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Magnet Windows Manager for Mac $1.49


Noticed this while setting up my mac. Smiler to this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/298453

really useful app. especially when you do essays.

edit: here is a review of it

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  • I use this on Mac. it's good.

  • Thanks OP. Works beautifully (one of the only things I missed coming from Windows).

    • Maxto is on Windows, really good too.

  • Wow. This is exactly what I've been missing on Mac.

  • +3

    Hyperdock is also pretty awesome (admittedly this is cheaper).

  • have to say… this is worth the price if you work with a lot of windows….

  • Cant we resize the app in screen and place them wherever we want? Can someone enlighten me what else this app doing that you can't do manually?

    • Window snapping, Oddly mac doesnt have this feature. You can use shortcuts or drag a window to a corner/s, top/bottom and many other places. Basic Windows feature!

    • most likely you will take around 10 seconds to do it manually for each app while with this app will do it for a second!

    • definitely can do it manually but a lot more mucking around… example.. if you want to have 2 excel spreadsheet (or browser window) side by side, you just have to drag one to the left and the other to the right and they will snap to the edge in will resize the window to take up half the screen so the 2 windows don't overlap…. you can definitely do the same thing manually but if you are constantly juggling multiple windows, this app save lots of mucking around and time….

  • +15


    This is free and I've been using all my life.

    • Spectacle is a great app, but it relies on keyboard shortcuts as opposed to dragging with your mouse.

      • But isn't it the point? Keyboard shortcut = faster speed?
        Forgive me if I am wrong, this app seems to manage all windows in a same way?

        • Yep, I use spectacle too - but for folks who may want the functionality like Windows (and use a mouse to snap) then spectacles does not do that.

    • Thank you, I didn't know about this app. Installed it and very happy now:)

  • +3

    If you have to pay for an app then just pay for Bettertouchtool ;)

    • +1

      +1 for bettertouchtool, I was irked when they moved to a payment model, but you know what, its the ONLY frigging tool I use on my mac and I cannot image without it

      • I felt intimated using bettertouchtool, somehow too much options to configure…

  • Bought, thanks OP! Finally don't have to use the fiddly split screen that came with El Capitan

  • How is this different from using multiple desktops (i.e., Spaces) ?

    • This lets you snap windows to parts of the screen, so you can quickly halve your screen with Word and Safari by simply hovering the window on the side of the screen, you can also do 3 apps in thirds, 4 apps in quarters, 2 apps in 33/66, 2 apps in upper half and lower half etc.

  • brought it last time it was on sale, not bad, work the same as windows, but many monitors such as samsung has similar apps free.

  • +4

    Why would you need to manage Windows if youre using a Mac


  • +2

    I use bettersnaptool. Can assign all kinds of shortcuts and settings to tweak it perfectly the way you want it.

    Reformatted my mac a few weeks ago and decided to just use raw OSX and only download previously installed apps when I came across a need for it.
    I lasted about 5 mins before realising I needed bettersnaptool for this, as well as 'caffeine' (stops mac from sleeping using a toolbar icon) and utorrent of course. ;)

  • really good app i use it as well. Gives a rough approximation of the windows screen manager

  • This is an essential app for Mac. Highly recommended!

  • Can I buy this outside app store? so that I can share it with my wife's Mac?