Singapore Airport Staff Canteen Open to Everyone

I flew Cathay Pacific out of Singapore a couple of days ago. I asked the information attendant at terminal 1 if the only food court/ hawker centre was in the basement of terminal 3 public area. She directed me to the staff canteen which is open to anyone. Lots of luggage trolleys down there with people waiting for their check in time to begin. There seemed to be over 20 stalls selling hawker food. The prices were very cheap but non staff paid a bit more. I had my favourite hawker food - carrot cake and opted for the combination white and black. I paid $5 sgd and a staff member would have paid $4sgd. The most expensive item, at a glance appeared to be Japanese food at $6.50sgd for public. There was a stall selling good sized portions of Nasi goreng for less than $2sgd.

If you arrive early at the airport and have to wait for check in, this would be a comfortable place to wait. Or if for some reason you have never been to a hawker centre or just want a good value feed.

It is located at terminal one, at the rear of row 13. There is a lift that goes down. It is well signed once you get to the back of row 13.

There may well be a staff canteen at every terminal.

Props to the information girl. I asked her a question she could not answer. Thirty minutes or so later, she came down looking for me to give me the answer. Gotta love Singapore Changi airport! 😘


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