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Samsung Galaxy S8 US$525 (~AU$655) S8+ G955FD Dual Sim (Unlocked) 64GB US$566.98 (~AU$707.59) Delivered (USA) @ Never MSRP eBay


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Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955FD Dual Sim (FACTORY UNLOCKED) 64GB US $566.98 (~AU $707.59) Delivered @ Never MSRP

Samsung galaxy S8

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  • link is broken

    • +1

      Just fixed it.

  • Know of any deals for the non-plus version? :)

    • Just added to post

      • Thanks Jimmy! Do you know if these are grey import? Also will they work with all Australian bands? Sorry noob to Samsungs

        • I never used a Samsung phone either so can’t be a help sorry. But I hope you are OK

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    This price… wtf? How can anyone justify a iPhone X versus this price?

    • People purchasing iPhone X don't need/want to justify the price. For fast charging, you need Apple 29W USB-C charger + USB-C to lightning cable (extra $$$ - but compared to the cost of iPhone X, that's less than 10% extra).

      It doesn't matter what other people think. iPhone X will sell like hot cakes.

      • I love apple but if it sells like hot cakes society is dumb lol

        • -8

          Our entire society is dumb because a part of it buys something that you wouldn't buy at this point in your life.

          Are you OK?

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          @Diji1: no they're dumb cause they spend almost 2000 on something that does the same shit for someone on ozbargain I'd figured you'd understand but r u OK?

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      R U Okay?

  • Finding it hard to keep up with the model numbers - is this the global version?

    • just came here to check the same thing.

    • It is the Exynos variant, if that’s what you’re asking.

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      Here is a list of models.

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      fyi the australian model is SM-G955F i think

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    Two of these is still cheaper than one Iphone X

    • wish steve jobs still can hear you.

  • Is the seller reliable?

    • Btw will purchasing in ebay us incur an international purchase fee? (3.0% for CommBank, 2.5% for ING)

      • Yes, if you use your credit card to do the currency conversion. The alternative is to use PayPal's (which will end up costing you more).

        • -2

          Yeah they end up cost $725 for ING card and $740 for PayPal. Better just pay $15 more for some Aussie seller.

        • @ChocolateMale: you have to use Paypal to apply discount code, so how could you come up with $725 with ING?

        • @MiaSanMia: sorry forgot that while calculating

      • Might take advantage to this? I haven’t read how it works, yet.

        • Thanks!

        • Cannot apply ebay discount code using DiviPay mastercard? has to pay with Paypal?

        • @MiaSanMia: Said thanks because he provide help on which card could have 0 international purchase fee. You can pay with whatever you want just relax mate.

        • @ChocolateMale: You got me try DiviPay so that could be something positive

      • +1

        Probably. Don't you have a Citibank Plus Debit, 28 Degrees or Bankwest Zero Platinum?

        • +1

          But if u apply 28 D, it will remove the voucher, which means if u want to have the 15% off, u have to use paypal;
          if you use paypal, the rate will be 0.77… However, the current rate is around 0.80

          So in this case, either u pay with paypal from any of your cards or bank account, the final price is $736.337662338 AUD
          or you pay with 28D, the final price is $828.487AUD

          perhaps waiting for an aussie seller will be a better ideal.

        • +1

          Pay with 28 D with paypal. There should be an option when checking out in paypal to allow the credit institution to do the conversion for you instead of using paypal's conversion rate.

        • @magifico: Huh? Add 28D to PayPal, and pay using PayPal with 28D in seller's currency… Or did I miss something?

        • @mikeangelo: I did not find the option to let me do it : (. It only shows me which card I wanna use and all with the rate 0.77…

          Edit: Never mind, seems they did some tricky changes, here is the link to help the others. https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Payments/How-to-ch...

        • +2


          Hope this helps. My 28D was charged $653.64 for the s8 and I used this method. Just make sure the 28D is added to your paypal account and follow the advice below, you should be OK.

          Taken from paypal website.

          How do I send a payment in a different currency using my credit card?
          When paying in a different currency with your credit card, you have two options to convert the money.

          Use PayPal's conversion process to complete your transaction.
          Use the currency conversion processed by your card provider to complete your transaction.
          You can see these conversion options by clicking Other Conversion Options on the Review your Payment page.

          If PayPal performs your currency conversion, you’ll be notified of the conversion rate at the time of the transaction.

          If you choose to use your card issuer's currency conversion procedures, PayPal doesn't know the conversion rate.

          If you use an American Express card, you don't have the option to use PayPal's conversion process. American Express takes care of the conversion.

        • @mikeangelo: Thanks mate, I did find the option in my paypal setting.

          here is the link that might help the others.

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    That's a great price. How does warranty work with this seller? I can't see any mention of it on the listing.

    • With this price and overseas stock…Warranty is not that important…It is all chances…

  • +8

    Based on the negative feedback comments:

    • It is likely not sealed.
    • It could be a stock from anywhere.
    • You may not even get the original box.
    • Some people even received what they felt to be a repaired phone (not for S8, but some other phone).

    Have realistic expectations before you proceed.

    • +1

      Given that both are categorised as 'Brand New', three of those outcomes would results in a full refund.

      As for the source of the stock, they are a grey market dealer… that's how it works…

      • +5

        The following are some examples of the negative feedback comments (related to S8+ or S8):

        • The galaxy s8+ was in Chinese and many issues arose after couple of days.
        • After receiving the goods, we found that the packing box was opened, the seal ha
        • Box is not original Because it has no S8 logo. And 5Ghz (AC) wifi not working.
        • IMEI number can't be found. Samsung Mexico says they aren't original. DO NOT BUY
        • Return policy is a joke. A 20% restocking fee on a 5 day old item? Greedy!
        • Seller sent wrong item.Terrible service and communication. Awful experience.
        • This is a UAE(United Arab Emir) destined phone, should be stated in description.

        You want to go through all the trouble? And, for those which think because the listing indicates the item is brand new, sealed. I checked the items related to those comments - interestingly, they also stated brand new, sealed.

        Perhaps it will be okay for most people, but there is risk involved.

        • +1

          Fair enough!

          You wouldn't think a store would be so flagrantly disregarding eBay policy; it's a shock that they get to keep operating.

          That being said, my comment stands that these are grounds for a full refund.

  • Rebirthed phones?

    • -1

      Brand new

  • i am trying to buy but paypal conversion is bring the price to 739 its giving exchange rate of 1 aud to 0.77 usd

  • -1

    The price is $639.99 USD, did they just increase the price?

    • +1

      Use coupon

      • +1

        Ah sorry my bad. Thanks.

    • +1

      $639.99 - 15% = $543.99 + $22.99 (Postage) = $566.98 :)

    • $640*0.85 = $544 + Del?

  • any deals on the 128gig S8+ ? Torn between that and a Note8 128 though I dont really need the stylus.

  • Is the S8+ a snapdragon or exynos ?

  • The actual usd rate is 1 aud equals 0.80 usd but paypal gives you 0.77 anyone got the total of 708?

    • I did, u can check this link first, then u can bring the final price to 708


      • so it means i will only know how much i am charged after paying it? as i cant see how much i am paying :(i already bought oneplus 5 but really wanted this one

        • Yes, but pretty sure it will be a better rate than PP. As for me, I only paid 706.XX from my 28Degree.

        • @magifico: thanks mate let me see if i can get some courage to buy it now already purchased oneplus 5 but really wanted this one good luck to me :(

        • @magifico: Finally i dared and bought it :P final price came to 726$ with currency conversion charges :( still happy already ordered a skin

        • @awaischb: I have already got mine, seems pretty good, sealed, support 2 sims slot or 1 sim with a tf card.
          I was thinking of getting a wireless charger for it…

        • @magifico: cool mate enjoy :)

  • +2

    Will this support Samsung Pay in Australia?

    • wonder that too.

      • +2

        I don't believe that it does out of the box unless you flash the local firmware.

    • Android pay should work so just use that?

  • So looks like the phone listed in this deal (G955FD) is better than the one available in Australia (G955F):


  • +3

    Reviewed the ratings of that seller. I suggest to NOT buy from this seller. Could be 'refurbished' so called 'Brand new'.
    I would rather buy from HK sellers that have deals posted on ozbargain for several times and ozbargainers have left the comments based on real experiences.

  • +1

    Item / seller is located in Houston, Texas, USA. Given what has happened very recently with the city being flooded by Hurricane Harvey, would the stock be safe / not water damaged? I'd be surprised if they still have mail / postal service into the area for a while.

    • +5

      I thought They are water proof?

      • Yeah not if the whole warehouse / shop has been flooded and washed away by the hurricane. Maybe Hurricane IP1000 proof?

  • I just bought one from shop monk yesterday for 699. I sent an email asking when it would be shipped. No reply yet. Has anyone cancelled an order with them before?

    • They ship pretty quick faster than Australia post lol. Probably not worth canceling.

      • ive seen posts from others saying its fast while others say it slow. Hopefully i get mine next week

        • +1

          I got my QC35 order in 3 days from order.

        • @Levity: Did they update order progress when they shipped it ?

        • No I got it before they updated order progress.

        • +1

          @Levity: Got it today. Was so quick

  • It says "- North American AC adapter will be added to the purchase."

  • Anyone know how we can flash to Australian firmware?

  • link is still broken.

  • Just wondering if Samsung has a 12 month world wide warranty like Apple? If not, do you just hope for the best that nothing happens to the phone?

    Iphone user for the last couple of years, cant' justify paying $1500+ for the X.

    • +2

      no they wont touch imported phones.

    • Doubt your going to need it to be honest, I've had no issues with any phones out of the box, you can literally buy two of these and it will end up cheaper than the iPhone X.

      Hope you switch to Android, you're not going to regret it.

    • I was in Samsung experience store the other day and was told if it is not Australian stock then it is not covered at all. It is only covered in the country it is from.

  • +5

    Just wanted to say I received my phone yesterday. Jeez! that was fast. I was a little concerned after reading some of the comments posted here from eBay. Happy to say so far, no issues. Phone came sealed and in genuine Samsung box (I also have S8+ Australian stock and I compared it with this one). I flashed the phone with Australian XSA firmware and everything appears to be working fine. No issues identified. Hope others that have also ordered from this deal have the same experience.

    • That’s good to know that it went well :)

    • can you use samsung pay after flashing?

  • +1

    What are the differences between buying Australia or US stock?

    • +1

      You're sending it back to America for repairs, then they're probably gonna send it back to Asia for repairs. 2-3 weeks without a phone plus you're paying shipping.

      Most grey importers argue their way out of warranty claims, consumer laws won't have your back.

      Samsung pay ain't gonna work without flashing

  • Any recommendations for case friendly screen protector?

  • what is XSA firmware. Do I need to flash the US S8 with Australian version. How do I flash? IS there some simple app called updator etc?

    • You can't flash the US [Snapdragon] variant with XSA firmware. Chances are you'll brick it. There are myriads of tutorials online that will walk you through the flashing process. ]DA Forums and Sammobile are good places to start.
      Be very mindful of the ROMs you flash as unofficial ROMs would trip Knox and you can kiss Samsung Pay goodbye… forever.

  • I don't think the Galaxy S8 Plus is the US model. I think they're import to the US and we're just buying from a US seller that has the phones in their US warehouse.


    As such, I think it is possible to flash XSA (Australian) ROMS on them. please check your model and confirm

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