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Woolworths - Mortein Do-It-Yourself Surface Spray for Outdoor/Indoor (Was $29.99) Now $14.99


I've previously hired companies to spray pesticide at my property, however it's a very expensive cost as it could cost you more than $200. I've recently looked into doing it myself and it seems to be pretty effective. In total it only cost me $60 to DIY as it is currently half price at Woolworths.

Mortein Kill & Protect Do-It-Yourself Professional Outdoor & Indoor Surface Spray.

  • Same technology used by professional pest control operators.

  • Prevents insect infestations by killing cockroaches, ants and spiders for up to 6 months inside the home and 3 months outside.

  • Prevents the build up of spider webs. Not for use on termites.

  • Allows easy access to hard to reach places (up to 3m away for outdoor use).

  • Flushes out insects from their hiding places.

  • Ideally, apply entire contents as one treatment (covers 31m2).

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  • Does it really works?

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      Apparently it has a poorly designed nozzle. No feedback on whether the pesticide is doing it's job though.

      I used one myself and the thing just spurts out a globbly stream (like peeing), instead of a fine mist like you'd expect. Transferred it to a different container and it'd works fine.

      • +2

        After trying this and the $5 Ant Kill from bunnings, use the ant kill. The ants or cockroaches won't come back (and any that are sprayed die pretty quickly).

        This stuff just makes a mess and is much less effective. Just my opinion.

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        Definitely use a cheap pressure sprayer or something to apply it.

        You will kill your hand tendons squeezing the trigger that much otherwise.

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        Its completely true. The nozzle is useless. Best to buy a spray bottle and just fill it and spray away. The nozzle is entirely useless.

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      i have bought this for the past couple years and used it on the outside of the house. it does work and usually lasts up to about 4-6 months from experience
      works better than the aldi version as well - aldi one isnt as effective and only lasted maybe 2 months and then I noticed a significant increase of roaches

    • +5

      Use boric acid powder, cheap and effective.

    • I keep spraying pests virtually daily.

      Not only do the pests come back but the parents come as well angry as anything. I really don't know what else to do to keep the kids off my lawn. Bit of false advertising if you ask me.

    • Simples!

  • +2

    I bought this product last year, useless spray never worked need to pour into another sprayer to spray. I will not buy again.

    • Brother bought it the other week as well, no comments about the bugs yet, but he said the sprayer was broken on his as well. Had to grab a random sprayer to get it to work.

  • Used this in the shed and it works pretty well there. Probably a little over 6 months of effectiveness.
    Can't say much about outside though as haven't tried it there yet.

  • We used to use this sort of "spray", not sure if it works or not (similar to health supplements, you never know).
    Agree the nozzle is not good, it is sprayed like a semi-fluid. I like it if it is sprayed as mist, like other canned pesticide.
    Any other suggestions I can move those contents into other container?

  • +1

    Personally I find that the surface spray in an aerosol can is good for three months indoors. I think Aldi's can is only $6 or $7.

    I guess this is a bigger quantity and is effective for longer, plus is suitable for outdoors, but I'm just not inclined to use these big packs.

    This can of Raid Surface Spray for $8 (also on special) is apparently good for 6 months…


    • Read the active ingredient percentages. Can sprays are usually ultra stingy, concentrates can give you 100 times the actual poison per $.

      • The can has different active ingredient/s anyway so it's a bit like apples and oranges. I just know that the can produces dead cockroaches.

    • +1

      You can get the "Woolworths" branded one with the same active constituents for only $3

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    FYI 3L Brunnings is $18 at Bunnings, standard price

    • Works ok until left open, use it all or chuck the left over. I used just over 1 pack then 4 months later the open one didn't keep ants out after 20 min…

      • Maybe you're like me and forget to shake it. It's an emulsion so if you didn't shake it the first time you might have mainly water left over.

        • Lol I've never shook it, thanks

  • i find its good, you have to adjust the nozzle and you get mist as you desire. for me at least 6 months no roaches or spider. it doesn't work for ants.

  • I prefer go Mortein Control Bomb
    Much more easier than this.

    • +1

      "Much more easier than this."

      Not outdoors it's not.

    • But is is also more better or is it less badder?

  • +4

    Can confirm this is NOT the same as pest control professional technology

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    the nozzle of this one sucks!

    Prevents insect infestations by killing cockroaches, ants and spiders for up to 6 months inside the home and 3 months outside

    I sprayed on ants, they were death on laughing.

  • +3

    Been using this for years in a $5 garden sprayer. makes 5 litres but you do have to use it once mixed, can't be stored as the powder doesn't actually dissolve in the water and will settle out in the container and go weird. definitely lasts at least 4 months and that's in the Adelaide Hills, everything gets pretty wet/damp over winter and it still works.


    If you use it make sure you wet surfaces by spraying a good stream of it, not a mist, it will dry out leaving a white/opaque residue where you use it. I find this handy as you can see where you've put it, you might not like the look if around the outside of house on dark surfaces.

    • Did the same thing at the start of the year, it works very well.

  • +1

    As mentioned the spray nozzle is total bull crap!

  • What does everyone use for flea carpets.. I tried to use these sprays on my tiles, but they only last for few weeks (3 max), then I have to re-spray all the areas. The areas where I live is tropical and in the summer the carpets get steamy hot where most fleas like to breed..

    • +1

      Vacuum carpet thoroughly, then sprinkle with food-grade diatomaceous earth.

    • Flea bombs. Stomp alot first to hatch as many eggs as possible then bomb.

  • The spray nozzle on this is so terrible it makes it completely useless. Don't bother.

  • Sprayed this on ant highway to our house which scared them off for the day but they were back the next as if it never happened….

    • +2

      Use boric acid powder mixed with a bit of honey.

      Laugh while the ants consume the powder and return to the nest, killing the queen and her subjects.

      • +1

        That only works for ants that want sugar. Someone suggested peanut butter and honey mix with borax for the ants that like fat. Best of both worlds.

        I recently used 3/4tsp borax, 1tsp honey, a bit of hot water (to help dissolve mixture only). Then drizzle along the trail of ants. Haven seen a single ant near that area for at least a week!

        Cost: 20c (max)

  • works well for roaches - not really effective against little black ants - nozzle dodgy but OK when set right - it can squirt the goo a fair way if you are trying to hit high spots under eaves for example - a good buy at $15

    • Did it stop german cockroaches? It didn't stop mine last summer. None of the surface sprays did, and nor did whatever the professional pest control guy used. I finally moved on to gels and that seemed to slow them down.

      • +1

        I used a fiprinol gel, and it destroyed the colony.
        Make sure u seal all ur food and leave the dead roaches behind. They scavenge and eat the dead roaches, and then they die and so on.
        It took about 2 to 3 weeks for a really heavy infestation to subside. I recently replaced an exhaust fan and there were hundreds/thousands of dead bodies.

  • I have used this for years sometimes get the odd spider etc and other years nothing. But is the ant kill from bunnings better? It says only last 3 months where as mortein lasts 6 months.

    • +2

      Read what I posted above about boric acid, best thing to kill ants as you have to kill the queen and the nest.

      Using sprays will only kill/deter some of the worker ants, that doesn't do much as there's so many of them and are easily replaced.

      My garden shed was full of them nesting, within a week they were all gone.

      • will borax works as well as boric acid?

        are they the same thing?

        • Borax is fine.

        • @Scab: thanks scab!

  • +2

    i bought it 1-2 weeks ago in coles, same price.

    agree the nozzle is the nightmare, spent 20mins+ before it started to spray something, have had doubted it was broken already.

    • Seriously…. you actually spent 20 minutes yanking the trigger?

      • Yes the spray noozle is a piece of shit. Whoever designed it is a tool.
        God knows how many customers they have lost cause of the noozle.

        • +1

          God damn that noozle

      • Yeah I did too….

  • Theres nothing wrong with the trigger sprayer it's the bloody tubes which is too long. The trigger is designed for liquid not air.

    • I brought two bottle, after messing with one for 15min, i gave up, got so frastruated,took the noozle/hose of and threw the liquid around the house. The other bottle still in the garage can not be F.

  • Hmmm… Professionals use pyrethrum. A natural Daisy plant extract.
    Active ingredient in this is Deltamethrin. It's a synthetic pyrethroid pesticide,

  • Why would you want to spray outside, birds and things like them.

  • Any pest control technicians who can comment on some of these claims?

  • i found this to be crap for indoors, and it left dribble marks. the small tubes of gel are much more effective, though a bit messy if you put it in the wrong spot. i found the skirting of the kitchen cupboards a good place.

  • +1

    Glad it wasn't just me. I actually called the customer support number on the back. They suggested I leave it in a bucket of warm water for about 30 minutes to loosen it up or they'd send me new triggers. I tried the warm/hot water trick and it worked pretty well. I was carrying the thing around in a bucket of hot water spraying it around. I like that it's more liquidy instead of a mist as i was using it around the kitchen where I have a cockroach problem.

  • thanks for sharing all your comments guys, always wondered about this product…will try it along with the $10 bunnings spray…..so you reckon this is "almost" as good as paying the pros $170?

  • +1

    Cheapest way I have found for large areas is you can get concentrated permethrin like this https://www.bunnings.com.au/david-grays-500ml-ant-and-termit... for $15 and makes 20L (10x the amount of mortein!) Buy a 5L Sprayer and you are set!

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