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Singapore Direct Return from Perth $218, Gold Coast $248, Sydney $278, Melbourne $298 on Scoot @ IWTF


Scoot Airlines are having a sale on flights to Singapore. Travel in Oct - Nov/17 and Feb - May/18. Flights are direct to Singapore.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates. More travel dates are available.

Perth to Singapore Flights $218 Return.
Depart Return
14/Nov 21/Nov $218 View Flight
16/Nov 23/Nov $218 View Flight
19/Oct 26/Oct $218 View Flight
26/Oct 02/Nov $218 View Flight
01/Nov 08/Nov $218 View Flight
15/Nov 22/Nov $218 View Flight
30/Oct 06/Nov $218 View Flight
06/Nov 13/Nov $218 View Flight
17/Nov 24/Nov $218 View Flight
14/Nov 22/Nov $218 View Flight

Gold Coast to Singapore Flights $248 Return.
Depart Return
16/Oct 14/Nov $248 View Flight
13/Oct 20/Oct $258 View Flight
20/Oct 27/Oct $258 View Flight
06/Nov 14/Nov $258 View Flight
08/Nov 16/Nov $258 View Flight
11/Nov 19/Nov $258 View Flight
13/Nov 21/Nov $258 View Flight
11/Oct 19/Oct $258 View Flight
14/Oct 22/Oct $258 View Flight
16/Oct 24/Oct $258 View Flight

Sydney to Singapore Flights $278 Return.
Depart Return
02/Nov 09/Nov $278 View Flight
05/Nov 12/Nov $278 View Flight
06/Nov 13/Nov $278 View Flight
11/Nov 18/Nov $278 View Flight
13/Nov 20/Nov $278 View Flight
14/Nov 21/Nov $278 View Flight
16/Nov 23/Nov $278 View Flight
06/Feb 13/Feb $278 View Flight
07/Feb 14/Feb $278 View Flight
23/Feb 02/Mar $278 View Flight

Melbourne to Singapore Flights $298 Return.
Depart Return
26/Feb 05/Mar $298 View Flight
05/Mar 12/Mar $298 View Flight
08/Mar 15/Mar $298 View Flight
10/Mar 17/Mar $298 View Flight
11/Mar 18/Mar $298 View Flight
12/Mar 19/Mar $298 View Flight
15/Mar 22/Mar $298 View Flight
12/Apr 19/Apr $298 View Flight
19/Apr 26/Apr $298 View Flight
26/Apr 03/May $298 View Flight

Flights to Singapore - All Other Departure Cities.

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    Thanks OP, great deal, just curious how many days should I stay in SG for vacation, is 7 days too long?

    • +2 votes

      Hi - I have only been to Singapore once & it was for a conference, so I'm not the best person to judge. I thought there was lots to do you and could easily fill a week. I am planning to go back later this year with the family & spend more time on Sentosa Island. My sister & her family just came back from a week there & loved it.

    • +4 votes

      Depends on circumstances, what your interests are and if you have kids etc. Took the wife for her 40th a couple of years ago as we'd never been and there was a similar OzBargain deal to this :) We were there for a week which we found about 2-3 days too long for us. We mainly wanted to go to all the Nature parks (Birds, Zoo, Botanic etc.) which you can do in 2-3 days if you keep up a reasonable pace (not crazy though!) and don't have the hassle/lag of kids etc. Weren't interested in fancy brand-name shopping so Orchard Road wasn't too exciting for us and went to Sentosa for literally about 2 hours then turned around to get back to the 'mainland' as we weren't impressed… but we're not really the 'beach party' types nor do we have kids so there really wasn't much more there to interest us. So yeah, all depends on what you want to see & do really and if you have kids along for the ride. Still really enjoyed it but I doubt we'll need to go back for another 20+ years.

      Depending on budget though, I can highly recommend Swissotel Stamford which was recommended to me via another OzBargainer. It's not cheap but it's nowhere near as
      stupidly overpriced as Marina Bay Sands and paying extra for an Ocean/Bay view room gives unbelievable outlook of Marina Bay Sands and all the new fancy stuff beyond plus the Ocean and all the shipping etc. You also get to see the nightly light/laser shows without even leaving your room!

    • +1 vote

      7 days is perfect if you haven't been. By the time you go to the zoo, bird park, gardens etc. that's half a week, then you can do a day trip into Malaysia, Changi prison, and just wandering around for a couple of days. If you have kids you'll probably get to Sentosa as well, but I haven't been


      Depending on what you like to do. If you like to eat then you can be there for weeks!! 7 days should be fine if you're into a few things not just 'nature' stuff. Not sure a tiny island covered in a dense population is your best bet if that's all you like. There's also Universal studios, day trips to Melaka or other bits of Malaysia, Marina Bay Sands, eat, eating, more eating… I haven't been for years and would love to go back for a week :)


        … and this is a great example of 'each to their own'. We're amateur Birdos and one of the main reasons we wanted to go to Singapore was because of the Jurong Bird Park and the Zoo etc. Sure the Island is tiny with a dense population but it has some world class 'nature' related attractions and MASSIVE ones at that! I know others love Sentosa and Universal Studios etc. but those definitely weren't on our hit list at all. Changi Prison Museum wasn't really something I was bothered to go see but I'm very glad I did as it was a real eye opener. I even know of some people who go purely for Orchard Road/Marina Bay Sands Shopping and don't even bother with anything else but again that's definitely not my cuppa tea. I still think 5-7 days will give most first-timers enough time to do whatever they want and at these prices it's cheap enough to return again & again if they need to see more.


    How much are the taxes etc?

    • +1 vote

      Taxes are included.


        He may still have wanted to know the standalone tax price? Lol


        To be transparent it should be noted that a $258 fare is not a $258 fare. Once the search results come up it comes to be $337.


    Damn I wish there were cheap tickets in late Nov for melb…


    Any discount to Hong Kong or Guangzhou in late Nov or early Dec17?


    Any chance you can have flights from Melbourne early November?


    why the price is so expensive from canberra to singapore….


      cause canberrians are on a big buck?