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Free $5 Credit (SCA Club Members) @ Supercheap Auto

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  • How could I use the $5 credit online?

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      When you go to pay you just select club credit.

  • Hmm I'm a club plus member but didn't get an email? :(

    • I just got one about 20 minutes ago.

      • Your arse must be tighter than mine then.

  • I didn't gwt an email either

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    Didn't get an email. Could it be "targeted"?

  • No email from SCA. Targeted ?

  • I received email about an hour ago and my wife just received an email, hopefully all the registered members will get email soon.

    EDIT : I don't think its targeted, Even last few times everyone gets free credit.

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      I got the email about 20 mins ago. Just activated the credit then.

      • I got the email but I didn't see any link to activate the credit. where is it?

        • Don't think you need to activate. When I log on to my account, I just see it.

  • Mine came through. Be patient, tightarses…

    • Lol ok

  • Just got mine at 11:37 am. Be patient, ladies!

  • find it at times supercheapauto is difficult to browse then to buy experience

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      sometimes comment reading words hard understand order because

  • I got my email too at 11:37 am.

  • I activated it but it's not showing up in "My Loyalty Credit". Anyone else got this problem? Or will it only show between 5-7PM?

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      Take two Disprin and wait 20 minutes.

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        Golden advice! It shows now hahahaha.

  • The credit is only valid for today btw. But if you spend $60 you get $10 credit and if you spend $100 you get $20 credit which expires on oct 14th.

    • The credit is only valid for today btw.

      The only expiration date I saw was that you have to claim the credit today, I see no expiry date to actually use it and it was added to my existing credit.

    • Does this apply to sale items too?

      • Yes, especially if you're an Ozbargainer☺️

    • error

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    Pasting this in here

    794 products $5 and under

  • No email, did we need to tick


    Yes! Please send me emails with the latest catalogue, club member only sales and latest race updates.

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      Pretty sure yes.

  • No email either.

  • Same here. My tight arse is itchy.

  • Thanks OP. This reminded me to join SCA, to get the $10 credit, to get $5 (effectively) off a replacement headlight globe.

    • Change both globes at the same time…

      • I read recommendations about doing this - is it primarily because of a potential difference brightness? Or something else?

  • Didn't get an email but I didn't have the Marketing box ticked. I've sent them an email to see if they can send me one anyway.

    • I already had the marketing box ticked and have been a member for years but no email.

      • I just got my eamil

  • my $5 has just arrived :) thanks

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    so weird, hubby got an email and a button to activate credit. my email doesnt have an activate area.

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      Mine doesnt either, just says i have $5 credit to spend. Nothing in my account yet though

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        i thought i was going insane, not being able to find it. Yes, no credit on my account yet either.

        • Haha me too! Says at the bottom of the email that we'll receive it by the 30th, so nothing to worry about yet. Edit - just got the $5 credit in my account :)

        • @shapers: nah, the credit by the 30th is for the spend $60 get $10 credit etc. The $5 is only for today.

        • @shapers:

          But it says the credit is only available on the 27th…

          Mine doesn't have the activate button either

        • @loulou1: Oh my bad :)

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          @acookie: Yep misread it. I just got the credit in my account, didnt have to activate anything

    • email that I received doesn't have an active area as well, but when I click in to my account, there is $5.00 credit available :)

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    • too many button batteries for my liking…

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  • SCA Dilemma: "2 Oil trays + 1 funnel" OR "1 oil tray + 3 funnels" ?

    • It will be out of stock when you figure it out.

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      Just get a fumoto valve, no need for trays, funnels or messy oil changes ever again.

      • I'd be all over it if it was $36 cheaper ;) Interesting device though.

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          I put one in for my new forester couple years back. If you plan to keep your car for 10 years, it only comes up to $3.60 / year you are paying to avoid messy oil changes, you can even change the oil when its nice and hot >50degrees..

          I just connect a short piece of plastic tubing from the fumoto to an empty oil container, flick the valve open and let it all drain out. As that is happening, I unscrew the oil filter, slap in a new one and go off and have a coffee and check OzBargain. 15 mins later turn off the valve, remove the tubing and cap oil container. Pour in some new Penrite Racing 5w30.

          No splashy hot oil mess, no fuss easy oil change.

          A must if you do your own oil changes, but if you go to the dealers then forget about it, some of the junior techs can get confused and removed it to do an oil change LOL…

      • Looks like it would hang lower than the sump and possibly get knocked off.

        • not for sumps where the drain plug comes out from the side or at an angle like my forester. For most other cars unless you have really low profile tires and lowered your suspension very unlikely to hit it. Futhermore, the drain plug location is usually in between both front tyres, so unless you approach a big hump at a 45degree angle, unlikely to hit it.

          Besides its quite low profile and only a few centimeters more than the normal drain plug, and just as hard.

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    Thanks! Got 3 Cans of Tyre shine for $3.97 :)

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    This looked good with good reviews so grabbed this.


  • When does the free $5 credit expire?

    • Tonight

      • Midnight I assume?

        • 7pm

        • I was able to use the credit on the website after 7pm

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          @jcrew: Same. For next time - just successfully used my credit at 11:45pm eastern.

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    Picked up:
    SCA Oil Drain Pan - 8 Litre $2
    SCA Funnel $1
    SCA Duct Tape $2
    SCA Spark Plug Gap Gauge $0.95

    • You just spent 95c more than you had to.

      • I didn't mention the other items totalling over $20. Well played SC, well played.

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    Grabbed the 3000Kg Car Stands for $29.49.

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    Still haven't gotten the email not has it appeared in my account :/

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    I never received the email either. I assume this is targeted, as I don't recall receiving loyalty credit previously that others posted about. I emailed SCA to find out what subscription is required but haven't heard back from them.

  • I just used my $5 credit online now (8:10pm) on some Rain X so it's still working.

    Maybe the 7pm deadline is for in-store as an extended closing time as I know my local store usually closes at 5:30pm on a Wednesday.

  • Funny thing is one account has credit, the other one for missus don't have? Anyone on similar boat?

  • I rode my bicycle there and got a bottle of Bars Bugs windscreen detergent. It was $6.65 but came down to $1.65 after the $5 credit. Lucky for me I found a few dollars on my trip making it cheaper than free.

  • Picked up my order, and was also given a free bag of goodies with like sandals, sunnies and all this other stuff inside hahaha.

  • Hacksaw Blade $1.97, and a 16oz Mallet $3.99… I went over but happy to pay 96c ;).

    Thanks Supercheap!

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      Uh, what are you gonna do with that Mallet thing and that sawwy up blade. OK, OK, that's cool… just stay cool.

      • +2

        Law Abiding Citizen ;).

  • I emailed SCA about missing out on the $5 credit on the day and they credit my account $5! Great customer service.

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