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DJI Spark - Alpine White Mini Drone $599 with Free Shipping @ Johnny Appleseed GPS


Hi guys!

We have the DJI Spark (Alpine White) on special for $599 with free postage (regular post, express options available for a few dollars more). You can also visit one of our locations to pick-up in store. This deal is available until 6/10/2017 or while stock lasts.

Product Details

Only the Alpine White variant is discounted, though we have the full Spark color range available.

Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail/give us a call with any questions or come say hello in-store at one of our 4 locations.

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    The price for the DJI Sparks have really dropped over the past couple of weeks. Tempted to buy one.

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      Spark is great if you're into selfies and don't care about recording quality. Difference between Spark and Mavic Pro:

      Spark is mostly controlled by gestures/mobile over wifi
      Controller must be purchased separately unless you buy the Fly More combo
      Range is 2km max
      Records 1080p video, 12mp stills
      Has 2 axis gimbal
      Realistically 12-13 min battery (DJI claims 18)
      With the controller you're looking at about $800 or $750 if you can find it for $150, it's $209 through DJI

      Mavic can be controlled by gestures/mobile and comes included with the controller.
      Range is 7km, can push it to a little over 10 with a software hack or range extender
      Realistically 19-20 min battery (DJI claims 27)
      Records 4K video, 12mp stills
      Has 3 axis gimbal

      Both have obstacle avoidance, return to home, fpv support etc, Spark is just more portable but not foldable like the Mavic. If you're on a budget get the Spark, but if you want something more durable and advanced spend a bit more and get the Mavic.

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        The Spark is less than 1/2 the weight and does not sound like a small swarm of bees while flying.


          Chuck the Platinum propellers on it and think otherwise :P

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          @koalafied: Don't know about the props, but my father owns the Mavic and I own the Spark, and I think they are both really quiet compared to out Phantom 3 & 4.

          If you want a noisey quad, get an Inspire. Father has one of them as well and it sounds like a Lear jet taking off.



          Will be getting the Inspire 2 in a few years when it drops


    Will this work with my Mavic Pro controller?

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    Any deals on the fly more?


      Hi Heybargain!

      We've got $50 off on the Fly More Combo at the moment but only have the special for the drone itself.

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    Still holding out till the $949 Mavic Pro Fly More returns! Will probably wait a decade…. oh well.


    Good price, but makes the fly more seem expensive now at 1099 although the basicvalue on eBay offer can be competitive with a coupon code. May be better off buying this and rolling your own fly more kit.

    Essential items: RC $150-200 depending where u buy
    Charger: 40 for the after market quad charger

    Suspecting a new mode is coming out if they begin to discount this overseas also.



    Futuregear currently have the drone in both red and white for $566.

    Bring that down to $537.70 with PINCH5.

    Best price I’ve seen so far I reckon.

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