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The Good Guys - $100 off Any Ticketed Item over $500 or $20 off Any Item Ticketed over $100


Got an email and as per the title $100 off Any Ticketed Item over $500 or $20 for Item Ticketed over $100 (online and in-store).

Online Codes are unique and possibly one-off use only.

Excludes purchases of Asko, Miele, Bertazzoni La Germania, Falcon, Apple, purchases of gift cards, Concierge Service Plans, Gold Service Extras, installation, delivery and tech services, and purchases utilising previously earned Store Credits.

Excludes eBay purchases.

Update (7/10 10:55am): Offer is also available in-store.

Edit : have received the following information from a fellow ozbargainer CaptainTerific, who happens to work for the good guys…

Discount can be had on a single item in store without code (within the same restrictions as the online promo), you just have to supply a valid mobile number and agreeing to receive further advertisements via SMS.

Valid Saturday and Sunday Only.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • PM me for a code.

  • appreciated if someone could PM a code.

    • +1


      • thanks mate, used.

  • My unused code 864QB29Y

    • Thankyou, I just used this code.

  • Can someone please pm me a code hoping to buy a fridge, thanks in advance

  • Anybody have a good recommendation as to which laptop to buy using this deal? Looking for a budget friendly ($400-500) laptop that can handle a fair few internet tabs open while running office. Nothing spectacular, it's for my mum, but something reliable. There's about 10 computers that fit this profile on the good guys website so just looking for advice.

  • Would appreciate a PM code… TIA

  • Merged from Promo Code for TheGoodGuys

    Got a promo code from TGG for their Canstar Promotion.

    I've no use for it, so just put it up here for anyone to grabe it. I think it can only be used once.

    Promo Code:


    Please let me know if you've used it, so that it can be removed.

  • I have a code. Pm for code as I’m not buying anything

    Edit: code is taken

  • Pm me for the code

    • Gone.

  • Where do you enter the promo code?

    As I can't seem to find it on the check out process when I have added things to my cart and continue thru the payment process (sorry may be a seniors moment)

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    Posting my code for someone to use :)

    • Got it. Thank you so much. Just love ozbargain :)
      Grabbed that Weber I've been thinking about for months.

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    My code: 74ETXOF9

  • Its advertised in todays Herald sun without a code. So i don't think its targeted. At least for Victoria it isn't

    • Stores are closed now :\

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    • Thanks, used this one :)
      Bought on impulse lol, at least I have free returns :P

  • Hey can someone please PM me their code if they aren't using, signed up for TGG newsletter but wasn't targeted :( Thanks!

    Used one above.

  • 7K895PBZ Your Welcome!

  • I've got no use for mine either so someone feel free to use: PJ44BXNT

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    Hi Guys,
    Discount can be had on a single item in store without code (within the same restrictions as the online promo), you just have to supply a valid mobile number and agreeing to receive further advertisements via SMS.

  • Pm me for code.

  • In today's The Weekend West newspaper….same offer Saturday & Sunday in-store only. All WA Stores. No code needed.

  • Anybody having trouble?
    I get: CMN3101E The system is unavailable due to "Promotion "" is temporarily not available at this time.".

    • never mind, ended up using IE and it went through :|

  • +2

    Good Guys concierge programme is a scam in my experience. Just so you guys know. I bought a fridge and a dishwasher with concierge warranty / program thing. The fridge was dead out of the box. Took 2 months of arguing and ME having to follow up with multiple emails and phone calls and going down the the store like an angry citizen to get a replacement.

    Also the fridge ended up being cheaper the week after I bought it, so with concierge you're supposed to get the difference back in store credit. I had to follow it up again multiple times. After I finally got the store credit I went to use it and was told it doesn't work.

    Not worth the extra money when they try fleece you for it after you make a purchase. Just like any " Do you want extended warranty? " BS i guess.

    • similar experience, i dont buy from them anymore, cant wait for amazon

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    Can I too be a Good Guy :-)


  • FARA339Y :)

  • Anybody have a code (or 2), wanting to buy some gifts

    • Don't need a code. Read the last update.

  • +1


    • Used this one thanks

  • +1

    I've got no use for mine either so someone feel free to use: X2AH3FG1.

    • Thanks used.

      Bought a google home for $178 for my mother.

      The nursing home doesn’t like power adapters.

      • The Google Home has a power adaptor..?

        • The cheaper google homes you buy from overseas eg. on shopmonk need one as the plug is not OZ.

          The ones bought from Australian shops do have an OZ plug; and so no adapter required.

  • Code: 4D6QJI1C

    May there be Peace and Happiness always !!

  • Here's my code to share: 3DI6I8S7

  • For those who can't get instore 8QBRE075

  • comment if you use it QQBK3FFR

  • Got a code - if anyone still needs one just PM me

    • Taken

  • Does this mean a $1000 item can use two codes and be $200 off?

  • S144BDSA

    wont use mine.

  • The code i received is 47V4U3PB. Feel free to use

  • edit: gone

  • I'm not going to use mine so here you go 11PRQT59

  • I saw this advertised in the newspaper. You can just walk in and get it.

  • FM3622YI

  • Try this:
    It will open up a portal to Narnia

  • Have a code too which I am not going to be using. PM me if interested and haven't already found one from the comments.

  • PM me for the code

  • Not going to use mine, please use it: 5JQ41973

  • N717V007 - enjoy!

  • If anyone could PM me a code they aren't using would be much appreciated!

  • Hi, I can't physically get to a shop. Can anyone pm me a code please???

  • 0TMTV8IQ


  • My code if someone needs it 47958U8I

  • If anyone needs a code, pls PM me

  • So you can just walk in store and get the extra $100 off?

  • +1

    Code available - T001076T (note the 0 might be O as it is not clear on the email). First in best dressed

    • Just used it! Thanks!!!!!! =)

  • I've got a code if anyone wants to use.

    Code: VQSQKO30

  • If anyone still wants to use it.
    Code: N19ZYFHF

  • I have a code to give away. To save a rush purchase.
    First member who have been on Ozbargain for at least a month and says 'Wantone' will get it. Cheers

  • If someone could PM me a code they aren't using would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • If someone not using their code can share it with me I'll appreciate it so much!

    • +1

      I have a code if you still need one?

      If you turn on your PM I'll send it to you :)

      • +1

        I have turned it on. Thank you :D

        • +1

          Thanks - sent :)

  • If anyone wants a code message me.

    • Yes please if still available.

    • gone

  • Code needed if anyone has an unused one. Thanks!

    • You don't even need a code AFAIK. There was an add in the Saturday paper advertising the special for this weekend

  • +1

    2x codes.


  • Any codes people wouldn't mind getting rid off?

    • +1

      I have a code if you still need one.If you turn on your PM I'll send it to you.

      • +1

        Turned it on, I think

        • +1


  • -1

    Also got a Code for anyone who can help me with something(can't mention it here or I'll get banned). PM if u can help out :)

    • -1

      Spare code 609077LE , upvote if used

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