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TM Lewin All Shirts $40 Plus Free Delivery over $50


Nice and simple
All shirts $40
Free Delivery over $50

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  • thanks op! great deal

  • Been waiting for a while

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    Thanks! The non iron shirts are brilliant after cycling into work- gonna pick me up a few of them!

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      yeh…… haven't turned on the iron since I got these!

      • As both a commuting cyclist and a loather of ironing, I cannot recommend their non-iron shirts more!

        Also, I'm 6 foot 4 and lanky, and these shirts are LOOOONG and well-fitted.

    • Are these shirts comfortable? Out of 10.

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        Very. 8.5 - 9 out of 10 for me

        • Wow. Comfort is everything. Going to grab some then :) thanks!

        • @Hunter14: Get the non-iron if you like them - looks great

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    How do these compare to charles tyrwhitt?

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      I would class these as a step above Charles Tyrwhitt. CT shirts are softer and feel slightly less 'posh' if that makes sense. TM is top tier in my books.

      Thanks OP

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      I have both and prefer these. The material is probably a bit nicer. Dont wear the CT ones anymore.

      • What about the cut? Is it true that these ones are actually properly 'fitted', unlike that CT ones?

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          I find the slim fit cut is good. But I wouldn't say it was super fitted. They do have fitted and super fitted, but I have never tried those. I wouldnt say I was slim enough to get away with wearing one of those….

        • @dekkar: Thanks. I guess slim is not meant to be super fitted, that's what their super fitted cut is for :)

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          @elektron: 6 foot 4 lanky guy here… fitted is a good fit, super fitted is as the name implies. It would be nice to have something in between, but both are fine and don't 'puff out' at the back which is an issue I have with more standard fit shirts.

        • @picklewizard: I'm on the short side but with a v-shape, and not a fan of even the so-called "extra-slim" CT shirts balooning around my waste.

          I don't own any TM Lewin shirts but have always wanted to try their non-iron wones - I'd like to go to their store to get measured before ordering through.

        • Just tried on the Super fitted and its a lot looser than the slim fit of CT. I can't seem to find a true fitted shirt.

        • @Mechanist:

          No, it isn't. The slim fit of a CT fits like a box. The T.M Lewin Super Fitted is as the name implies, unless you weigh 40kg.

        • @Mechanist: This doesn't make any sense, especially since CT's slim fit is not even their slimmest.

        • @seeyelater: Can call it whatever you like but I was in store and tried it on. I came into the store wearing a CT slim fit shirt and that was a better fit for me. I am quite slim.

        • +1


          To each their own I guess. When I tried CTs slimmest shirt, it was baggy. The Super Fitted T.M Lewin is great,

        • @seeyelater: This has certainly been my experience. I'm not super slim but still find CT's Extra Slim quite baggy.

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      I have both and I would pay $10 extra for TM Lewin anyday..

    • I have worn TM Lewin for a while and just tried CT - the TM Lewin shirts are more preferred by me, the material feels nicer and is thicker whilst still being very comfortable.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered a few shirts using your link, enjoy the commission!

    Edit: Don't forget CashRewards too for an extra 4% discount.

    • Hey I am missing out on something what commission
      I just copied link from a Facebook feed
      And just pasted here
      Don't tell me FB is making all the money due to a link that I shared

      • It was listed as an affiliate link when i ordered (so yes, whoever listed it on ebay was an affiliate…. it now isnt so maybe the admins have taken that part out. Sorry mate, i thought i was helping you!

        • Nah all good man..but thanks for pointing out
          The long URL did raise an eyebrow but I didn't think much of it..

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    Anyone had any experience getting TM Lewin's own stores to match their online prices? That way might be able to get an amex cashback for shopping instore…

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      I used an ozbargain listed voucher once instore (it was a 50% off shirts for some corporate internal promo someone found) and they allowed it (Sydney Pitt St store). Worth a try

      • Confirmed - went to king st store in syd and they said they'd match. Didn't have my style/ size tho. Time for a diet:(

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    Do they have pockets? CT charges $14 for a pocket :(

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      no shirt pockets

      • Thank you..

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    Is there a pants equivalent of CT/TML?

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    Is this instore as well?

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    Never tried these shirts before so not sure about the feel. Do need some work shirts. Are they comfortable/easy to wear? Can anyone please recommend some good ones?

  • @quietguy I was wondering about that too. Any one know if TML charge extra for pockets and how much?


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    Any codes we can stack with? I see SEPSALE10 doesn't work.

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      yeah man doesn't feel right buying shirts without a code :(

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        I just got some great deals. I think the last time some people got it down to $26. Although there's always a risk they will cancel.

  • Has anyone tried their new 'stretch' range yet? Would you recommend them? Do they require ironing?

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      they are very comfortable and ironing is must

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    Anyone here worn both MJ Bale and TM Lewin? I know my usual size in MJ Bale and looking to see whether the cuts/sizing are similar…

    • I too would like to know this…

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    As everybody else above has already commented, the non-iron shirts have changed my life.
    So comfortable to wear, so convenient to wash and not have to iron them.
    I am the man I am today thanks to TM Lewin and these $40 shirts.

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      Amen brother. I'm wearing one right now (navy bengal stripe) that has been worn once a week since I bought it in January 2015. Normal machine wash only and have never ironed it once.

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    Would be nice to have more than just blue or white to choose from in my size and fit (super fitted). I suppose I could email them and ask? Has that ever worked for anyone?

  • Does anyone know how long these sales last for and how often they have it on each year?

  • Thank God I didn't order last night!
    Great deal! +1 to you sir!

  • Worth noting that it applies to Women's shirts as well. It's been a couple of years since I bought a TM, I went over to CT and never looked back, perhaps I'll give them another go.

  • Awesome deal thanks OP, great find.
    Just bought myself some of these shirts today.
    I went into the Sydney store and showed this direct offer and got the shirts for $40.

    The material for the shirts are great, just an FYI (my first time buying these shirts).

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      I know mate love the material and fitting
      Wish I had known about instore .. now waiting 7-10 days for it

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    Use code FR10 to get an additional 10% off. I just ordered 7 shirts and it worked.

  • Unable to pay with CC or PayPal. Anyone else getting this error?

    • Ignore post. Order submitted

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    Is this expired? I dont see any of thos $40

    I do see a 4 for 180 though

    • Same for me

  • Just FYI the $40 link still works… free shipping didn't kick in until over $120 though

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