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Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 8GB + 256GB - i5-7200U/Win CN Fingerprint Sensor - USD $793.03 (~AUD $990) Delivered @ GearBest


For those who were waiting for deal on xiaomi mi notebook just came across this today… But I am still confused between this and Asus UX330UA ( https://www.amazon.com/UX330UA-AH54-13-3-inch-Ultra-Slim-Pro...)

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  • Ux303 (I know its not the ux330) has an aluminium covered plastic body Underneath, its not completely metal if that makes your decision any easier.

    The plastic bits that holds my ux303 screws have broken off underneath.

    Check out repair guides on both laptops for ux330 and xiaomi air to see what materials are used inside.

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    Asus doesnt have decicated graphics whereas xiaomi does…

  • Will you need a power adapter to use the charger?

    • Not sure about this one, but most laptops just have a figure 8 or clover lead that plugs into the power pack. You buy whatever lead you need for your country.

      • I think the xiaomi one is different to these. Ordered this model on light in the box a few weeks ago and picking up tomorrow so hoping for the best.

        • Same boat. Hopefully getting it in a couple days, hoping everything will be easy breezy

        • @Salmando: Might keep the Xiaomi charger for home and then use an Anker Powerport+ for travel so I can charge other devices on the go so I dont have to worry about the adapter falling out

        • @jackdevries01:
          I keep seeing a Xiaomi 20,000mah usb-c charger pop up here from time to time they has high output for charging laptops. Might grab one or two and tape them to the back of the screen or something 😶

        • +1

          @Salmando: Yeah I also ordered that ZMI QB820 20,000mah one as well for travelling.

        • @jackdevries01: How did you go with it regarding the charger and laptop itself?

        • @adamfury: Lightinthebox cancelled my order, for no reason at all. Ordering it from Gearbest tomorrow and hoping this time it will ctually come

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      According to their Q&A on the page:

      "Q: Hello. Do you give plug for Russia (EU) in package with it?"
      "A: Yes. We will send an adapter with all our products according to the order's country of delivery."

      • +3

        In mother Russia, charger plugs you!

        I'll help myself out - you can keep the hat.

    • It should come with a wall charger like this one, with US plug built-in. So, the answer is yes, you need a power adaptor.

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    Thanks OP, been waiting for a sub-1k deal on this new model. Cheers!

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    Can anyone anser this.

    I went to put it on the cart and if i add insurance to it the price is driven to over 1000 aud. Will this then mean that i need to pay GST.

    Alternatively, does Paypal provide enough insurance to not have Gearbest insurance?


    • I'd like to know also

    • +1

      I purchased this from lightintgrbk🤔… Pressed a couple wrong keys there - anyway, it cost just over 1024 Aussie dollarydoo's, but it seems the packaging only has the laptop value, in American dollars.

      I'm expecting no issue

  • Did they fix the heating issue from the previous model?

    • Not on this model but it only occurs under full load with gaming i hear from reviews.

      Day to day seems to be no problem.

    • This is why I've never considered something like this, until recently. Heat had always been an issue for me. My hp dv7 puts out more heat than most industrial heaters.

      My ex's Dell.. xps… Something something, would perform extremely well, then hey a smidgen hot and become unusable. I'm hoping this won't happen here

      • From what i understand if you play games on it get a laptop cooler but if you are doing work etc should be no problem.

        • Might get two of those 20k Xiaomi battery packs and attack then to the bottom to prop it up.

          Sounds better than the wood blocks I might have used in the past…

        • @Salmando: I think this one expels heat from above the keyboard. I wanted to attach it to an external monitor, but I don't like the idea of heat affecting the display when the lid is closed. I basically want this laptop, without heating issues and a displayport so I can get 4k @ 60hz.

        • @FeRGan:
          I was looking at the Microsoft ones, but they quickly became $3000+ 😐

          In the past, I've always gone all out and gone best I could find, but honestly I just want something now that will reliably turn back on after going to sleep.

          This to me is a Windows MacBook with superior specs and a great price - I expect it to be great at making me more more Xiaomi products from ozbargain

    • Keyboard does get hot when gaming but it's bearable. Consider a wireless keyboard and mouse

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    • Looks like there will be another deal from light in the box on Tuesday. So may wait until then.

      • I am gonna wait and see if it gets any cheaper…

  • Bought this a few days ago from xiaomi store. This is somehow cheaper than the official store. Perfect so far. Hangs a little bit when gaming. Startup is super fast with fingerprint scanner

    • What did you do for the charger in Australia? Did you need an adaptor?

      • Still in china atm. It has a Japanese plug. I'll just use a leftover cheap adapter from a previous bargain

    • Since you already use it what's your opinion on the same color for laptop and keys …do they go well..looks little odd …would prefer black colored keys..

      • Looks just like a mac air. Looks are subjective. One in store was covered with laptop decals…starry night theme. Looked wicked. So there's always the option of buying laptop stickers if you can find them

        • You can buy a black keyboard skin for this for $5 or less on ebay or aliexpress

        • @jackdevries01: i found the van gogh stickers from a seller online but they're out of stock. They definitely beat rgb lights.

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    Currently cheaper here at USD$788 with express postage. An associate has mentioned that on the 1st of October we should see a deal at around USD$740. I'd wait until then. Anything south of $1k is a good deal though, but I am going to neg because it is cheaper elsewhere as per the guidelines.

    • Wow $5 cheaper.

      • +1

        Still cheaper. Emphasis on the 1st of October.

    • +1

      any word on the USD$740 price

      • Yeah, I'll keep you updated. Associate said the 1st, but as to what time zone that applies to, I don't know.

        • thank you sir.

        • Any word on this yet?

        • @adamfury: National Day was on 01 October and so this whole week is a public holiday in China. We might see something next week. Maybe.

  • Heard these have not so good battery life.

    • Dedicated graphics will do that. For all day battery life, look elsewhere.

        • second slot for SSD
        • USB type c charge & data at same time

        I have this feeling xiaomi may update the process in mi air with 8th gen since everyone is doing it …I know mi pro has it already… May be that's why lot of offers in market ?!

        • I expect a lot from Xiaomi in the next 5 years

  • I was also tossing up between the two.
    I went for the ASUS because it apparently has much beget battery life.
    Also I'm not interested in gaming on PC so the better graphics card in the Xiaomi isn't really a big drawcard for me.

  • Looking at buying one right now for myself at the moment. Looking to use for uni and leaning toward the Xiaomi need to get in around 6 hours of usage without an outlet. Usually just looking at slides and writing some code. Achievable? Is there any reason for choosing the ASUS over it other than superior battery life?

    • Mainly because its lighweight, fits in ~950 AUD range with i5 7th gen. But just found this one much more confused now Asus Zenbook UX310UQ 13.3" FHD i7 256GB SSD 8GB GT 940MX 2GB


      • Ah yeah that one does look quite nice. I'm still pretty sold on the Xiaomi might hang out a bit and hope they release a new model I think the build quality of the xiaomi is much better just need to update the processor and it would be sweet.

        • This is the new model. It only came out recently and uses newer generation components. I wouldn't be too concerned about Xiaomi build quality. Ive bought many of their products and have found them to be excellent. The only reason I chose the ASUS over this was because a week or two ago the price of the Xiaomi was higher and likely to go over the $1000 GST exemption limit.

  • Mine came with a stuck pixel. Check yours if you get one. Works perfectly with HDMI to an external monitor so no issue for me

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