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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum $318.12 AU PLUG Delivered Melbourne Stock @ Gearbite eBay


Update:All Vacuum orders has been picked up by post office at 22nd September.

All parcels was In transit and Processed through Australia Post facility around 9:50pm Fri 22 Sep Sunshine West, VIC.

If no delay due to party18 promotion, hopefully most of them arrive early next week. Enjoy this fantastic smart Vacuum.

Add OZbargain's robot vacuum Cleaner to your cart for only $318.12 with Melbourne stocks.

Enjoy 18% off $75+ Purchases at eBay, use code PARTY18 at Thursday 21st September 6pm - 10pm

Don't need any CN-AU adaptor NOW.Local 12 Months Warranty.

Come with Au Plug.

Top 5 Stars Review Rating. Fantastic Smart Vacuum, Great technology.

Melbourne Local Stocks. Get your Vacuum quickly. Deal Handling time 1 Business days.

Vacuum Accessories Combo for $47.45 at http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182723374709

Brand: Xiaomi
Cleaner Types: Vacuum Cleaner
Function: Suction,Sweep
Self Recharging: Yes
Suction (pa): 1800pa
Working Time: 2.5h
APP:MI HOME (English Version)
Voice: Choose English Voice at App.
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Warranty:12 Months Australia Warranty

Item has 12 months Local warranty, if you have any quality problem, you can alway return to fix, or get replacement.

Original 18% off sitewide coupon deal post

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +1

    Great price OP!

  • +1

    I thought the ebay code started tomorrow OP. Also note that updated model of this vac has come out.

  • +1

    This is it, I won't wait for the second gen. Personal experience robot mop doesn't work as good as expected due to the limit size of water tank and its wait. Not sure if Xiaomi can handle it well. I'd mop the floor myself. Added to cart and counting down.

    • Go for it dude :)

      • i was going to msg you about the 2nd gen. but personally i won't go for it, way too expensive to have the mop function but you can select which room you want to clean in the app with the 2nd gen, i'm tempted for that feature.

    • +4

      Just go for it. I had two LG Robking Vacuum robots before, one was broken and the replacement was intellectually broken, seriously retarded robot (I suspect that they forgot to install the AI module).

      Then I switched to this. I was a little skeptical at first because even a robot cleaner with 2 times price or even 3 sometimes does only mediocre job. However, to my very very surprise, it is SMART when it manoeuvres around obstacles and it really does clean up well. I was very surprise also that it found its way back to the charging station considering the far distance.

      I love it, will definitely recommend it.

      • Hey Bagchin,

        My roboking gets stuck everywhere and caught in cables and things. Does the xiaomi do the same?

        • +1

          Xiaomi one still gets tangled up with wires and cables. However, personally, I think this is very common among all robot cleaners, not just Xiaomi. All I do is to make sure all the wires and cable are raised above ground level or tucked in somewhere, then you will be good to go.

  • lol… this op can't wait till tomr to write up the deal :)

    • At least you know he won't be jacking up prices…
      +1 just for that (plus the fact I already bought one from him previously)

      • +2

        thats true, but already got two, one is sitting un-opened…damn u ozbargain!

        • +1

          I can't wait for the day where I can buy an extra robot vacuum just coz it's on sale lol

  • +14

    C'mon OP reduce the price by $18, and match previous best price of $300 :)

    • +1

      That's Shopmonk opening special? Hope it brings back $300 tomorrow with the eBay discount code.

  • Sigh, bought this 2 days ago for $368.

    • Many many bought at $399

      • $383 here

  • +1

    does it do dark color carpets?

    • I LOVE this vacuum but it does get stuck when it comes up against black on my carpet. Grey is fine, but black not…

      • WUT?

        I've got a dark navy blue carpet, this thing makes it look brand new. Not sure what you mean?

        • My black carpet trips the cliff sensors, it thinks it's going to fall off a step so it wont go near it.

          I cover my 4 cliff sensors with masking tape and it works as expected (no stairs in my house so i'm not risking it actually falling off something).

        • +1

          @xelfer: oohhh, I getcha. Weird that it doesn't use a proximity sensor instead…

        • +1

          @xelfer: Oh wow!! Does that work?

        • +1

          @xelfer: You sir, are a life changer!

        • @strid: haha thanks. did it fix yours?

        • +1

          @xelfer: Yes it's awesome! Thank you!

  • How does it handle long hair, please.

    • bit struggling tho, you have to frequently checking the container and the wheels. but apart from that all good.

    • +1

      GF sheds long hair like a yetti.

      This thing will do it's job like a pro. When you need to empty it, you can get the long hairs out of the roller thingy using the included tool. Easy as pie.

      • +9

        Brush out her undercoat in the bathroom, she’ll thank you with the warmer weather hitting.

  • +11

    At this price, if you’re of two minds - don’t think - just buy!

    Absolutely fantastic piece of technology. Had ours for just over a month. Far better suction than I expected and does a fantastic job in our house with two kids and two dogs. All timber floors with one short pile grey rug which it traverses without issue. Roughly cleans about 1m2 per minute as it takes 40 mins to do the top 38m2 of our house and only uses about 20% battery in balanced suction mode which is second lowest suction and still sucks well.

    This thing far exceeded mine (and my wife’s) expectations. We paid $349 in the last deal this seller had. Super quick delivery as well.

    You may think that you can use a stick cleaner yourself and do it quicker but seeing this in action and seeing the results all the while watching it’s progress from the app is a revelation and you’ll wonder why you ever manually vacuumed in the first place.

    Very tempted to get another at this price for the lower section of the house.

    I’ve also just finished adding the Captain America shield decal to ours - always nice to know an Avenger is doing your housework.

    • Can i have your Captain America Picture post at our ebay listing.

      • +1

        Sure thing!

      • Can I exchange this picture for a further $18 off this deal? ;)

    • +1

      I have Iron Man cleaning my house :D

      • +1

        Was thinking that if I cave in and get a second unit, I’d turn him into Hulk! :)

    • Please upload a pic of it!!

  • The best place to ask questions or find answers to your questions is in the discussion group

  • +2

    God I want this.. on a Xiaomi binge at the moment. But someone mentioned a new version is coming out? I have a phobia of buying older versions…

    • +2

      Why? You don't like things that are proven to work well? ;)

      I think I saw the preorder price of the gen2 is $499 US if that makes you feel any better.

      • That does make me feel better. I also don't want a mop function. My girlfriend is saying no though, I just bought a Dyson vacuum, a Google home, a laptop, some yeelights, and a tool set 😶.

        Not sure ozbargain is saving me money

        • Lol I bought almost all of that too and have decided I dont actually need the robot since the 5min a day I do with my dyson seems to keep my small apartment super clean and seems actually easier. Dont want to waste $300 on an admittedly cool toy.

        • +2

          I didn't think I needed this. My GF definitely didn't think we needed this….I bought one anyway. Best. Purchase. Ever.

          Seriously, this thing is incredible. It cleans better than my Dyson Upright Ball Animal…I don't know how that is freaking possible, but it does.

          I was really cautious about buying one, but I kept seeing really great reviews on OzB. Eventually bought one, not a single regret. These things are built really f**king well.

          Gen2? I have no idea how they are going to make these things better….

        • +1

          Exactly the same as others - wife gave the biggest seal of approval. :)

        • @LlamaLlamaLamp:

          Ok, I don't have one. But I call BS on it being better than a Dyson.
          I use a Dyson V6 stick and it's excellent. This thing will have no suction power in comparison but I realise it's a slow and steady vac. I am tempted but I love my Dyson and I can clean my whole house in <15 mins…

        • +2


          It doesn't need the power of a Dyson if it vacs every night or every second night. Unless you are living in a really dusty area.

    • +1

      Yep, I have one of these already and can attest to its proven track record and now even though I have only just heard of a Gen 2 being released, I’m still tempted to buy another of these Gen 1…the minute this thing finishes its first clean, you’ll be glad you didn’t put up the extra cash for the Gen 2 :)

    • Technically it's not Gen2. Just a different company used Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform to get funds for their own version. Does have some improvements and won't be out for some time.

      • The first generation is made by the same company, Roborock. Xiaomi has many sub-brands and each sub-brand specialises in one area. This Roborock is one of them and it specialises in making vacuum robots.

        • To be more accurate they invest or purchase companies and integrate some of them into their ecosystem and sell through their channels. With the crowdfunding platform they can still be integrated into the ecosystem without Xiaomi branding.

          Officially this "Gen 2" will be under Roborock branding instead of Xiaomi.

          And it's not uncommon for these companies to branch off. Just look at Yi Technology. They made the Xiaoyi Action Camera with Xiaomi funding then branched off to make the Yi 4K, 4K+ etc without Xiaomi. Technically it's wrong to call it Xiaomi Yi 4K.

    • I have pre-ordered the second gen robot two days ago from MiHome app at RMB 2299 (AUD 433). Quite few impressive improvements have been made including the mopping function :) Check this out:
      That being said, the first gen is already the best vacuum robot on the market for this affordable price.

  • I have a step in my house, does anyone know if it will go past the step/tip over?

    • No, it has 3 cliff sensors and will run along the edge of the step and not go over

    • It won't fall down the stairs as it has sensors underneath.

  • -2

    Hmmm I can't decide if I really need one of these, my partner does all the vacuuming anyway hah

  • do you just have to press a button and let it go or have to map it etc? was hoping just to be able to press it and leave it while we go out.

    • +1

      You can just press the button and let it do its thing. Or even start it remotely from the app. Just make sure you've cleared the area of anything that might get it stuck like loose cables or small toys, so it doesn't get tangled up

    • +1

      You can switch it on from your app or program a regular schedule at days and times of your choice. You can see where it has been on your app.

  • Any deals on midrone 4k rep?

    • +16

      Sorry for bad experience you have when we newly started to sell xiaomi vacuum couple months ago, and customer orders much more than my expection at July's deal. You ordered Vacuum at Saturday 22nd July. And your item was Attempted Delivery but Customer refused at 31st July, which was around 5-6 business day, I am sorry for the delay. I was sad last time and told myself to improve the service.Then we get more stocks, and shipped within 1 business day.After that, we start to provide Au Plug with SAA certified, avoided CN-AU Adaptor.For better warranty service, we provided free return label to customer if they have any quality issue. Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner has very good quality, we only have few problems so far.

      Hope everyone enjoy this deal, we have many stocks this time. Will try our best to post your item in 1 business day.

      • -1

        I ordered on 22nd and was given shipping info, however the item was not posted until 28th.
        Hence, 6 days waiting for it to be posted when you advertise 24h.
        Delivery was refused because you indicated that would be the quickest way to resolve the dispute.

        • Hi Wolfy,
          We learned a lot from last deal, and improved since then. We focus on our business, improve customer service, stock, software and warranty, to make sure we can provide good and quick service. If you try again, you will see our improvement, and won't keep giving me negative vote.

        • @bestforapple: This is a good opportunity to implement and prove what you've learned from last time.

  • Just to be clear, this will speak Chinese until English is selected in the app or will it always speak Chinese?

    • Wow, it can speak.

      • Could probably speak english better than some people around. Not going to name names.

    • Once you select the English option it will stay selected.

    • Language Pack setting within the app.

  • Does gearbite have an abn and process payments in AUD?

    • Yes, Best for apple.

  • I would wait for next gen. i bought it last month. And it got a laser detector sensor error everytime. i have to restart cleaning again and again manually. It seems LDS issue is already known problem and pep is complaining it. Just google it before you buy. In Australia, there is no warranty service center of Xiaomi. So only way I imagine here is to buy LDS online which is around $100 USD and replace it by myself

    • Can you post it back to China at all?

      • Yes we can. But who gonna pay for the posting fee? I would go to AUPOST and send it to China and wait for 1-2 month until I get it again.
        and the funny thing is that the cleaner sometimes works like normal. if they insist that it works, then what is my option? I don't want to waste of my time on an unexpected process.

        • You can text message me by PM, I can give you xiaomi tech team contact detail. They will be able to give your idea what is the problem for you machine and give you good suggestion. We will have part available for selling around next months, you do not need to pay US$100 after that, and LDS is really easy to install.

    • It sounds like a major failure. Assuming you purchased it from an Australian reseller, they're obligated under the ACL to replace the unit or refund you.

      • Unfortunately, the cleaner got some scratches on top when My wife turned it on first day and it rushed into TV table. ACL might not work for my case.

    • +4

      If you purchased from us, you can request return label from ebay message, we will fix for you quickly. You do not need to send back to China. We have support from xiaomi vacuum team. They will confirm the problem and advice our team how to fix at melbourne.

      • I bought it from Shopmonk.

        • I think they offered 12 months warranty as well. You should able to get that fix.

        • @bestforapple:

          Thanks for it. I will contact them again.

          Here is their term and condition. anyway, it is not related with you
          Shopmonk constantly strives to provide products with the highest standards of quality to its customers. In-case you notice a manufacturing defect in the product delivered, please write to [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving the product.

        • @bestforapple:

          Thanks for it. I will contact them again.

          Here is their term and condition. anyway, it is not related with you
          Shopmonk constantly strives to provide products with the highest standards of quality to its customers. In-case you notice a manufacturing defect in the product delivered, please write to [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving the product.

  • I'm looking to get one. Can someone answer these?
    Does it make noise while cleaning?
    What mode is best for cleaning?
    How many hours of charge is needed for one round of vaccum.. it's a 26sq house.
    Does it clean tibmer floors too?


    • +2

      Yes it does make noise.
      Best mode for cleaning is ‘on’
      Takes a few hours to charge but if your house is only 26sq then it will clean your house in one go with plenty of battery left.

    • +1

      Obviously it will have noise while cleaning. I was amazed by how quiet it is compare to my roomba 630. But there are silent mode to turbo mode.

      I only have timber floors and yes it does clean it.

      It took the vacuum 21 minutes to do 16sq with hallways and coffee tables and couch and other things, after 21 minutes of cleaning you can expect the battery to be at 70-80% so I would say 26sq wouldn't be a problem unless it's a maze.

      • Does it make noise same as Dyson?

        • Which model Dyson… The hands tick dc35 makes more noise than the v6.

          It's bearable to me but that's personal opinion.

          I have been using the remote control function to play with my cat tho. You can drive it around with your phone.

        • @mikkim4eva: ok. Thanks. So this just roams in the house and cleans stuff once you switch on?
          Or do we need to map zones or anything like that?

        • @danger163:

          It maps and then clean line by line.

          You can control it while u are away from home anytime you want.

          You can schedule it to run like idontknowwhy said below

        • @mikkim4eva: Awesome. Gonna buy this today evening.

    • +2

      Mine takes 38 minutes to do 40sq of cleaning.
      I set it to "MAX" becuase 'why not?'
      It's very noisy on Max, but I have it scheduled to run while I'm at work.

      Note: The one thing it struggles with is climing onto a high-pile rug.
      My solution was to buy a $2.80 rug at daiso, which it uses as a ramp. I have the magnetic wall-tape under the sides of the rug, so it knows to only use the 'ramp'. Works perfectly now.

  • How big of an area can these clean? Is there a limit?

    • Limit would be the dust-bin size. Power isn't an issue because it'll go and charge half-way through if it's running low.

      • Thanks, I have a 400m2 house and thought that there may be a limit to its mapping size.

        • +1

          Think so, not sure if you can link two of these together to cover the whole house.

  • How this work on 2stories house?
    Do I need to just bring the machine to 1st and 2nd floor every other day
    Or I need to move the Station as well?

    • I have the exact same question.
      I'm worried that if you took it upstairs it might want to go back to the station downstairs when it's finished.
      Hopefully someone will provide an answer soon so I can buy with the discount!

    • +1

      You can just move the vacuum and start a clean. It will go back to the spot you put it down once it’s finished. It just won’t charge obviously until you manually put it back on the dock.

      This has a massive battery so I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t get your second area cleaned without it needing to dock and recharge and then continue.

      I still have about 75% battery left after doing about 65m2 of timber floors and moving it downstairs once.

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