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Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS 64GB $725 Delivered (SG) @ Shopmonk eBay


Definitely the pick of eBay's mega deals tonight. It's $74 cheaper than the one currently listed by the same store. Simply apply coupon PAYLESS274 at checkout. Enjoy :)

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    1 Hour Mega Fails

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      Copy and paste fail

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      OK I'm out! Heading to Coles for some night shopping

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      Why? I thought it's a good price?

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        Just the usual anti-ebay circle jerk comments that some members seem to always make regardless of whether the deal is good or not

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      shipping copied from ebay

      Free postage Australia Economy delivery from outside AU
      Estimated between Tue. 19 Sep. and Tue. 10 Oct.

      defiantly not AUS stock

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        Correct, and stated in title…

        Delivered (SG)

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          But he's defiantly sure about his contention.

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          mate just warning ppl about dodgey naming for the seller. you would think they would ship from aus.

          shopmonk_australia (448 )

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          @Stealthzor: Yep, good point. Shopmonk has been posting solidly on OzB now for a few weeks, and it's generally well known that all their stock is shipped from Singapore. But a good reminder :)

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          Youu copied two lines of the shipping, but you didn't copy the line between it

          FREE Economy delivery from outside AU
          Item location: Singapore , Singapore
          Posts to: Australia

          I think saying the delivery is 'from outside AU' and the item location is in 'Singapore' means that they are shipping it from Singapore

        • @Stealthzor: Shopmonk Australia because they have Indian online store as well. They are actually doing the opposite so that people don’t get confused.

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          Sometimes it's too much to ask for some people to piece those two lines of information together.

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    Boring. Damn I can't wait until Amazon gets here.

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      Can we mark this comment and come back when Amazon launches? We can compare the price difference and see.

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        Hey I love eBay and have gotten a lot of cheap stuff lately but these "MEGA" deals are just awful. I think it's actually hurting their brand… These deals should be like stop feeding your first born and jump on eBay as soon as poss and not $20 of a $80 product… I think its dumb and kinda pointless.

  • Are these mega deals going on until midnight?

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    Whats next?

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      i think thats it

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  • How does the Warranty work with SG stock?

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      You take a plane to singapore to file a warranty claim.

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        I prefer canoeing

        • Cheaper and Safer

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          Just don't try canoeing back in.

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          @Yaren24: And if you paddle back towards Australia after going out so far the navy will come and tow you in the general direction saving you time and energy

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      They have an office in Melbourne.. 12 month warranty..

      • where are they in melb?
        interested to try them out

  • thanks! i just bought one earlier today for $799 from their website T.T hopefully i can cancel that

    • I bought one in the morning as well..

      • bought this one with coupon from ebaystore and emailed to see if i can get a refund for other one. Worse case scenario i have 2 :/

        • I bought a Redmi note 4 in the morning from Shopmonk. Sent an email to cancel the order. If not cancelled then i guess I will just sell it off on gumtree.

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          One for each ear!

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          @carlJack: Don't take no for an answer.
          These businesses are slow to post, so if they refuse, just reverse charge it.

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          shopmonk were good enough to cancel my $799 order

        • @pop:

          Nice :)

        • @pop: yes.. they cancelled my Note 4x too

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    Is this worth it ? I have a S7 edge at the moment, but the battery life isn't very good anymore

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      Omg i thought i was the only one. Battery life has taken a hit these past few months. Barely lasts half a day now. What even

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        My S8+ is going that way already after a couple of months :(. From 6-7 -> 3-4 hours of screen on time, and factory resetting only fixes temporarily. Same usage patterns and apps.

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        I think I have to agree with my s7 edge. Next phone will definitely not be a Samsung.

    • Really guys, mine lasts the whole day, approximately 4-5 hours on screen time with 4g enabled throughout the day + Bluetooth.

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        Me too S7e and I even have location on battery saver mode plus 4g+bt and not the greatest reception which I think uses more juice too

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      Really? I am still using S6, and when I have location, bluetooth and GPS all turned on the battery life barely lasts a day, but otherwise its fine. I don't feel any need to upgrade yet..

    • I suggest looking at a non Samsung phone, preferably one with a larger battery.

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        Try huawei mate. 4000mah won't dissapoint

    • Did it happen after any recent updates?

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      im gonna get alot of hate for this but turn of quick charge and dont use it all. this is how you make batteries last longer over time. theres a reason older android devices and iphones lasted longer.

    • Snapdragon 820 is the issue… battery sapper

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    good one ebay

  • Will this do band 28 or whatever Australian phones need?

  • Can anyone confirm whether this is dual sim? Thanks

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      Features:   4G Data Capable, Camera, Dual SIM

      description says dual sim

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        Saw that but wasn't confident as it wasn't in the title… oh well doesn't matter now, in the Ozbargain spirit I bought it anyway, deal with the lack of dual sim later if so…

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      I can confirm yes. Dual sim SM-G955FD. Bought one at $799.20 during Father's day sale, extremely happy with their fast delivery. Ordered on Wednesday night 30 Aug, received 4 September in the morning. Shipped from Singapore via DHL. Malaysian stock with a Malaysian-type charger, but Shopmonk provided a free AU-type charger. Two days use, everything works perfectly.

      • Thanks for confirming and sharing your positive experience.

      • Was it factory sealed when delivered?

        • I ordered one in last sale as well. I couldn't really tell if it was factory sealed as Shopmonk have their own seal on top of the Samsung Seal. I think they open the box then reseal it. I wonder if the phones are new or refurbished.

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      Not released yet.

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      Good luck getting that price on launch..

  • Code is expired

  • Oh man, I didn't see dual sim in the heading so I didn't buy it and now I regret not buying it.

  • Yep. The code has expired.

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    This is the cheapest price for samsung s8+ dual sim grey import so far. I bought the same phone from the same seller 2 weeks ago for $757.6 & delivered in 1 week. Happy with the purchase.

  • now… any recommended case/accessories? thanks

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    Im pretty happy with this case - A cousin used amazon to order it for me while she was in the USA
    I recently found out you can order it locally - Case is Full Coverage 360' Protection - Bit chunky and a bit heavier. I was annoyed with the power connector cover protector - but a stanley knife fixed that. No sensitivity issues with the screen - plastic front does scratch but its acceptable given the protection of this case is currently unmatched. Very hard to take off once put together, so if you are thinking about a memory card too, get it now

  • I am so bummed that I missed this deal! My wife is a bit unhappy with her current large screen phone. It tends to reboot, stop responding, and the camera takes forever to boot up.

    It's either this or the LG V30 (yet to actually be sold anywhere).

    I'm very hopeful the downward pricing trend continues.

  • got mine today after 5 days :) very happy

    original Samsung seal broken with a shopmonk quality checked sticker as replacement. And an extra AU power plug bonus

    • Did you get a shipping notification from ebay? Don't think mine has shipped yet :(

      • nah, no ebay notification - just a DHL courier SMS to say they will deliver it today. btw the extra AU power plug is gets hot really quick and its only .35mA compared to the legit 0.5mA

        • Does the AU plug have quick charge? Might have better results using the original Samsung with an adapter.

    • Lucky you, mine haven't shipped yet

    • My seal wasn't broken. AU power plug is not QC compatible one. From the look of it, Phone is a malaysian one.

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