Do You Use a Sandwich Press if So Which One?

Looking at purchasing a cheap but reliable large sandwich press.

Have my targets sighted on this one

Any recommendations in this area or products to avoid.

Just really looking for the lowest cost one that won't burn my house down lol.


  • I got this one ,
    its all about the non stick component, if its last x2 longer than breville, you are a winner :)

    • What's cleanup like?

      • Its about 5 years old, can see some missing bits of non stick around the edge but not in main component, no big deal.
        Fun bit is cleaning it up, I usually use wet paper towel to clean it soon after using it (while its hot).

        This would have been a good buy,, but I wasn't sure how good is the non stick compare to what I got. oh well sold out.

      • I dont like thes types simply because of the nooks and crannies. Get one in the style that you originally linked, but a 2 slice sized one would do the trick 90% of the time, unless youre using it for many people.

        • what's the cleanup like ?

        • @juventino:
          If you ever get get cheese or sauce spilling over the side… you'll likely damage the surface.

          Unless you're asking for flat surface ones, I just use a paper towel and a bit of water whilst it's still hot. Dab of detergent if it's oily. But easy since it's flat.

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      This is a jaffle iron, not a sandwich press.

  • +13

    Ozbargain sandwich press = 2 irons.

    • +14

      2 irons?


      1 iron and a metal tray

      • +12

        1 iron and a metal tray


        pinch sandwich press from work


        • damn you…….

        • +14

          pinch sandwich press from work

          and iron shirts with it.

          Mmmm cheesy shirt.

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    Sandwich press and grill so kinda two things.

    • What's cleanup like?

      • Easy enough it has a drip tray that slides out and only the top has the grill style the bottom is flat.

        • Be careful with bench products and drip trays - if you forget to put the tray back in you can damage your bench top.

      • +1

        OP, I see you're worried about cleanup. Let me give you a tip: put wrap the sandwich in baking paper before putting it in. No cleanup required, but takes just a few extra minutes for the heat to work through the extra layer.

        • +1

          what's the turnoff procedure like?

      • Bottom is easy. Top requires washing along the grill lines if you get it really dirty. We do sandwiches, veges, meat, etc in ours.

  • Got a non-stick, four slice one from Aldi (discounted as unsold from previous promotion). Works a treat. $17

  • +3

    Get the lowest priced one. That $29 is fine.

    They all do the same thing and nothing much goes wrong with them. The non-stick coating will wear off before it stops working.

    I've compared Russell Hobbs one to Target/Kmart/Generic ones and sometimes the only difference is the label and the massive price difference. Everything else was identical.

    • What's cleanup like?

      • +2

        I just wipe mine down with a paper towel while it is still hot then a wipe over with a damp sponge

        • +2

          I put some baking paper down on the bottom plate and it catches all the melty shit that comes out.

    • +1

      I totally agree.
      I've always found that Target and Kmart offer great value for money.
      If it outlives the warranty period then it has paid for itself, well that's my view anyway. If not take it back for an exchange or a refund. On the very rare occasions that I've taken something back there has never been a problem as long as I had the receipt.

  • +8

    Breville Toast and Melt bought for $99.

    Had a cheap one from Kmart before this. Discarded it in a week because of uneven heating. Only middle portion was heating up. Temperature regulation was also weird. It was burning some parts of the sandwich.

    Currently $63.36 with code PMYER20 and click and collect.

    • +3

      ^ this one

      works well and very easy to keep clean

    • +1 for this model

    • What's cleanup like?

      • +1

        I use a dry paper towel to wipe off oils followed by a wet one. All done while its still hot.

      • +3

        Put your sandwich in between baking paper before pressing = no clean up

    • +3

      The best thing about this is the adjustable height on the side for when you want to just melt things or dont want to squash the sandwich at all.

    • I got this for $63,36 couple months back on the same deal.
      +1 for this. Top notch sandwich press!

    • I have an older model from 4 or 5 years ago but looks very similar. Best sandwich press I've owned. I even use it to cook snags quickly when I'm starving (heat snags on both sides at once really helps cooking them quick! Plus I don't own a bbq). They didn't use to be $100 though, just wait for a sale and get it 40-50% off.

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    I've been through a few sandwich presses, the $20-$30 ones are always complete garbage and heat unevenly, don't bother with those.

    I've got the Breville Toast and Melt mentioned above and it is fantastic, you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to a sandwich press.

  • I use a Breville Sandwich press (flat on both sides) and had it for YEARS…I mean more than 15 easily.

  • +2

    Jaffle maker is way better - Can put whatever you want in it and it puts it in a little pocket of awesomeness! not some rubbish flat sandwich.

    • Jaffle machines are awesome to use for cheese/tomato combo. Sandwich presses don't always make your stuff completely flat though.

    • +2

      With guaranteed mouth burns ;-)

      I agree on the awesomeness, but comparatively hard to clean so we have a flat one (Ronson) that is a dream to use and clean.
      Use it at least 3 or 4 times a week.

      • Can give us a link :)

        • Can't find it, must be replaced by the breville (owned by same company).
          It was this:

        • @mskeggs: hmm haha yeah that model seems to be no longer sold Herr in Australia or anywhere. Or at least my keen Google fu skills aren't picking up anything.

          What's your favourite meals to make in it?

          I know for me I am going to try and recreate a meal my mother used to make for picnics.

          Bread, cheese, alfalfa, capsicum, tomato, tomato sauce.

          Simple but effective.

        • +17


          What's cleanup like?

        • @Scrooge McDuck: hahaha Lol

    • +1

      Get out of here you Jaffle pleb.

      What if I want to toast something non-square bread format?

      • +1

        I think both have their place :P but for sandwiches….jaffle always wins. For anything like a Panini or something…..chuck it on a pan - but yes sandwich press would win here.

    • hard to do Turkish bread or ham cheese croissants etc . Jaffle irons are great for baked bean, or savoury mince jaffles though.

    • +1

      I love a jaffle. But a sandwich press is a little more versatile. Can cook, meats on it, open sandwiches (you can make it so the top level is suspended in mid air) etc.

  • I have a cheap sunbeam. Bought for less than $40 - in 2011. Still works perfectly well. Clean up is paper towel wiping while it's still warm like most have said.

    Lining it or wrapping the sandwich in baking paper makes cleanup even more ridiculously easy.

    • Does it still brown through the paper?

      • +1

        It still does. Probably takes a bit longer to get the same browning but clean-up is practically nil.

  • $29, get it. Its perfectly fine.

    • -2

      what's the cleanup like?

      • Like any other, fine.

  • Mine is from aldi and it looks exactly like this. I use it to grill and cook thin slices of crumbed chicken (also bought from Aldi) and then finish them off with toasted turkish bread or wraps.

    • Any idea if aldi still sells them or how long ago this was.

      • 2 months ago I think

        • Hmm ok should still be there on my next aldi visit. Hope there are some cheap pizzas too there. Last time was sold out lol.

    • +1

      but what's the cleanup like?

      • It has a collection tray at the bottom, grease drips down and collects into the plastic tray. Best to just wrap your food up so it doesn't drip.

        the hotplate is not flat, I just use sponge or a brush to do a bit of scrubbing to get in between the grooves. That's about the only downside.

    • what's the cleanup like?

      • Dry paper towel, depending on ingredients.

  • Target 4 sandwich press is great Bought one for our Emergency Dept. Staff Room and is used used a lot and works really well plus if anything goes wrong in the next 12 Months Target will replace!! How is this not a good deal! Now you just need people to clean up after using it!

    • -1

      so tell me what's the cleanup like?

      • I've been working for the last 7 days straight! Sorry couldnt reply sooner! Cleans so easily- never use anything sharp soft cloth with no harsh chemicals- water will do and clean while its hot!

  • +1

    Just use gladbake both sides. No cleanup needed. Just throw away after using

    • Yup, I make sandwiches, wrap in baking paper and toast them at work. I actually do that at home as well cause the guy who owns it is gross.

    • +3

      What's cleanup like?

  • Should be ok. I got a kmart one 15 years ago and its still going strong.

    • -2

      what's the cleanup like?

  • None would burn your house down. Just get the cheapest you can find in a reputable store and/or reputable brand. If it does burn your house down, that's your lucky day for a juicy payout mate.

    • +1

      what's the cleanup like ?

  • When I was a kid I used to be able to get Spaghetti in a 'toastie' from the canteen, and to this day I'll never know how they did em' but they were always crisp and sealed and never leaked, those were the days, I've attempted to replicate this since then and have never been able to. I only use the el' cheapo Aldi toastie maker is the long way to answer OP's question.

    • +1

      Use plenty of butter on the bread. Guaranteed crunchy coating.

      • -1

        what's the cleanup like?

    • +1

      Buy a Breville that Aldi one is complete shit, pushes the fillings out, I gave mine away.

  • I got myself a Toast and Melt BSG220. I got the smaller one because it does just enough and fits on the countertop. It works great, the nonstick coating so far is good. There is no setting - you just need to switch the plug on. I use it almost everyday.

    At work we have a Sunbeam sandwich press, also a compact size. That thing's been going for years and the non-stick coating is still in great shape. I like that one a little more because the way the hinge was designed, it can accommodate really thick objects and still pressing horizontally on the top.

    • -3

      whats the cleanup like?

      • wet paper towel, like most people's replies.

        • cheers..I'm just helping OP to convince him that cleanup is pretty easy regardless of whatever brands he will get

        • @juventino:

          But what is the clean up like?

  • If you're concerned about the clean up, use glad baking paper top and bottom. Nothing will stick and if any fillings leak you just throw the paper away.

    • -1

      what's the cleanup like?

  • I have this one

    There's also a 4 slice one.

    I bought it because it has a flat top and bottom so it's easy AF to clean. It also happens to be one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, as an added bonus.

    • See that 4 slice one you have linked? Yeah that is also only two slices. Unless you don't mind half cooked because it only heats up in the middle. I have a feeling both the 2 sliced and 4 sliced one have the same sized heating element.

        • -1

          Do you have to keep asking that? It’s been commented several times to just use banking paper and cleanup doesn’t even matter.

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