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ToolMech Magnetic Fender Cover $10 w/ Free Delivery (Usually $20)


Hi Guys!

We are having a sale on our fender covers and wanted to share with OzBargain

We sell these normally for $20, so we've dropped the web price to $10 and if you use the code FENDEROCT you'll get free delivery.

No limits on quantity.

Item details:

Magnetic Fender Cover 790mm x 590mm
31" wide x 23" high
To protect the surface of vehicle while working
Two full width magnetic strips
Easy clean work surface
Soft cloth backing to protect paint surface
Black with blue trim

Any questions, feel free to ask below


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  • What are these for?

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      Hi johl!

      You use them for protecting the fenders of a vehicle while working on it. Ensures nothing falls on it (oils etc) as well as helping to prevent scratches.

      • ha! didn't knew it was a thing.

      • You can also use them to cover up dings and rust before you bog them.

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    is there enough metal in my Ford Focus for this to stick to? :)

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      I believe your Focus is 100% carbon fiber, maybe you can use super glue or double sided sticky tape with this product

  • They're for MUDGUARDS!

    • Panel is the word. Mudguards are bit different. :)

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        Fender = Mudguard. Panel is anywhere on the car, though it may be a more appropriate name for the item.

        • Haha , ok you got to a car shop and ask for a mudguard and see what they hand you.

        • +2

          A mudguard of course, provided they speak Australian English. A piece of pressed metal (maybe plastic) from a corner of a car. Are you thinking of a mudflap?

          What would you get if you asked for a panel? A question - which panel, there's 30 on a car?

  • ordered one, thanks… will get good use.

  • Nice, got one. Good for when you working on your car so you don't get dirty leaning over into your car and also don't scratch car when leaning into engine bay, plus what the others said above!

  • +1

    Purchased one, thanks for the code "FENDEROCT"
    managed to bought it for $8.05 after I select CTI express for shipping method.

  • These are great, I use mine all the time. Get two - one for each side!

  • Thanks, bought 3 for Xmas presents for brother, son, & son in law.

  • I gave up after trying to pay for it 3 times using paypal express and Aus Post as delivery option. Error code:" voucher code has already been used".

    • Sorry about that, I can see what happened with your order there, i've fixed the issue and it will now allow you to check out :)

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    Brilliant! Thanks. Been looking for a pair of decent-sized magnetic fender aprons for ages. All the cheap ones in SCA/Autobarn etc. are either not magnetic or only slightly bigger than a handkerchief. The proper professional ones from the likes of Repco are priced like they're made of gold leaf. These look like they'll fill the middle ground for the home mechanic perfectly. Cheers, ordered two.

  • Hi Guys, most of you should have received these by now.

    Any problems at all, you can hit reply on your order email and we can follow up tracking etc for you. Thanks again!

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