstra first.

        • @superforever: Porting to Telstra is for people who are already with Amaysim and want to a new customer only deal. And Telstra is one of the few mobile companies that give away free SIM cards. So that's why I recommend porting from Amaysim to Telstra and then back to Amaysim.

          Because you are not with Amaysim now, you can just port straight to Amaysim.

        • @Rodo:


        • @Rodo:

          BTW Rodo I just wanted to thank you for your step-by-step instructions. I was on Amaysim already so your advice came in handy. I ordered the $0 Telstra card but I wanted to push things along so I also bought a $2 Starter SIM. I'm at step 6 now, just waiting for Amaysim to ship.

          Cheers mate!

        • +1

          @Click_It: No worries. I was surprised when I wanted to port out and back again that there wasn't a guide on how to do it. People commented that they had done it but there were no exact details on what they had done. And because of this I was very worried that something would go wrong or it would take a long time to do. Hopefully other people find this information useful too.

          Good idea getting the $2 Telstra SIM. With the short time to redeem the deal this will save you a day or so. Now you just need to wait for the Amaysim SIM to arrive and you're all set.

        • @Rodo:

          When you filled out the amaysim order, did they start the port then, or after you activated the sim?
          Just wondering if I could order the sim, and wait til it gets here before starting the switching process so I'm not without mobile service for a few days.

        • @outlander: The porting process will start when you request it to start. You sign up to Amaysim and then they will send you the SIM. While you are waiting for the SIM to arrive your current mobile service will still be active. You will need to verify your ID online with Amaysim before you can port which can be done anytime (I had to ring them as the online system would not accept my ID). Then after the SIM arrives you need to go to your online account and activate the SIM. This will start the porting process and should not take long (less than 5 minutes for me) providing you are not currently on the Optus network.

        • for new customers at step 5, type Groupon deal code in during activating sims card process?

    • Does that mean it's for new Number?
      Or new email account sign up?

      I already bought a amausik before ..That means I am not eligible?

      • +1

        Need to be a new customer. Can either use a new number or transfer your number. A different email address is all that you need to be a new customer.

        • But he said bought it before so I assumed he is not using Amaysim now.

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    Redeem by: Sun 10 Sep 2017

    • will the sim arrive before 10 september?

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        The offer is redeemed before they send you the SIM.

    • Well thats No good for December then …

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        Redeem Groupon voucher by 10th,not activate the SIM by 10th.

  • I got this in the last deal, waited ages for a SIM. Then checked Groupon, idiot me. I had to give the code from Groupon email to amaysim, it rocked up 2 days later… Took under a day to transfer number from Vodafone seems good so far. Cheap as chips, I'm dual simming it, with cheap vodaphone/kogan burners in 2nd slot.

  • Was concerned about the "new customers only" part, as I was with them 6months ago, but according to customer support any customer not currently with them is a new customer. For $5 a month, this is better than the woolworths deal. Just gotta remember to keep a closer eye on things this time (last time I went over quite a few times, ended up paying an extra $50-$100)

  • After I bought this from Groupon how to get the SIM?

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    Groupon send you a code, go to amaysim website and lob it in. You'll get a zero dollar receipt, and it'll be sent I a few days. That's what I did.

  • +2

    It might be a good idea for anyone currently on a optus reseller, like the OVO deal, to port over to a $2 telstra sim first. For some reason it's quicker to go telstra-optus than it is to go optus-optus

    • +1

      Even better, order a Telstra SIM online and then it is free.

    • This is so ridiculous. It took them 5 days to port me because I requested a port from Ovo on a Friday afternoon.

      If the magical voodoo of changing companies makes it so much quicker then there should be an option for a non-functional, free virtual intermediary SIM they can switch you to behind the scenes. It's only then they'd admit this is actually unnecessary.

    • Anyone tried ported from Coles Prepaid (Optus)?

  • Was waiting for this kind of deal, but was nearing expiry of current prepaid and bought it for $39 last week and activated yesterday.. Anyways the cheapest for amaysim till date..

    • Email groupon that my first purchase and days after the discount arrives. They happily refunded the $11.70 in groupon credits. I can use them on the next purchase I was about to make on groupon

  • +1

    I ported from amaysim to ovo on Wednesday 9am it even take over 26hrs,from ALDI mobile to amaysim takes 5mins

    • It took that long because both Amaysim and Ovo are on the Optus network whereas Aldi is on the Telstra network. For some reason, it always takes much longer to transfer between 2 companies on the same network than it does from 2 companies on different networks. So it is always recommended that if you want to transfer to a company on the same network, it is better and much quicker (if possible) to transfer first to a company on a different network and then transfer to the company on the network you were on that you want to transfer to.

  • is this means $4.55/month?

    also, do the send the sim preactivated?

    • Sim are not sent preactivated. Each interval is only 28 days so it is more like $4.85 a month.

      • Pretty sure they are aren't they? Amaysim always used to be unless that's not the case with these 6 month deals?

        • Now that you said it, i am not sure, i recall vaguely activating my amaysim for the 1 month cash back deal they had before.

          But i have been sim hoping for the last 4 months so i might be confusing amaysim with one of the other.

  • +1

    I bought this at $39 and it's amazing value. But for $27, you must be laughing, this is so worth it!

  • Amaysim Deal!

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      You should work in marketing.

  • Great deal, finally jumped on this, the 30% was too good to pass up on.

    Can someone please elaborate, for this deal to work, do we turn off amaysim autorenewal or leave it on?

    • +3

      I'm 2 months in on this deal, I couldn't find anything on my account that suggests the 6 months except the invoices (0 charged, 0 to pay). I put mine to voucher as a precaution for when the 6 months is up

      • Thanks, am keen not to stuff it up, as it's my first time using a multi-renewal deal!

  • +1

    I paid $33, it is a steal. One of the few phone companies not run by dimwits in customer service.

    • EDIT: dont worry :)

  • I got this for my partner last time it was on offer.
    Unless I've done something wrong, it doesn't seem to include images sent in text messages. It comes up with a link to add "media" at a cost.

    • Is data turned on?

      • I'm sure I turned it on - but partner fiddles so I'll check later.

  • +1

    Don't forget cash rewards 5%

    • $25.94 with cashback! this is truly a bargain.

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        Why no upvote then?

        • +1

          Was too excited and got carried away at the amazing price. Upvoted now.

  • Does Amaysim enable wifi calling?

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