This was posted 4 years 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Spark Mini Drone (Alpine White) $649 @ JB Hi-Fi


Price drop, was $859. Seems like a good price for a brick & mortar store. Extra $9.95 for delivery. Someone I know owns one and speaks highly of them.

  • 12MP Still camera & Full HD video
  • Obstacle detection with FlightAutonomy

Also to note: DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 4K Drone now $3099 link

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    good price for a B&M store

  • whats the best grey import price on flymore?

  • seems like the mavic pro has fallen out of favor based on the lack of posted deals lately?

    • possibly holding off on deals until the new version is available?

    • Mavic Pro is still definitely the better option. I bought the Mavic Pro and DJI Goggles during the ebay sale a couple of weeks back. I’m sure there will be additional deals soon enough.

      • +1

        How are you finding the Goggles? I’m tossing up whether to grab a pair.

        • goggles used with Mavic Pro? wow gotta check this out

        • They're amazing, and well worth the asking price. I'm used to my FatShark HD3s for FPV, and was expecting something similar from the DJI goggles… but there's no comparison.

          * It's incredibly immersive. It's not like other goggles I've used where you're aware of a screen in front of you.
          * Ocusync is great, I haven't had any issues with image at all. No static what so ever (unlike flying FPV racers).
          * The head tracking features work surprisingly well (I've never really liked it with my other quads). Being able to either pan around with head movements or actually turn and control flight is cool.
          * The goggles are comfortable and relatively light. I never felt any discomfort, even after long sessions.
          * You can control most of the options you would usually use your phone for from the goggles themselves (via a touchpad on the side and an on screen menu).

          * I have a largish sized head (apparently), and while the goggles are comfortable when down, they will not stay on my head in the up position. Not a huge issue, but a little annoying.
          * They're large. In fact, they're larger than the mavic pro and accessories. The best thing about the mavic is that you can throw it in your bag just in case. The goggles I only take with me when I know Im going to fly.

          Both the mavic pro and the goggles are worth the money.. One of my relatives bought a Mavic Pro and let a bunch of us try it. Now 4 of us have Mavic Pros and 3 have goggles.

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          Of course when using the goggles you always have a pilot and observer…. :)

          Wouldn't want to breach CASA / MAAA regulations…. :)

        • @Praeto:

          • They're large. In fact, they're larger than the mavic pro and accessories. The best thing about the mavic is that you can throw it in your bag just in case. The goggles I only take with me when I know Im going to fly.

          I have one of the vanguard sling bags which i bought for under $100 and it fits goggles, mavic, 4 batteries, filters just fine. Highly recommended.

        • @SpottyMoose: haha I was thinking the same thing! Don't want to get us other Drone operators into trouble :p

        • @SpottyMoose:

          As annoying a rule as it is, I am a member of an MAAA club and fly with at least one other person.

          We really do live in a nanny state.

  • any good deals for mavic pro…

  • Hmmm

    Fly more combo still $1049

    Hoping it'll drop below $1000

    • I got the fly more grey import a week ago from gearbest deal for $780.
      Hopefully should arrive any day.

      • I wouldn't trust gearbest with that sort of order. Their service is atrocious. I'd rather pay extra for the piece of mind from JB and the ACL.

        Good luck

    • +1

      It has with the 20% off bing lee bay sale. $879 for the fly more combo is a steal

  • what is the cheapest price ever for mavic pro fly more?

  • Nice. Tx OP

  • How much at HN?

    Also how much for the FlyMore combo?

    • No specials on the Flymore Combo - still $1099

      I'd pull the trigger if the Flymore combo was <$800.. argh

      • +1

        I grabbed the FlyMore combo from Basic Value during the 18% off eBay deal.
        Worked out to be $755 delivered, tracking shows it came from the Melbourne warehouse and should be arriving tomorrow.

        According to reports the stock from Basic Value is AU stock with AU serial code.
        I'll confirm once I receive it so if it is the case you can keep an eye out from that seller too.

        DWI has the grey import Fly More package for $872 which was $715 during the 18% ebay deal but I thought I'd roll the dice on getting AU stock from Basic Value instead.

        • lol.. Got a JB voucher I need to use up.. Very tempted to pull the trigger on this though and maybe get the extra batteries from Grey imports. Dunno.. :)

        • @bchliu: anyone know how much are the individual pieces are worth? You can get all after market parts right? Perhaps a genuine battery would be better though …

        • @db2k: The remote controller is $259 and spare battery $79, I feel like the Fly More combo is worth it for those alone.

        • According to reports the stock from Basic Value is AU stock with AU serial code.

          What is the benefit to get AU stock but the seller from overseas?

          Can we claim the warranty with DJI Australia directly without need to send back to the seller?

          Can we buy AU Care Refresh warranty?

        • @widzz: I guess the benefit of AU stock would mean we can hopefully can contact DJI Australia directly for support. Also you would be able to apply for product warranty in Australia.

          Also from reports on the other threads, you get the genuine AU power plug etc.

          Care Refresh isn't a warranty but more like insurance.
          You can apply Care Refresh to a grey imported DJI drone and set it for your home region.

          From the FAQ

          Does DJI Care Refresh support international coverage ?

          No, at the moment, DJI Care Refresh only works within one coverage region. However, the coverage region can be different than the region in which the aircraft was purchased. For example, if you purchased your aircraft in China, you can purchase DJI Care Refresh for the US. You can only apply for product warranty service in China, but you can use DJI Care Refresh to replace your product at DJI's official US service center.

        • @unco: just in case anyone reads this later on when researching where to buy from, I just got my Spark Fly More combo from Basic Value on eBay and it's genuine AU stock.
          AU plug, Australian Consumer Law document inside and AU serial.

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    Take note these are very small, if you live in a place with a bit of wind, they will be pushed around. My mavic was struggling against 30-40km winds yesterday i would imagine this would struggle against 20ish.

    • Probably not right to compare Mavic vs Spark - made for different purposes. Spark realistically is a Flying Selfie camera (which is what all those gestures are used for) whilst Mavic is more general purpose drone, albeit much better and heavier.

    • The spark is rated for the exact same wind resistance as the Mavic at 35kmph so this shouldn't be a major concern

      • There are always gusts, and they are the problem. You aircraft may hold against 30 or so, but every so often there will be gusts and they will push it away. There may be no opportunities to push against the wind and it will drift away.

        I highly doubt the spark would hold up to exactly the same speeds as a mavic. Its that bit smaller, and in strong winds like 30ks that really counts.

        The higher you go the wind can increase dramatically, and thats the problem with smaller drones.

      • Even in sport mode which basically gives you double the normal speed, the mavic was struggling because of the periodical gusts. I didnt have my phantom but i know the feel of that wind and it can handle it just fine without significant problems. Size or weight is very important in the wind.

  • Its cheaper here if anyone is based in Victoria or is happy to have it posted to them

  • Just in! Kogan is doing $629 for DJI Spark

  • Anyone found a place that would give a better price via price match?

    • Could try office works

  • Just FYI - You can get this cheaper from Bing Lee eBay using the promotional code.