[Price Error] Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 - Phantom $19 (was $169) @ The Good Guys

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Every day is a party when you have UE's BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker around. It blasts powerful sounds in every direction, and when you double up with a friend's speaker your favourite tunes become larger than life. The UE 3014591 will entertain on any adventure.

It's IPX7 waterproof to one metre for thirty minutes so you can take it into the water for a short while, or out dirt bike riding for the day - just rinse with it off the mud with warm soapy water. Plus, the 30 metre wireless range allows you to control the playlist from your Bluetooth enabled device from afar when you download the UE BOOM 2 app, and with Siri and Google Now integration on the 3014591 simply say what you want to hear and it'll play it - just like that. And for one serious playlist, you could pair it up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices.

It's built tough but also light enough to go anywhere, and it has a 15 hour battery life for a day of activities. Enrich any adventure with the loud sounds of this UE BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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        Yeah I'm calling bs. No way you could go that far below cost without manager approval.

        • +1

          Second that. Someone just comes in a hoover’s up all your stock in one transaction for $19 speakers?

          Even the dumbest “checkout chick” would know something was up with a $150 price difference. Good chance the system would not let her override that big of a difference without manager approval.

    • Receipt please so that it will be easy to bargain for everyone.

      • -2

        Will upload later. Has my phone number and shit on it gotta blank out first when I get to a computer

        • +2

          Just upload the price x qty at least to help people out :)

    • +1

      I admire your work, but that is too many.

    • +11

      TGG opens at 9am, but you had enough time to get it from the shelf, convince the checkout lady that it's $19, walk to your car, then post to Ozbargain within 59 seconds?

      I'm calling BS

      • +2

        dabell = broden

    • +3

      what a load of bs. dont try to seek attention

  • +1

    Thanks OP! 3 on the way… some early morning excitement is not bad even if they cancel it.

  • Thanks fam

    • +1

      Regretting not buying the full 3… cheap presents

  • lol love the targetted ad showing up at the bottom of my ozbargain page….UEBoom2 $169 from the good guys haha

  • Wow… got stuck at Paypal payment for like 5 minutes… then it finally went through. Here's hoping.

    • Same. But got confirmation email and no errors or anything at the end.

    • Same, but I wouldn't hold high hope for it. Likely to be cancelled for all delivery option.

    • same

    • SAme, but went through!

  • +3

    I created an Ozbargain account just want to say thanks a lot. Lol~

    • +7

      Welcome to ozbargain, please prepare to be disappointed..

  • Ordered one…. time will tell….

  • What are my chance of getting one instore if i show them this web price

    • 0% as the price is $169 in the catalogue.

    • slim. theyl see right through that. stores dont usually honour match pricing errors.

    • Absolutely not.

  • Thanks OP! Ordered 2 for stereo set up. Fingers crossed! Been wanting these fore a while.

  • order received! fingers crossed they will honour it!

  • +1

    There you go, I never knew UE = Ultimate Ears.

    • Same always just thought that was the brand name.

    • +1

      or in this case Ultimate Error

  • Got tired of "pricing error" and waiting for refund. Will pass this time.

    • Thanks for letting us know.

      • +1

        Thanks for letting me know that I let you know.

        What is the time by the way, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Also ordered 2 but highly likely to wait for refund.
    OP should put Pricing Error on the title to warn us all first.

  • So what do we expect now? I guess full refund. Any bonus like gift voucher? What value of gift voucher?

    Need to be realistic :)

    • +1

      Bonus email confirming cancellation.

  • +3

    Ordered an asko dishwasher and now this … my life can only take so many cancellations.

  • Good guys site ozbargained… very slow

  • Bought one, I have the paypal receipt, but I think the website is getting hammered by us, because it won't load the good guys page again haha.

    Cheers OP! Hopefully they honour it.

  • I jumped in an ordered one too, will be awesome if they actually honor it :)

  • 504 Gateway timeout! OZb'd

    Guess what everyones getting for chirstmas :P

    • Same but my Paypal was charged

  • +2

    I still haven't recovered from this(https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/332806) disappointment

    hopefully good guys good enough to honour this and let me get on with life

  • +1

    site crasheddddddd

  • I keep getting "PayPal has not gone through, try again"

    Anyone else?

    • Same here

  • Ordered.

  • Order completed and see what happen later.

  • OzBargained: 504 - Gateway Timeout


  • +2

    Back office are going to have a busy week ahead processing all these refunds from OzB purchasers.!

  • +2

    Ordered 3 for no reason at all

    • +1

      me too … I don't even know why I bought them …

      • +1

        You can find reasons in gumtree if this deal gets honoured.

  • And Ozbargained! Site's choked

  • +1

    Hmm, got the confirmation email from Paypal saying it was ordered, nothing from the good guys though and now I can't even really access their site.
    Guess we'll see what happens.

    • Im on the same boat, I have a paypal reciept but TGG website said order didnt go through sooo i dont know whats happening

  • Ordered through paypal, got a paypal receipt but got redirected to a gateway timed out screen.
    Edit:Received a Good Guys Order Received Email now to wait.

  • …It has been very hard to put through the payment process… anyway. Will it honour the deal and will see

  • Ordered 2 - please work!

  • +1

    I ordered 2 bit paypal got stuck then said it didnt go thru so tried cc… got stuck and said didnt got thru.
    2 Emails from TGG saying order being processed and pending charges on cc from TGG….fibgers crossed!!!

    • Same thing happened to me, so you're not alone…

  • +1

    504 Gateway timeout. but paypal payment gone through. fingers crossed.

  • Dang! Just tried to order 2 and in the process their website started throwing 504 errors. Looks like someone or something saw the spike and pulled the plug.

  • The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom' are not buyable

    • Getting that message too now when trying to comeplete checkout.

  • Getting "The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable."

  • Getting 504 - Gateway Timeout
    now popup says, The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable.

  • It is getting bombarded now. Have to give it 2 tries before receiving the order confirmation. Wonder if anyone have the time and price match at officework https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/ultimate-e...

    • +1

      Someone in the comments did, they got denied.

    • OW online refused due to TGG provides 1 year manufacture warranty and OW provides 2. I doubt manufacture would ever produce 2 warranty terms for different resellers. What a lame excuse.

      • Aus law is 2 year

  • Site not responding now :(

  • 504 - Gateway Timeout!!!!

    • I refreshed again and the order went through! Here's hoping it actually arrives!

    • I got this too but, upon checking my Paypal account, the transaction had been processed. I hit refresh in the browser window and then recieved the confirmaiton screen from The Good Guys (and received a confirmation email from them as well). Fingers crossed!

  • I can't even access their website now. Just gateway error. I'm guessing it got smashed by everyone trying to get this deal! Hah

  • +1

    "The product "469512" cannot be ordered."

  • Error message on page "The product "469512" cannot be ordered."

  • website says the following product is not buyable. looks like they have realised their mistake

  • "Error:The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable"

    Got this just before I ordered them :(

  • Wow 10,000 clicks through. Highly unlikely they will honour this if there are that many orders.

  • +1

    "The product "469512" cannot be ordered."

    • This for me too.

  • +1

    enjoy the voucher guys

  • Says UE Boom 2 not buyable now

  • It's now saying: The product "469512" cannot be ordered.

    Damn :(

  • Getting "The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable." When trying to go to Paypal. Think they shut it down. :(

  • +1

    Finally got through, can't wait to see what TGG does with this f*** up :D

    • +4

      Spoiler Alert

      They will refund your money.

  • The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable

  • Damn

  • -3

    am I the only one getting this error?

    The product "469512" cannot be ordered.

    • +7

      Well there's at least four other comment saying the same thing so, no

  • The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable.

  • ozbargained.

  • expired. Can't buy the Boom 2 now comes up with error at checkout "The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable. "

  • +1

    Some body forgot to enter a 6 into the price.

  • +1

    Error:The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable.

    After I spent 10 minutes going around in circles between 504 errors - Refresh - Place Order

    Bummer :(

  • +1

    "The product "469512" cannot be ordered."

  • "The following products "BOOM 2 - Phantom" are not buyable".

    Damn! Not so good christmas presents coming

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