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Lenovo Tab 4 10.1" Android Tablet - New Release - $263.20 Shipped from Lenovo Australia on eBay


A decent Android Tablet. Main drawback is the screen res, but great price for a 10.1" tablet.

User reviews on Amazon are very positive: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0711BT1QK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_C9JV...

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Processor: Qualcomm® 1.4GHz quad-code processor, MSM8917
Operating System: Android™ 7.0 Nougat
Display: 10.1" HD (1280 x 800), IPS, multi-touch screen supports 10-finger gesture
Graphics: Qualcomm Andero™ 308 in processor
Memory: 2GB / LPDDR3, soldered to systemboard
Webcam: Front: 2 MP, fixed focus
Rear: 5 MP, auto focus
Storage: 16GB eMMC flash memory on board
Storage extension: Up to 128GB microSD
Dimensions (W x D x H): 247 x 170 x 8.5 mm
Weight: 506 g
Case colour: Slate black
Case material: Plastic
Battery: 4850 mAh, Li-Ion Polymer 1-cell
Battery life:
Up to 20 hours general usage battery life
Up to 13 hours (playback/browsing)
Up to 2 weeks (standby time)
AC adaptor: 5.2V/2A
Sensors: G-Sensor
Fingerprint reader: None
Audio support: Dual speaker / single microphone, Dolby Atmos® audio / combo audio / microphone jack
Ethernet: None
Wireless LAN: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, with Bluetooth 4.0
Wireless WAN: None
GPS: Yes, supports GPS
NFC: None
Media reader: None
1 x Micro USB 2.0 (for power charge and data synchronisation)
1 x microSD slot
1 x Combo audio / mic jack
Preload software: SHAREit, SYNCit

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  • +12
    • Price in title ($329, less 20%)
    • Screen resolution of 1280x800 is appalling for 10"
    • Latest Android is 8.0 Oreo

    Very hard to recommend this.

    • -1

      I've added a link to the Amazon reviews which are very positive.

      Whilst the screen res may not be super high have a look at those reviews first before passing judgement on what is a good device at a decent price.

    • Wait… are you saying it's getting Oreo? Because if it is, I'd get this in an instant.

      • No. I was pinting out the error in the original post, that said 'latest'.

        The screen resolution was enough to exclude this as a purchase, so I haven't looked deeper.
        Based on Lenovo's past history I would doubtful that it will receive Oreo.

        • That was my next question. It's like all tablet makers don't care for upgrading tablets. This would be good for reading news and watching some videos on a plane.

  • +18

    Display: 10.1" HD (1280 x 800)

    Stopped reading at this point.

    • +3

      Indeed, at this price point is not really a bargain if not FHD

      • Still good for a mum\dad tablet. 1 year local warranty from Lenovo and cheap price for 10.1".

        • +3

          I love my mother and wouldn't subject her to this garbage resolution in 2017.

          She has Galaxy tab s2 9.7

    • this isnt a tablet worth $263, nor does it have specs suitable for 2015 let alone 2017…

      lets check it out:

      4x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.4
      adreno 308 and a mere 2/16 memory format and only HD resolution

      you all have phones that wipe the floor with this

      even at half price you'd have to think

  • 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. yes can put sdcard, but 2 & 16 combo in 2017? maybe a good deal for $150

    this one better

  • +1

    This is arguably worse than the Tab 3 that it is replacing…


  • feels like this device is made from combination of left over second grades components put together

  • Better get chuwi 12 or 13 for similar money, plus it's windows and Android 2 in 1.

  • Bought the IPad for 380, I thought that was a good buy. Specs wise this is a pretty basic tab…
    Why would anyone buy it?

    • It's hard to find a large size tablet for under $300.

      Whilst the the resolution on this tablet is not FHD, it has great battery life, audio and Micro SD expansion. So for anyone wanting a cheap tablet with all those features and happy with 1280 x 800 resolution (The display is still an IPS panel), this is not a bad option.

      If you have kids you won't have to worry too much about them breaking the device. And the kids won't be bothered by the resolution (nor will most people TBH).

      • Funnily enough got IPad for my
        under 3 year old. Replacing old surface RT that she is using for Utube videos…

        Agree about cheaper alternative part, but still think at $380 IPad is a much better VALUE option.

        Maybe for my 9 month old I can get Lenovo :)

        • I've 2 Ipads myself. And yesterday's deal at $380 that was an awesome deal, it's an Apple product after all. For some $380 is still alot to spend hopefully this will help.

          There's plenty of 7" tablets for sale but not many cheap ones at 10". For my kids I worry the smaller tablets make them sit too close so this one isn't bad.

    • -2

      I've added user reviews on Amazon. They're very positive about this device. I this most people here are looking at the specs alone and making an unfair assessment. This is a budget price tablet after all.


  • +3

    It's $13 more than I paid for a 2012 Nexus 10 three years ago - a tablet with 32 GB and 2560 x 1600 pixels that wipes the floor with this abysmal offering.

  • That screen resolution is horrible considering the tab 3 is fhd

  • The Tab4 'plus' models are the ones to consider:
    1200 x 1920
    16GB/3Gb RAM, 64Gb/4Gb RAM

    Sadly we're only getting the 10.1" plus in Australia though, and it's exclusive to OfficeWorks at the moment.

    B&H have the 8" plus and 10" plus 16Gb models and ship to AU… tempting!

  • +5

    Gearbest have Tab 3 Plus with 1920x1200 3gb ram, 16gb rom with Microsd expansion for around 188 delivered but in an 8" format.

    Octocore 625 processor with Adreno 506 and GPS - waiting on it to arrive but will be an awesome sat navigation tablet by day.

    Goes by the name of Lenovo P8 in Asia

    • +1

      Bought 2 of these for the kids. Arrived last week and great little tab. I looked at the Tab4 8 in stores but the price and specs are ordinary. For $188 from GB, this is essentially the Tab4 8 Plus (the version we aren't getting in Australia). Better specs, cheaper price. Can't argue with that.

  • Weak ass processor. Maybe perfect for watching Peppa Pig.

  • +2

    A much better option is the Lenovo Tab 3 Business 10". I bought this from JB for the wife back on mothers day this year. It needed to be better than the Asus ME302C FHD she smashed

    Here is a current listing from OW:

    Stats breakdown here:

    I'm still rocking my Asus ME302C FHD from here:

    • +1

      Impressive. I posted that deal, about 2 months after I got it my 1yr old knocked it off a table and it smashed :(

      • +1

        Thanks for the OP 17833. Shame to hear about your tablet :(
        I ended up buying 3 ME302C's for myself, wife and mother inlaw. 2/3 still going strong, 3rd has a big crack in the glass but still works fine. I can't find a replacement screen for it so got the Tab 3 Business 10" for the wife. New Lenovo Tablet is almost bezel-less and has amazing sound. Wife is very happy with it and I'd recommend it over anything with a lower res

      • Was it in a decent case?
        One of the key reasons iPads sell so well is the huge range of cases to choose from. For me I would never use a tablet without my Belkin case. $40 well spent and my 5 yr old iPad 2 is like new, makes it easier to sell to trade p or pass on to family too.
        Ipads and tablets are generally so slippery and without any grip… designed to just to slip right out of our hands or off your lap.

    • +2

      I got my Lenovo Tab 3 Business 10" for $217.55 from olcdirect last April (eBay 5% off).
      Very capable tablet for the price.

  • +1

    I have brought samsung tab A 10.1 for $275.00 which is full hd and almost same specifications from dwidigitalcameras.com incuding delivery.