Best Budget 4K TV (with HDR) for PS4 Pro?

Hi Guys,

I'm new here, and currently in the market for a PS4 Pro and a 4K TV, preferably one between 45 and 55 inches (with HDR).

I don't care about 3D or any smart features, as I will be using the TV mostly for GAMING.

Note: I'm also not a hardcore gamer, so TV's with high input lag will not be looked down upon.

The most important thing for me is the picture quality, especially the upscaling capability of the TV.

I would be grateful, if you could also recommend a good audio system (sound bar/headset/home theater) to compliment the setup.

My budget is $1,800 (which should include the TV, PS4 Pro and the Audio System), you can split it up however you wish.

Note: I kept $400 aside for games, extra controller, charging dock and the psn membership(already purchased the 15 month offer).

I've been searching around for TVs but I'm kind of thrown of by the difference in specs as it's a lot different than buying a PC monitor. The price differences can be in the thousands.

My friends suggested to go with TCL or Hisense over Kogan or other local brands. When I asked them why, they said they just heard good things about TCL and Hisense. LOL

Can anyone give me their recommendation from their point of view. It would be much appreciated.

Oh, and I'm looking to purchase the entire setup sometime in this month :)

UPDATE: I went to a few stores over the weekend and I saw all the models up and close. Finally, purchased the LG 55UJ752T 55"inch 4K TV from the good guys (got a 15% discount through their ebay store). I also got the ps4 pro. I did go over the above mentioned budget, but thought its' worth paying a few hundred dollars extra for a good TV.

Will save some money and purchase a home theater sometime next month. For now, I'll settle for the Harmon Kardon speakers which came with the TV (they sounded pretty good in the store).

Once again, let me thank everyone who took time and shared their opinions. I really appreciate it :)

Hope this post also helps others too :)


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      • LOL @fruit. Thanks for sharing :)

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    Hisense 55N7 + Logitech Z623 will give you great picture and audio on a budget. 55" Hisense specifically because it is a Samsung panel unlike the 50" (if that matters to you). Wide colour gamut means it should be 10 bits (needed to meet HDR10). Cheaper HDR TVs tend to use 8bit + dithering to emulate the ~1 billion odd colours of a 10 bit panel. Mind you, this suggestion is over your listed budget, but remember, it is not an everyday purchase. There is also the 49" LG 49UJ654T which seems to be 10 bit too, but some say motion can be a bit choppy on the larger models.

    This article explores HDR for monitors, but does give you a good breakdown of the technology, standards, and specifications to look for.

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      I own this TV and currently can't recommend it for HDR. Enabling HDR just washes out the picture and makes sharp edges like text have a red rim around them. There's a bug somewhere that needs to be fixed.

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        Yeah, research is very important. Whirlpool may also be a good resource.

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          @IIMurphaIl Thanks for sharing your insight. I will take a look into what you have recommended. Will also take a look into the article you have linked. Thanks :)

          Note: About the budget, I can probably throw in another 100 to 200, if it will get me the setup I seek. Thanks :)

          @MagnamoniousRex I will also take your input under consideration when I do some research on the above recommended TV. Thanks for sharing :)

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          Not sure what your point is here, the TV clearly doesn't work properly.

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        Just double checking, you're talking about the LG?

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      If you are after a TV with Native 10Bit, then unfortunately you have to spend around $2500
      The LG 654T is 8 + 2 bit dithering

      • @Vinni9284, WOW, that's almost equal to the price of an OLED TV.

        Many have recommended the TCL 55P607

        Do you think there is a vast difference in quality between the LG 654T and the above mentioned TV? Or is it only noticeable when you keep them side by side?


        • I am not sure that model TCL is available in Australia so I can comment.

          LG 654T

          IPS panel, Dolby Vision, HDR10 (8 +2),
          4:4:4 @ 60p,
          HDCP 2.2
          Smart TV


          100 hz refresh rate (native 50Hz)
          Terrible DSE (Please google it)

          In my view, that is the best TV for that price point that all has those features.

        • @vinni9284: Hmm, Alright. Will check if there are any cheaper alternatives that can match the features of the above mentioned TV.

          Thanks :)

        • @vinni9284: Hey vinni, do you think this is a good deal?

          Would you recommend I go with the Sony or the LG?

        • @anonymous-grad:

          The LG is better on paper (IPS panel, 8 + 2 bit, Dolby Vision 4:4:4) but is has bad DSE. You would notice this on the blacks. Local dimming.

          The Sony IMO will have better refresh rate. However this is the entry version TV. If you were comparing the X8500E then the Sony would be the pick.

          I would pick the LG over these 2-TV's. The LG's are more reliable (going by staff @ retailers) The IPS panel you can view on slight angles if it is required without image colouration.

          Yes, that is a great price. Normally that's the price for a 48"

          As per your previous post, take your PS4P into the shops and test.

          IMO, I would wait until boxing day… TV's are heavily discounted. If you can wait. But then you have to jump as availability will be an issue.

          By then, you will be more knowledgeable on what specs to look for.

          You're on the right track.

          These cheapie Kogan's, Bauhn's and the like will do the job, but will disappoint imo. I have a cheapie, and it's nothing special.

          You don't want to invest in a $2K gaming system, and then try to flog off your TV second hand and loose 70% due to the happiness factor. Then spend more holistically for corrective action.

          If you can afford, buy one and buy it properly. Don't cut corners


    • I have this setup and itโ€™s perfect. HDR and local dimming makes for an awesome picture beats out any other TVs in the same price range. The only downside of this TV is the Internet TV functions and interface which as slow and terrible to navigate. But that can be fixed with the edition of a Chromecast, PS4 Pro or in my case a Nvidia Shield TV. 55N7 + Z623 + Nvidia Shield was $1600 all up

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        @Thomas21111 Thank you for sharing your opinion on the setup.

        I'm glad to hear a such a positive response about it.

        I have definitely shortlisted the above mentioned setup, hope to stumble upon a good deal to consider it :)

    • Hey Sane, I have checked a few TV's on rtings, but sadly, I'm not able to find those models here in Oz. Will try researching more about the models mentioned on that website. Thanks

      However, I'd also love to hear what you'd recommend for an Audio System that compliments the setup? Thanks :)

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        Unfortunately, you have to research the equivalent as the TVs are the same but the US has different model numbers.
        For example the US LG UH7700 is the same as the AU UH770T

        • Ah, alright. Will start comparing the models online and find the ones that are similar to the one's mentioned on rtings. Thanks @Vinni9284 :)

          Are you aware of any websites that could help me compare the US models to those in Oz?

        • @anonymous-grad:

          Not really unfortunately.

          What i did is go to the Aus' TV website and look for similar specs and model numbers.
          After some more googling, you will eventually see posters that confirm the equivalent.

          Then I did an exact specification comparison and it was the same.

          Eg. US Sony X900E = AU X9000E


        • @vinni9284: Ah, Alright. Thanks.

          Could you also share, on what you feel is a good Audio System that could compliment the setup?

          One of my friends suggested the PS4 Platinum headset, since it has the 3D audio feature. Not sure about it though, since not many games support 3D audio.

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          Unfortunately my advice here will not be a good one as I am more HT biased :-)

          …. and my recommended price point will be around your complete budget.

          Of course everyone has a budget but i believe that there is no point to get the visual experience without the equivalent audio experience.


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          @vinni9284: LOL. Noted

          Thanks for taking time and sharing your recommendations though. I appreciate it :)


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    In my view, you need a TV that has an IPS panel, HDR10 & 120Hz refresh rate.
    Unfortunately, a 55" TV with these features will nearly cost you around $1800.

    These cheapie, Kogan, Big W specials and the like, are OK, but you might lack wide colour gamut & HDR.

    In relation to an AV receiver, you need it to have 4K passthrough 4:4:4 @ 60p and HDCP2.2.
    An entry can set you back $500.

    Sorry about not providing you any recommended models and makes, links etc … but this is just a quick reference.

    I have a mid-range LG UH770T & a JVC 4K cheapie from Big W and (I understand that the JVC is way cheaper) but in comparison, I throw the JVC in the bin as all is it good for is a PC desktop.
    You pay for what you get.


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      I'm still not convinced with HDR. My old man has a 70 inch Sony LED 4K which predates HDR and I have a Samsung 65 inch HDR and the Sony has much better image, colour and movement from all sources. I think a good TV is a good TV regardless of all the marketing acronyms.

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        Image for gaming or TV/movies?

        • 'All sources'

        • @Burnertoasty:

          Well, there are many variables here without knowing the model numbers on both TV's

          You can get a non-HDR TV top-ender (which I can say that your dad's Sony 70" was around the $5K+ mark) or (assuming) a mid-range Samsung 65" TV with HDR that may not look as good.

          Is your Samsung KS8000/KS9000? as the 9000 is their high end model?

          But then, you to factor input sources, content etc.

          I agree that there are many acronyms that retailers fudge for a good sale therefore the research and also going in person; even connecting a console is invaluable before commitment to buy.


        • @vinni9284: Ok, well I can tell you that my old man's non HDR model looks as good as any HDR TV I have ever seen, with the exception of OLED TVs. And It's not far off OLEDS. My 4K Samsung is rubbish.

        • @Burnertoasty: I've noticed that Netflix HDR isn't great, but YouTube HDR looks amazing - this is on the Samsung KS8000

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          I can guarantee that @Burnertoasty's Samsung is not the 8 series KS8000 and most likely the 6 series.

          The KS8000 will give the Sony 70" a good run for its money.

          Although that TV has been superseded (KS8000), that was the best gaming TV value for money.


        • @vinni9284:
          I had 4 65KS8500s before I refunded and went back to my Sony 55W800C.
          The Samsungs had rubbish quality control, inconsistent panel manufacturers (therefore quality), and awful awful backlight bleeding on all 4 sets.

          Really happy with my Sony now.

        • @theguyrules:

          I personally have the LG and have been recommended by the sales person in relation to quality and minimal return and thus far happy with it.
          Not sure with the curved model as the 8500 is the curved TV.

          There are always different opinions from different users so from seeing the display models, they looked pretty good imo.

          Then you hear Sony owners bagging their models.

          The more you research, the more it does your head in LOL :-)


        • @vinni9284: yeah I suspect the curved model is what was causing my issues, seemed to fit with what I read from other people too.

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      This is for a PS4 Pro, not a Gaming PC. He is fine with a cheapie TV, he won't be able to tell with a PS4 Pro anyway.

      • :(

      • That can be the case however the TV might be capped @ 50Hz. Compared to PS4 Pro @ 60Hz. This can make no difference in gameplay. Not sure.

        The problem is, the more expensive TV's that you see advertised, the more bill*it jargon they add to win a sale.
        The cheaper the TV is, the less information available hence relying on other users feedback. They may use LG, Samsung panels and the like, but obviously they don't want to upstage the more expensive TV's (the same company LOL)

        It is process of elimination for the user so as per my previous thread, if the user can bring their PS4Pro to the retailer and they can test, then the clearer they can be.


  • aldi 55" tv. had some good write ups. however stock is now hard to find as it was released a month ago or so.

    • @Altomic There is an offer on the 65'' 4k TV offered by Aldi, but sadly, it doesn't support HDR.

      Moreover, I'm unsure about how good their after sale service is? Therefore, I'm a bit hesitant to purchase a 4K TV from them :(

      Thanks for sharing though :)

      • sale service- limited, but they offer a 60 days no questions return policy. so you can try it and return if not happy. previous releases of aldi 55" tvs were met with good feedback.

        • Ah, yeah. I've seen the 60 days return policy. But what worries me is what happens after the 60 day period, especially if a hardware problem arises after, lets say, 6 months of using the TV.

          I"m pretty sure I'll have to spend 1 - 3 months going back and forth with the customer service rep just to resolve the issue :(

          Therefore, I don't mind paying slightly more for the better service experience that other companies offer :)

        • @anonymous-grad: I had the 40" Aldi TV and it started flaking out a few days out of warranty. Took it down to the local and the store manager told me up front that since I was honest, he was happy to give me a refund. He then turned to the register girl and said "Yeah put it through, remember he came in last week with the problem" and gave me a wink. So it's really dependant on your store manager. I've also found in general stores are more cooperative with returns if you take it back to the store you made the purchase from, especially if it's out of the 60 day period. When I had an issue with another product (leaky air mattress), I tried to get a return at a store I didn't buy it from and they just told me to call the support number on the back of the manual. I took it the next day back to the store I bought it from and they took it back and gave me a refund no questions asked.

        • @anonymous-grad: "is what happens after the 60 day period,"
          That is the " No questions asked" returns policy" The warranty is a different thing entirely. Aside form screen burn-in and capacaitors popping, electronic failure is a "U" curve, with [aside from physical damage] things usually failing within the first 3 modths, or after a few years.

        • @KayDat: Thanks for sharing. I took sometime researching on ALdi's TV's and their customer service experience. Its exactly as you said, few people got their refunds because the store manager was kind enough to help them out. Whereas others mentioned they weren't treated kindly and had to eventually throw the TV in the trash :(

          Sadly, there's no way to tell if the store I buy the TV from, has an easy going manager or not, therefore I don't think its worth the risk.

          I'm open to any other recommendations you might have on how I should go about setting up my PS4 pro :)


  • How definitive and game changing is HDR to those that have seen it?

    From videos it does look like a neat feature to have but I haven't been able to see it in person so gg no re for me in that category.

    I am guessing for my personal preferences ask this hype of HDR is making me want to get it but it's like 3x the price :( hmmm

    • Thats an excellent question @AlienC.

      I have watched a few reviewers on Youtube praising HDR and recommending purchasing a 4K with HDR.

      Although, now that you have pointed it out, I would love to hear, if any of the experts' on the forum can actually attest to the benefits of HDR?

      • What I mean is does most of the bonuses and advantages come from the 4k increased resolution or the new HDR. If the difference isn't as noticeable as solo 4k then it might not justify well for me at least easily 3x the price.

        • +1

          I have a PS4 Pro hooked up to a base model Sony 4k with HDR (75x7500 model I think)

          HDR looks amazing, and is more widely supported than full 4k gaming. Ie there's several games that support hdr but fewer that support true 4k (well, as true as you can get until Xbox one x comes out - i have one on preorder)

          Partly it depends how far away you sit from your tv. If i sit 2m away then i really appreciate the extra pixels. If i sit 4m away, hdr matters more.

          Agree with someone's suggestion to get a Logitech5.1 system for the sound (ps4 pro has optical out)

        • @mingofmongo: cheers thanks I'll have a look at it.

          Roughly how much can you get your tv.

          I am debating whether to get a tv for my room or one for the common area upstairs. Honestly the difference between my eyes and the tv won't be more than 2m, maybe 2.5m max upstairs. My room is pretty small but I like bigger is better I definitely prefer to be overcompensated than under in this standard.

          Just trying to decide if waiting a year or so to save up for the tv is worth it or a few months. I am honestly very happy with my current beautiful 8 inch 2k screen android setup but every now and then I get the urge to play Windows or otherwise even just a little.

          How does your tv count as a pc monitor does it have chroma 4:4:4 and low input lag. I assume so since you use it for your PS4 Pro.

          If I can have my dream pc and dream tv with maybe a console or two within two years I will be a very happy man.. haha then I would probably be looking at VR lol then a driving kit haha the more buying never ends.

          At least I got my half price connoisseur ice cream tubs and pizza and pork roll to eat for now haha lol :)

          Thanks mingofmongo.

        • @mingofmongo: Wow, Thanks for stepping up and sharing your experience. I'm glad to hear that HDR actually makes a big difference.

          I'm assuming you did a lot of research before going for the massive 75x7500. Could you share on what you feel/found is important when considering a good 4k TV for the PS4 pro?

          It helps hearing from a fellow PS4 pro owner :)

        • @AlienC:

          Common areas and consoles… An age old-problem!

          My wife is fairly good about giving me sole access to the loungeroom a few nights a week. 2nd TV in the bedroom with all the smarts means she can watch the same content no matter which room she's in.

          In our loungeroom we have the 75" with all the modern consoles (Xbone, PS4 Pro,….WiiU…). I get to spend some quality time in front of this setup perhaps 2-3 nights a week.

          In our bedroom we have a fairly average 42" LG 1080p screen, Logitech Z5450 sound system, and the two previous-gen consoles (PS3, Xbox360). I still have a huge library of games to work through from that generation, so it's actually nice to be kicked out of the loungeroom every now and then and play a "classic". (Currently playing Spec Ops: The Line in the bedroom - man that game is intense. Currently playing Last Of Us Remastered and Bioshock Infinite Remastered in the loungeroom).

          So I guess our setup works for me because I have a backup plan.

          In terms of whether to get 4K or not? Well I guess it depends on whether you think you'll upgrade to OLED or not in 2-5 years time. If yes - just get something cheap but good enough now. If no - then hold out for the extra year and spend the next 12 months playing "standard" PS4 games. Just my 2c worth.

        • @anonymous-grad:

          Hi anonymous-grad - actually no I'm afraid I did bugger all research (which is not like me at all). But - I found a bargain too good to resist. JB Hifi was clearing out their 2016 models at the same time as offering 15% off all 4k panels.

          The KD-75X8500D (which I accidentally called 7500D in my previous post) was originally something like $6k (see Pricehipster history here: ). They'd dropped it down to $3,900 to clear it out. Minus the 15% made it something like $3,300. It was the store ex-demo stock so I negotiated on price and got them down to $3,075 delivered. Then when I came back to buy it they had already sold it - so offered me a new unopened one from a nearby store for exactly the same price. So I ended up getting a good deal I think.

          My research consisted of reading a few reviews and checking the specs. I didn't do much shopping for comparator products (eg. a higher-end Sony panel or an equivalent Samsung) as I knew they'd be out of my budget. If it came down to a choice between a mid-range 75" and a high-end 65" - I'd rather have the bigger panel. Our loungeroom is fairly long and we usually sit 4-5m from the TV so bigger is better for us.

          If I was buying it again now? For the price I'd still buy it. The picture quality is great. The Android OS stuff is slightly buggy but works well and offers native 4k for a bunch of apps. Once I'd sorted out some HDMI CEC and ARC stuff I am happy with how it integrates with our other devices and sound system. Brightness is fairly good. I can't report on sound quality as I don't use the built-in speakers (because I'm not insane).

          The bad? Two bad points:
          1) Glare and reflection. I'm almost thinking about changing our light fittings because the hang at just the height to cause maximum reflections on the TV. On a bright sunny day the curtains behind my head need to be closed or else you can't make out much on screen.
          2) Panel inconsistency. There is one patch (bottom left) which is maybe 10% brighter than the rest of the screen. Not noticeable most of the time but in dark scenes and games it's just noticeable enough to be annoying.
          Either way I still would have bought it anyway.

        • @AlienC:

          It was hard to find a definitive answer on chroma4:4:4 and input lag. Best I could find was a reference that 4:4:4 had been delivered through a software update. I'm not sure if it's related but for each HDMI input you can set whether it supports wide colour range (?16bit mode maybe) or not. I'm not at home but can't recall.

          Input lag is apparently around 31ms. Sounds a lot but I guess if you're playing at 30fps it's (just) under a single frame's difference. My 40 year old reflexes can't tell the difference…

        • @mingofmongo: haha fair enough that sounds like a great tv. Highly considering this now. To be honest being a young guy comparatively (29 near the end of the year) I am still happy with my android tablet with my nice beautiful 2k screen but if I want to expand more and open my options to develop or mess around on Windows I need a commuter screen so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and get a large tv for future console use and pc gaming.

          Makes sense to me to not have two separate systems being on a tight budget but who knows what the future holds.

          Realistically I might just hold out some more until this new tablet screen gets old which I can honestly not see happening within the next ten years.

          Technology is so amazing.

        • @mingofmongo: Awesome points. Since my TV is going to be next to my window, I'm guessing glare is going to be a problem. I will consider checking the glare now that you mentioned it. Thanks.

  • I was gonna get 55" X8500E 4K for my ps4 Pro but stopped to save forward to my new car.
    Your budget is quite tight with ps4 and game included, I think 43" X7000E should do it, of course, you can wait until xmas sale.

    • Yeah. I purchased my car 4 months ago. Therefore, now I wanna purchase the PS4 pro and TV. LOL

      Honestly, I've heard from many that Boxing day sales don't offer much of a discount when it comes to new 4k TV's, especially ones with HDR.

      Moreover, my friends at office all own a PS4 and are urging me to purchase one and join them, after work. So, sadly, can't really wait for 4 more months :(

  • +1

    Just as important as how it looks is how it plays. Very important to check the TVs display lag when using HDR in 4K as some of these TVs have 100ms of latency in this mode….

    • Yeah, I heard about that. Of course 100ms lag is too much. It won't affect when I'm playing the story mode, but I guess it makes a huge difference when playing multiplayer.

      Thanks for sharing though :)

      • +1

        Input lag is different to internet related lag. You will notice it in single player modes

        • Noted. Thanks for the heads up. Given my current budget, How much max input lag do you think is acceptable?

        • 50ms is often stated as a minimum but 30 or so is a good mark. PC monitors have 1-2ms.

        • +1

          @abuch47: Yeah 30 should be the absolute minimum IMO.

        • @theguyrules: Noted. Thanks.

  • +1

    Put your money into a TV and ps4 for now, let the audio come later when you save a little more cash or wait till the boxing day sales. TV's are heavily discounted.

    • IMO get the PS4 now, and save for the rest. TVs these days come with TERRIBLE sound and having a PS4 playing 4K HDR with mediocre sound will take a lot away from the experience.

      • @smpantsonfire What can I do with just the PS4? I need to hook it up to a TV right?

        Or are you suggesting I get a $200 - $400 tv for now, and wait till boxing day sales to purchase a good one?

    • @ruddiger7. Its just as @smpanthsonfire said, TV's, especially budget TV's, have terrible sound. My phone has better speakers. LOL.

      Jokes aside, I definitely need to purchase an Audio system. I guess I can use my Audio Technica ATH-m50x for the time being, and use all my budget for the PS4 pro and the TV.

      But i'm still stuck with the dilemma of which TV to go for.

      Assuming I take your advice and exclude the Audio system from the budget, which TV would you recommend?

      • Not familiar with this year's TVs and the specs, though if it were me I would tell you to keep an eye out for a good Samsung KS8000 (last year's model) - 55inch on Gumtree and try and get one in the $1200 range. I have the 65 inch version and have been very impressed with it. It doesnt have all the input lag problems other TVs have and the HDR is good and picture quality is amazing.

        • I've got the same TV. Do you have any issues with the menu being laggy? Mine seems to lag a lot, especially if I try to do something fast.

        • @cashews: It's slightly but not too much. Since the PC is hooked up to it I prefer to use that to use youtube etc instead of the built-in apps. The remote sucks for writing.

  • +4

    Lag is extremely important. On the Samsungs you have to use Game Mode, else it's pretty much unplayable.

    • Noted. Will keep an eye out for it.

      In your experience, how much max lag should I settle for?

      Many say, upto 40ms lag is fine. Would love to hear your take on this :)

      • That's what people say… 40ms. Sounds like it's about right.
        Currently I have the KU7000 series with 20ms on Game Mode (this is fine), and prior to that D7000 with 33ms.
        I switched from the D7000 to a Monitor (5ms) and my gameplay significantly improved, into being quite competitive.
        I haven't used any other manufacturer. Not sure what the lag is when it's not on Game Mode, but it's bad.
        Display Lag Website although it's US models


    God a great deal on using these guys. Stock updates regularly. I went for a refurbish one, not a factory second.

    • @the wololo Wombat thanks for sharing the link.Will check it out.

      Could you shed some light onto which TV you purchased, for how much? How's the TV's condition now?

      I have seen many ads on gumtree and the likes for refurbished TV's, especially TCL and Hisense brands. But I wasn't sure if I should get them or not.

      Would love to hear your experience with a refurbished product.

      Thanks :)

      • Mine was an INCREDIBLE deal. I love the TV. Unfortunately they have run out of stock. It was this model, I got it for $1400 delivered with TNT.

        The TV is fantastic, feels like brand new. No issues whatsoever.

        I've honestly had bad experiences with cheap TVs.

        LG, Samsung, Sony are the only options for me. Newer Phillips TVs in AUS are not as good these days, as they have been bought out.

        • Noted. Many have, so far, suggested I go with Sony or LG. Will try to shortlist a few more and hope I stumble upon a good deal sometime this month.

          Until then, I'll keep researching and gathering people's views on what they think about 4K TV's

          Thanks for taking time and helping me out with my current predicament :)


        • @anonymous-grad: From my understanding, LG is THE BEST brand. They don't sell TVs that look good on paper, they spend more and put more high quality parts, they have a reputation!

  • I'll give another vote for Hisense. Picked up one for myself (Series 7 from memory) on sale for about $1,000 and it is a bloody good TV for the price