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Original Source Skin Quench Pineapple & Coconut Oil Shower Gel - 250ml $1.10 C&C @ Amcal


Other flavors are on sale as well

Thanks to blablabla

Enjoy :)

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  • Good price but just a warning, I've used this flavor before and it's pretty nasty.

  • I haven't seen mint up there, but there was a lovely complaint letter written to the manufacturer from a lady, something about flaps on fire, no idea what she meant though…


  • Bargain price. Thanks.

  • Yep, bargain price. Have only ever bought it at $1.99 on half price special. Supposedly the family likes the smell.

    Nice to be able to mention an OZB deal and get a positive response from them, "That's really cheap, get some of them….."

  • Why has this been reported so many times?

    • +3

      Kind of dupe. I mean yeah different flavour but from the same brand same shop why need separate thread

      • Gotcha, have not scrolled enough yet ha

  • +1

    Does this really need a separate post? Should be merge with the other one.

  • I'm feeling rather squanchy…

  • Cancelled because Amcal are pathetic.

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