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Telstra BYO 12 Month Plan 15GB Data+Unlimited Calls- $39/Month-Available with Online Chat/Call


Chatted with Telstra online today as my phone is over 24 month contract, has been offered the BYO $49 with 15GB data and unlimited calling with $10 discount - which means $39 plan with 15GB data and unlimited calling.

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  • Alright, after trying several times I managed to finally get it as well. This time I went through to the billing team and they provided it straight away. I really think it's a matter of luck. I also asked them to match with Optus $40 plan and they said they had a $39 plan, Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan, and that they would add 5GB data. I spoke to a person called Sonal. I'm not sure how I can add a picture, otherwise I would add a snippet of the confirmation email.

    I suppose the morale is, keep trying and maybe try different services (eg, billing, nbn, whatever…). It seemed to work for me. Good luck!

  • After calling up multiple times and going through a few guys on chat per day, I finally managed to score this deal!

    I was only the $40 10gb plan - which was actually $50 with $10 discount, 5gb + 5gb bonus. I've been on this since April, with no other Telstra products.

    Kept getting told they couldn't add anymore data or discounts to my plan as I already had a discount and free data. Was also told they couldn't discount or add data to the MX plan.

    Finally managed to find someone on chat who would give me the MX with $10 off. Just mentioned straight away that that's what I was after. Got it after a few attempts. Couldn't get extra data though.

    Next day I tried on chat again, and pasted this link to a few guys, asking if they could add it to my account.
    Finally scored it!

    15gb for $39!

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    FYI, they're aware this has been posted, I got told this:

    "I believe that she get the idea on the OZ Bargain and that is not an official Telstra website. And for this, we do not have that offer."

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    No international minutes though. Telstra recently made international minutes a $10 option on some of the plans, hence why they have been able to make the plans cheaper.

  • Can anyone else not load the telstra site?

  • Thanks OP ! Was able to get the offer aswell

  • Similar deal from JBHIFI $49pm , including 20Gbs , unlimited calls and text , for 12 month contract PLUS $100 JBHIFI gift card .

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    Got it on my fourth online chat. Been a customer for about 2 years.

    Live chat => Mobile on a plan => Bill, Plan or Add-ons

    Me: Hello, I am looking to get the Mx plan with a $10 discount
    Me: Can you help me with this?
    [Asks for personal details]
    Sumit: I have checked and found that your current plan is out of contract and you are eligible to freely change your plan to $49 MX plan with $10 monthly discount.
    You will get 10Gb monthly data with unlimited national calls and SMS.
    Sumit: May I process the request for you?
    Me: Is it also possible to add the bonus 5gb?
    Me: https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/plans-and-rates/bon...
    Sumit: Yes, I will be able to add 5Gb bonus data and provide you 15Gb monthly data at a discounted price of $39 a month.

    Sumit ya legend! I have an order number as well if it'll help you guys: 1-1291770618236

    • From what I can gather, the plan is available to existing customers who just came off contract but have just been paying month-to-month under the old contract price which is why they can offer it so easily. Not so much for new customers though.

    • Worked perfectly for me. My existing plan expired last year. Cheers!

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    Online chat unable to do the deal but advised the deal as posted is available by calling during busines hours

    Monica: Currently we have $49 plan with 10 GB data but if you call you will get loyalty discount of $10 so it becomes $39 for 10 GB data and they will add 5 GB additional bonus also.
    Graham: So we can't do that online - have to call ?
    Graham: And that includes unlimited calling ?
    Monica: Yes, it included unlimited calling.
    Graham: So can we do that now ?
    Monica: I am sorry you need to call tommorow as it is open from 8 AM to 9 PM.

  • Live Chat with Customer Rep

    VAIBHAV at 22:50, Oct 9:
    You need to make a one phone call as we have dedicated team for that

    VAIBHAV at 22:52, Oct 9:
    You can reach them at 132200 and say "credit management".
    You need to talk to our credit management team first.

    VAIBHAV at 22:52, Oct 9:
    The number is toll free

    VAIBHAV at 22:52, Oct 9:
    They are available in between 08:00AM to 08:00PM

    Will call tomorrow and update

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      As above, I called earlier after being told the same thing on my 2nd chat and they still refused to change the MX plan, only the M plan.

  • Shit, they know it is us!!!!
    Dont mention forums or ozbargain

    21:53, Oct 9
    Info: Thank you for choosing Telstra 24x7 Live Chat. A representative will be with you shortly. At the conclusion of your chat please take a few moments to give us some feedback on your experience today.
    21:55, Oct 9
    Info: All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience.
    21:57, Oct 9
    Info: All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience.
    21:58, Oct 9
    Info: You are now chatting with Edrielle Angela.
    21:58, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: Hi Jordan. Thanks for waiting online. How can I help you?
    21:58, Oct 9
    Me: Hi, just recently saw on the forums that telstra is doing a deal of BYO 12 Month Plan 15GB Data+Unlimited Calls- $39/Month
    21:58, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: Oh, I apologise however, OZBargain and other third party website is not an official affiliate of Telstra. To ensure that you get the official offerings that we have it's best to base it on our Website.
    21:58, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/plans-and-rates#byo
    21:59, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: But let me discuss to you the offer properly, Jordan. :)
    21:59, Oct 9
    Me: thank you
    22:00, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: We do have ongoing two offers;

    $10 Credit Port-In Offer: Get a $10 monthly credit when you switch (Port-in) your mobile service to Telstra, and take up an eligible plan.

    Eligible Go Mobile Plus BYO Plans: Go Mobile Plus BYO $59 & Go Mobile Plus BYO $79.
    22:01, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: 5GB Bonus Data Multi Product Holding Offer: New customers who take up two or more eligible services on a 12 or 24 month contract in the same transaction & Existing customers with a Post-paid service who add an eligible second service on a 12 or 24 month contract OR Have two or more services on their account who recontract an eligible service on a 12 or 24 month contract.
    22:01, Oct 9
    Me: oh i see thanks
    22:02, Oct 9
    me: so is it possible to have the MX data plan, add 5gb of data on top and discount to 39 per month?
    22:02, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: BYO MX Plan is not eligible with the $10 Discount.
    As provided above, Eligible Go Mobile Plus BYO Plans: Go Mobile Plus BYO $59 & Go Mobile Plus BYO $79 .
    22:03, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: $10 Credit Port-In Offer: Get a $10 monthly credit when you switch (Port-in) your mobile service to Telstra, and take up an "eligible plan".

    Eligible Go Mobile Plus BYO Plans: Go Mobile Plus BYO $59 & Go Mobile Plus BYO $79 .
    22:04, Oct 9
    me: bummer
    22:04, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: Apologies but I'm glad I was able to clarify this for you ahead of time before placing the Order.
    22:04, Oct 9
    me: jump on to this as my friend just signed up for this plan
    22:05, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: Although I can not assist you further with that invalid offer, however is there anything else you would like further clarification on?
    22:05, Oct 9
    me: nothing else thanks
    22:05, Oct 9
    me: Thank you for the help
    22:05, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: You're very much Welcome, Jordan. You deserved to be kept well informed. ☺
    22:05, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: Please feel free to come back and chat with us anytime, as we are always happy to assist you.
    22:05, Oct 9
    Edrielle Angela: Have a great night! ☺
    22:06, Oct 9
    me: thank you ta!

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      Probably best to say a friend got the deal instead of saying that you found it on a forum

  • Update on mine. 3 numbers all within contract 2 with 10 months to run ($40 BYO's mind you) 1 hour on the livechat after some resistance all swapped over. Thanks OP.

  • Didn't have to make a call or anything, got given the deal first try. Thanks OP

    Hi Sachin, hope you've had a great day so far too.
    I've got a few friends that have managed to negotiate a deal

    Sachin at 0:02, Oct 10:
    Yes, thank you.

    me 0:03, Oct 10:
    to get the 49 dollar a month plan, with 15 gig and to get 10 dollars discounted a month, so 39 dollars a month for 15gb

    Sachin at 0:03, Oct 10:
    Let me check that for you.

    me 0:03, Oct 10:
    ok thanks

    gave details..

    Sachin at 0:06, Oct 10:
    Please allow me few minutes to pull up your account details.

    me 0:06, Oct 10:
    no problems, take your time

    Sachin at 0:08, Oct 10:
    May I know you have received any SMS regarding the offer?

    me 0:08, Oct 10:
    no, but I have been informed by several friends who are on the same plan as me, who finished their contract like I have, and have managed to get this offer

    Sachin at 0:10, Oct 10:
    Okay Let me check with my supervisor regarding this.

    me 0:10, Oct 10:
    Okay Sachin, thanks.

    Sachin at 0:13, Oct 10:
    Good news! I have seeked permission from my supervisor to give you the offer of Go mobile plus online plan $49 with $10 discount and 5GB bonus data.

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    I can confirm the link works for an upgrade: https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/plans-and-rates/bon...
    I was already on a $40 plan with 10gb. I'm about 4 months into a 12 month plan and got it upgraded to 15gb. I spoke to a rep on online chat and got it upgraded on the first go, no hassle whatsoever. The rep helping me was Snehal and this was the prompt I used:

    "Hi I got this offer for 5GB of bonus data to my mobile plan and was wondering if it could be added to my account since I've have a few services with Telstra for a few years now. It was from this link: https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/plans-and-rates/bon...

  • Looks like Telstra is losing customers to Optus.

    • The Also want ad many customers contracted ad possible when tpg hits the market.

  • No go on my end,
    Was told that the Mx deal is already at a discounted price.

    Was offered $10 off the M plan and the bonus 5gb.

  • Thanks Op.
    Took a while in the chat but, got the offer. Best thing ever for me as I go close every month. Very grateful for you taking the time to post this.
    Now my plan ends in 2 months though. So let’s see what happens then. Been with Telstra for many years so hopefully that will help.
    Not that they sent me the text in the first place though…
    Thanks again.

  • Didn't work for me.
    The extra 5gig is a standard thing if you do it online, but they wouldn't budge on the price unfortunately.
    I did even tell them that I would go to Optus as they have better deals and he just kept banging on about how good Telstra's service, range and products were.
    I told him to have a nice day and his reply was "NO, you have a nice day"…lol

    • Tried again and got it.
      Took around 40mins, but eventually got it ^_^

      So it took 2 tries and about an hour, but all good. I was busy working and waiting for responses, so it didn't even bother me waiting.

      Thanks OP.

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    Thanks OP! Worked for me first go - got through to Sachin same as DGS in the post above.

    Worth mentioning I said I'm porting over from Vodafone, which they were then happy to give me the $10 discount.

  • For those who got the $39 15gb 12months, do you know if you need to sign up for direct debit or can you just pay a bill as it issues as per normal? Also will the $39 and 15gb continue after 12 months expire?

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      Direct debit is not required.

      • Are you sure about this? The fine print suggests otherwise:

        Go Mobile Plus BYO Online Plan – To be eligible to take up the Go Mobile Plus BYO Online Plan you must, within 30 days of activation of your service, sign up to the following:
        a. electronic billing and direct debit;
        b. activate MyAccount; and
        c. download the Telstra 24x7 ® App.
        To remain eligible for the Go Mobile Plus BYO Online Plan, you will need to continue to self-service via the Telstra self-care channels for the duration of your plan. Should you fail to comply with the above, you may be moved to an equivalent Go Mobile Plus BYO plan with a $10 increase in your minimum monthly charge.

        • I am an existing customer so they didnt require it from me. For new I think that it is necessary but they usually offer options, not 100% about it though.

        • @StiffHindQuarters: Thanks. Good to know there's some flexibility with the payment options.

  • Thanks OP. I too rengotiated my contract to 39$ and 15 GB data.

  • I managed to negotiate this without a hassle, first time this morning. I battled with them last week for a similar deal and they would not budge. FYI all I have is a T3elstra mobile plan. Been on the Family & Friends Grandfathered plan for 3 or 4 years now. I just clicked on Mobile Plans in 24x7 chat…

    Below is the transcript…

    You at 10:06, Oct 10
    Hi there. I know someone who just got a great deal on their Telstra plan.

    Mahesh at 10:06, Oct 10:
    May I know which offer you are talking about?

    You at 10:07, Oct 10:
    to get the 49 dollar a month plan, with 15 gig and to get 10 dollars discounted a month, so 39 dollars a month for 15gb

    You at 10:07, Oct 10:
    on a 12 month contract. So Telstra can lock me in as a valued customer for the next year

    Mahesh at 10:09, Oct 10:

    Mahesh at 10:09, Oct 10:
    Before we proceed, may I know your full name, date of birth and phone number/account number to pull up the account?

    You at 10:10, Oct 10:
    I think they got the bonus 5gb that is in this link in the deal to make it so good. Way to go Telstra!

    You at 10:10, Oct 10:

    Mahesh at 10:11, Oct 10:
    Yes, you will get the same plan.

  • Just wondering, why would you guys want this instead of Belong? It offers a similar $45/15GB data and has the following advantages:
    * No contract - if you find a better deal later on you can switch to it no penalty
    * if you run out of data you get shaped speeds so no worries about being lost with no data, you could still use Google maps (slowly)
    * Data rolls over just like prepaid - if you don't use all your data you have more next month
    * No automatic top ups - on plans like this telstra one you can never use all your data because of the risk of going over and getting charged $10 for an extra GB. But here you can feel free to use it all as there's no penalty. Or the converse, no surprises in your bill if you accidentally leave your computer tethered and it downloads a bunch of updates without asking you or similar
    * Data only costs $10 for TWO GB not $10/gb like everyone else. And since data rolls.over you don't need.to worry about wasting it (imagine getting charged $10/gb most months on the last day or two.of the billing cycle and.only getting to use 20mb of it and having it disappear the next day).
    * If you need less data for a while (or you've got loads of banked data) you can switch down to the $30/5gb plan. Telstra wouldn't let you change mid contract.

    The advantage of telstra is of course the great coverage. But is there a.big enough difference to jump through all these hoops to get an otherwise inferior.plan? It's $6/month more but I'm sure you'd save that much on average considering you'll have.to pay a fraction of the extra data costs (every.time you go over on telstra you'll have to.pay $10, whereas with data roll-over and shaped speeds, and the fact you can go down to $30 anytime, and the fact that you'd have to consciously decide.to pay extra with Belong you'd probably never get any excess data charges)

  • Was anyone able to sign this up as a new customer porting over? I would've thought they would give new customers incentives..
    Don't want to spend $49 as per the other deal.

    • No, I haven’t been. Seems that everyone able to get this deal is an existing customer.

  • +1

    I was also able to get this deal after 1 unsuccessful online chat and 1 unsuccessful call. Third time lucky when chatting to Afreem.
    I straight up told him what I wanted then when he asked if I had received a sms about the offer I used the line from dgs above "no, but I have been informed by several friends who are on the same plan as me, who finished their contract like I have, and have managed to get this offer"
    and no drama deal was appied straight away
    I was out of contract with my current plan and was currently getting $10 on that plan have nbn with Telstra also.

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    Had no luck with "Kim Karla".

    I get that they are wise to people sharing experiences on ozb, but I find it odd that some agents are immediately offering to match the deal and others say they won't offer you shit.

    • +1

      If you have issues with it when you do the feedback after the chat and it asks if issue is resolved click no. It should offer you to chat with a 'resolution consultant' I find these consultants are much more helpful.

  • Successful! Thanks OP.

    Was with them on the live chat for about 10 minutes and they told me to call them, and straight away they ported me from a pre-paid account to a post-paid account, and they'll send me the new sim card in 2 days.

    Got me wife the same deal as well.

  • I was also able to get the deal, chat agent was Amit. Thanks to the OP!
    Existing out of contract customer.

  • +1

    I like Teodoro's blunt, pre-emptive approach.

    [email protected]: Hi, I'm interested in signing up for the same mobile plan a friend was offered
    Teodoro III: If this is an offer you saw in Ozbargain, we do not offer it here.
    Teodoro III: is this for a new service or a recontract?

    Non-exhaustive list of representatives that are 'onto it':
    Edrielle Angela
    Kim Karla
    Mark Kenneth
    Teodoro III

    Currently mid-contract with 10GB for $40/m so that will do for now.

  • Managed to get it via online chat. Did a full circle!!! Just threaten them with the Optus deal


  • Has anyone got the response that they can’t sign up new customers through the chat and that you have to go to a store? I thought you could sign up a new customer via the chat too?

  • The best i could get was the M package reduced to $44 with 17Gb data, as i was paying $ 95 for 13gb, I am happy.

  • The best I was able to get was $ 44 on the M plan and 17 gb of data, i ham happy as i was paying $95 for 13gb!

  • Got this deal first go. Told them I wanted to bring another number over and they said no worries, notes left on account to go in store to do it.

    • what category did you choose ???

      EDIT: commented on the wrong comment

  • +2

    Tried 3 operators.
    1st was friendly but directed me to 'Sales'.
    2nd did not budge: offered me $39 for 2GB despite being on $40 for 7GB.
    3rd got straight to it:

    Takshashila: Hi. Welcome to Telstra. You have reached post-paid billing team. How may I assist you with today?
    Takshashila: Good afternoon!
    rbin: I'm currently out of contract and am shopping around for a new plan
    rbin: Optus has a SIM only plan: 15GB for $40pm, and I'm wondering whether Telstra can provide something similar
    Takshashila: Okay, let me check that for you and I will try to help you for the same
    Takshashila: May I know the following information to pull up the account?
    Verification process
    Takshashila: We also have the same plan with $39. This is our $49 plan however you will get this plan in $39 with $10 discount and 15 GB data.
    This plan includes unlimited calls and text to Australian numbers.
    This plan is for 12 months.
    If you activate this plan then you will get charged for month in advance charge in your first bill.
    This charges get adjust in your final bill.
    rbin: That sounds great - I'd like to go ahead
    Takshashila: Just to confirm, you want to change it now?
    rbin: Yes please
    Takshashila: Perfect! I would love to help you to change your plan. It will takes 4-5 minutes to process. Please stya with me for 4-5 minutes.
    rbin: will do - thanks
    Takshashila: Welcome.
    Takshashila: Thanks for being online. I appreciate your patience.
    Takshashila: I have succesfully change dyour plan. It will get activate within 3-4 hours.
    Takshashila: I hope I have resolved your query today and make youhappy by changing your plan.

    • +1

      I tried again with the billing team rather than sales team and got Takshashila immediately.

      Mobile on a plan > Bill, Plan or Add-Ons

      Takshashila at 17:09, Oct 10:
      Hi. Welcome to Telstra. You have reached post-paid billing team. How may I assist you with today?
      [email protected] at 17:09, Oct 10:
      Hi, I'm looking to sign up for a mobile plan that a friend has told me about
      [email protected] at 17:09, Oct 10:
      Similar to Optus's plan with 15GB of data for $40
      Takshashila at 17:10, Oct 10:
      Okay, let me check that for you and I will try to help you for the same
      Takshashila at 17:10, Oct 10:
      May I know the following information to pull up the account?
      a. Phone Number/ Account Number
      b. Full Name
      c. Date of Birth
      [email protected] at 17:10, Oct 10:
      First, could you please confirm the details of the plan
      Takshashila at 17:12, Oct 10:
      Yes, we have $49 BYO plan and we are offering $10 discount with 5 Gb bonus data with this plan.You will get this plan in $39 with 15 GB data and unlimited calls and text.
      [email protected] at 17:12, Oct 10:
      Okay, perfect!

      (proceeding to order as we speak)
      I happen to be 6 months into a 12 month contract with 10GB for $40/m, but as you can see with the right rep it doesn't matter what your status is.

  • Got the deal with the MX $49 business plan
    Same 15GB, unlimited calls/txt $10 discount for total of $39pm just charged to my existing business account.
    The potential advantage is that I can probably call/go into the nearby business centre if I have big issues instead of being limited to online only support.
    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks all just got this offer!
    Luckly I was provided with this offer on the first chat session. But I was on prepaid so the online staff said I have to go to store and transfer to postpaid then get back to them as this is an online exclusive offer. So I went to store and launched another online chat session later. I just told the 2nd staff I have talked to a staff before and she gave me 15gb/$39. He replied ok cool and did the remaining works without asking for any reference number of previous negotiation. I was definitely under different network situations for these 2 chats.
    I’m not recommending anyone to cheat. But just suppose it is no special for this offer at all. So If you could not get this offer, just end the session and try another staff. It’s just like random.

  • Question for all the successful ozbargainer – How do you know if the $10 credit has been applied on the Mx($49) plan till the next billing cycle? I can see bonus data has been applied. When I login to Telstra app it shows Go Mobile Plus BYO Online Plean $49. Does that mean will be stung by full $49.

    • +1

      It will show in the app (and online) as the plan you have (i.e. $49) - the discount is applied at the time of billing.

      • Thanks. Good deal and good to know.

  • I just received it porting in from optus. Told them a friend had just been given the offer and said that I was happy to transfer at that price.

    • which category did you choose ??

      • Mobile plan and setting up new plan or something like that. The first choice and the first one after that

  • First time lucky on Telstra live chat for me with Operator Naik. Its a great saving for me per month!!

    I did have to question it at one stage as I was originally only offered 15GB for $49. Then Naik came to the party with the extra $10 off per month taking it to 15GB for $39 per month on a 12 month contract.

    Naik: Hi, my name is Akash Naik, one of the sales representatives. I see you have been looking through our range of mobile and Bundles. I'm happy to help you with any questions you may have and see if I can find a bundle package to suit your needs.
    Matt: Hi Naik
    Naik: Hello matt, how may I assist you?
    Matt: I believe i am out of contract with my current BYO plan and was looking for something a little better for a little cheaper.
    Matt: Optus has a SIM only plan: 15GB for $40pm, and I'm wondering whether Telstra can provide something similar?
    Naik: Sure, I will be happy to help you with that.
    Matt: Great!!
    Naik: May I have your complete name and date of birth/mobile or account number associated with the account?

    Naik: Thank you for sharing the information. please allow me a moment, while I review the account.
    Matt: Not a problem take your time.
    Naik: Thank you for waiting, I have your account open in front of me.
    Matt: Not a problem
    Naik: You are on Go Mobile BYO Plan $70 12GB
    Naik: Yes you can upgrade your plan.
    Naik: As per your usage and requirements, Mx plan would be best option for you which gives 10GB data + unlimited talk and Text SMS, MMS and MessageBank are unlimited with all plans. however I will give you 5GB data extra on the same.
    Naik: Mx plan $15GB price is $49 per month with 12 of contract.
    Naik: How does this sound?
    Matt: Hmmm, the Optus deal is $9 cheaper per month….
    Matt: Thats not cool…can you sweeten the deal as i have been a long time Telstra customer?
    Naik: Alright, I will give you $10 credit on the Mx plan.
    Matt: Hmm….
    Naik: So you will get Mx plan $15GB price is $39 per month with 12 of contract.
    Matt: OK, you SOLD me. Thank you
    Naik: Sure
    Matt: Yes please, thanks Naik
    Naik: Please allow me a moment.
    Matt: Not a problem.

    All sorted in under 15 mins.

    Thanks OP +1

  • I negotiated it for myself and the missus today. Mine took a bit of negotiating, but the missus' just had to ask and they did it straight away. Both on existing byo plans. We got the mx plan with 5gb pack and $10 discount :) great deal

  • Existing BYO plan $40 for 7GB. Spoke with them nicely, recontracted for $49 10gb + 5gb bonus and $10 discount. Overall $39 for 15GB happy days!. I just hope that I will still get 6 months free apple music as I had it last time around.

  • Thanks OP & others. After two tries on chat changed over my out of contract BYO 50 plan (negotiated to $40 + 7 GB data) to the Mx for $39 +15GB. It really appears to be that you need to get the right operator as 1st one just told me to go to store.

  • I was able to get it on first attempt.Please note that there is a catch. You need to manage everything online. I dont think we can call customer care.
    See transcript below:

    Gordon at 9:32, Oct 11:
    Hi, this is Gordon. I see you have been looking through our range of Bundles/Mobiles. I am happy to help you with any questions you may have and see if I can find a Bundle package to suit you.
    Wildweasel at 9:32, Oct 11:
    Hi Gordon
    Wildweasel at 9:32, Oct 11:
    Saw some offers going on for extra data and credits
    Wildweasel at 9:33, Oct 11:
    i am looking for a 12 month, BYO sim only plans
    Wildweasel at 9:33, Oct 11:
    i am currently with Vodafone
    Gordon at 9:34, Oct 11:
    Thank you for the details you have provided.
    Gordon at 9:34, Oct 11:
    I will certainly check and help you with that.
    Wildweasel at 9:34, Oct 11:
    15GB Data+Unlimited Calls- $39/Month + 10$ add on for unlimited intenational calls - If possible this plan please
    Wildweasel at 9:35, Oct 11:
    or better
    Gordon at 9:36, Oct 11:
    Yes sure, as in $49.00 Mx plan we will provide you $10.00 port in discount and 5 GB extra Bonus data with the plan.
    Gordon at 9:36, Oct 11:

  • I've been trying multiple times (at least 4 - 6 different chats), with no luck so far :-(

  • +2

    Best bet is to go through the "mobile phones" area of telstra.com, click the Sales:Live Chat and select Mobile on a plan, Bill, Plan or Add-ons

  • I tried a couple times yesterday but no luck. Got offered it today on my first try, after pushing a tiny bit. Spoke to Kanchan. Thanks OP.
    EDIT: I'm was existing Telstra customer out of contract.

  • best they could do was $59 plan with 15gb - $10 credit so $49 i said no and they offered 5gb extra data so $49 for 20gb unlimited calls. telstras been faultless compared to other networks so can't complain now i got more data

  • Keep Trying People! I tried to call, and an online agent, but was unsuccessful… Until my second go at an online chat!

    I spoke with Nimisha Pradeep and got the Mx deal with a $10 Discount and additional 5GB.

    Should be applied within 24 hours.

    I do not have any other Telstra services outside my Mobile device and have been a customer for about 6 Years.

  • Went into the cbd store got met with a complete b-tch who told me best they could do for 15gb BYO is 59. I told her I wanted watch add on so she told me 64

  • Been with Telstra for 5 years but went to pre-paid while overseas for 2 months (March - May) and then came back earlier than expected and re-contracted in May this year to the $70 ($10 discount) byo with 15gb. Didn't think I'd get to change, but decided to try my luck and got an awesome bloke called Garima Ramdev on my first go and he made it so simple;

    Butler: Hi Garima
    Garima Ramdev: Hi, This is Garima. I see you have been looking through our range of mobile products. I’m happy to help you with any questions you may have and see if I can find a package to suit you. How may I assist you today?
    Butler: I was just wondering what the chances are of changing my current plan over to your Mx$49 plan with $10 discount and the bonus 5gb of data?
    Butler: Current number: *****
    Garima Ramdev: May I have your complete name and date of birth? I need this to access your account and help you with the information.
    Garima Ramdev: Thank you for sharing the information. Please allow me a moment, while I review the account.
    Butler: Thank you
    Garima Ramdev: You're welcome.
    Garima Ramdev: Thank you for being online, Robert.
    Butler: That's all good :)
    Garima Ramdev: Your current plan is BYO $70 plan.
    Garima Ramdev: You can go for the Mx plan.
    Garima Ramdev: With the exclusive $10 discount and 5GB bonus for you.

    There was more chat but those are just my details and so on so didn't include it. So I've gone from $60 and 15gb to $39 and 15gb for a saving of $252

  • This was my 2nd attempt with online chat. Won't bore you with the entire chat but this is how it started and finished with me getting the $39 +5Gb data.

    [telstra rep]. I see you have been looking through our range of mobile products. I’m happy to help you with any questions you may have and see if I can find a package to suit you. How may I assist you today?

    [Me] I'm interested in getting a new BYO plan as my current one expired some time ago.

    [telstra rep] Sure, I will be happy to help you with that.

    [Me] I know some people have been able to get the Mx Plan for $39 with bonus 5Gb of data. Are you able to do that for me?

    [telstra rep] Yes, you are right that some people are receiveing the new MX plan for $39 instead of $49 with 5GB Bonus data.

    [telstra rep] And I would like to inform you taht you

    [telstra rep] you'll too receive the same deal.

    [telstra rep] However to get the deal you'll have to place the order on online and then share the order reference number with me.

    [Me] excellent. what do I need to do to sign up

    [telstra rep] So that I can add the note on top of your purchase.

  • +1

    I tried again for the 4th time and got it straight away this time.
    I'm with another telco and will be porting across, so keep trying and you will get it!

    • What was the process? The closest I've got is "Okay, then first you need to visit store with 2 valid ID prrof and port out this number to Telstra and then we acn apply the plan on this number."

      They would only offer it to me if I was a business customer (which I'm not because I'm porting over and do not have an existing number) the others just said I was confused and that wasn't the offer…

      Also did you have a Telstra SIM on stand by? Or did they give you the option to add the SIM later? Did they provide a link for payment details - verification ID etc.? After my experience in-store today when they offered me 15gb for $59 I do not want to go in store, I can go to a local service station and pick up a SIM if they require it for activation at the same time but don't know the process or whether they will offer the deal so perhaps pointless.

  • Just be careful they have actually made the changes to your account, I got the deal off the chat, consultant took the order number and despite saying he'd make the change he hadn't, no extra 5gb of data and no $10 discount applied. Luckily I kept the chat transcript as proof and to their credit they honoured the deal and made the changes (well until I see the first bill anyway)

  • Got the deal off the chat, but no mention of it in the order email. Let's see how it goes.

    • I have the same thing. I've activated my service and there is no extra 5gb data on it. I'll give it a few days to see if it's applied manually… but I'm not sure if it's actually happened!

      • +1

        Same for me. Got the copy of the transcript though which clearly says $10 discount and extra 5GB

  • Congrats to everyone, I'm really frustrated because I just got an Apple Watch with cellular and want to get on a Telstra plan to try it out but I'm not going to pay an extra $200-300 over 12 months for the privilege :( I use over 12gb a month so the 15gb is necessary and Aldi and others offer it cheaper (and I think more data?) I would pay the same for slightly less data for the option of adding on the Apple Watch later but other telcos don't have Apple Watch.

  • Sachin - close but no cigar:

    "Sachin at 21:20, Oct 12:
    The plan which we can provide from our end is $49 with 10 GB with $10 credit .
    me at 21:21, Oct 12:
    I am porting in I heard it was possible for a $49.00 Mx plan then you will provide a $10.00 port in discount and 5 GB extra Bonus data with the plan
    me at 21:23, Oct 12:
    I have previously had Telstra services but my service provider has recently been Optus I want to come back to Telstra
    Sachin at 21:24, Oct 12:
    Yes, will can help you with that too.
    me at 21:24, Oct 12:
    OK thank you :)
    Sachin at 21:25, Oct 12:
    Is there anything else I can help you?
    me at 21:25, Oct 12:
    Just that
    Sachin at 21:26, Oct 12:
    Thank you for contacting Telstra Live Chat!"


  • I have tried about 15 times now. Most of the times they think I am confused, sometimes they think they have answered my query and finish chat but the closest I've got is this:

    "Hi, a very good eveing to you!
    How may I help you today?
    me at 21:42, Oct 12:
    Hi Shivani
    me at 21:43, Oct 12:
    I am porting in I heard it was possible for a $49.00 Mx plan then you will provide a $10.00 port in discount and 5 GB extra Bonus data with the plan
    me at 21:43, Oct 12:
    I have previously had Telstra services but my service provider has recently been Optus I want to come back to Telstra
    me at 21:43, Oct 12:
    How do I add my billing details to my account?
    Shivani at 21:46, Oct 12:
    I'll be right with you.
    me at 21:47, Oct 12:
    OK thank you :)
    me at 21:47, Oct 12:
    my current number is 04XXXXXXXX
    me at 21:48, Oct 12:
    I have my licence and credit card details available
    Shivani at 21:49, Oct 12:
    No worries, the offer is vailble for you.
    Shivani at 21:49, Oct 12:
    me at 21:50, Oct 12:
    Thank you :) I have registered my email address
    Shivani at 21:50, Oct 12:
    Please visit the Telstra store amnd submit the 2 valid ID proof they will port in to the Tlstra with offer
    Shivani at 21:51, Oct 12:
    Thank you for using LiveChat! Have a great day!"

    I heard someone else porting their number in got it over live chat without visiting the store, how is that possible? Should I set up a prepaid Telstra account then try and convert it to post-paid? I had previous Telstra services with wireless modems and iPads data but it was under an old account/email so I registered a new one.

    • +1

      I joined online and provided my order number to the live chat operator. The live chat operator waited while I submitted the order online using the website.

      • How did you get an order number? I signed up my email for an account but I cannot purchase anything else but the standard price plans and when I live chat they ask me to go in store.

        • I signed up to the mx plan online. The live chat operator told me to sign up then she would apply the discount and bonus data to the order. I’ve just activated me service and haven’t got either on my new service - so we’ll see if they get added in the next couple of days…

  • $49/month for 15Gb an I’ve got a few contracts with them already.

  • For those that were successful, how long did it take for the additional 5GB to appear on the account?

    I changed over yesterday and have 10gb showing as my data limit atm. Does it take up to 48hours for the extra 5GB to show?

    • +1

      I had to start another chat and someone else fixed up the sales person's mistake. Got the bonus 5gb now :)

    • I had to contact the online chat team again and get them to apply the 5gb bonus

  • +1

    I got this deal yesterday, new customer with no existing telstra plans. 5GB was applied within 5 hours, I assume the $39 will be reflected on my first bill.

    • Thanks. Seems like I’ll need to follow mine up with a phone call to get it sorted.

  • +1

    For those who think it is only offered for existing Telstra customers - it's not.
    I gather it depends on which live chat operator you get, but if you are willing to try a few times, im sure you will succeed.

    I was porting my prepaid Woolies (Telstra Network) $40.50 p/m for 10GB.

    Spoke to the live chat operator about the deal, before completing online application for SIM Only MX Plan.

    When I've been advised they can offer the deal $10 discount p/m + 5GB Bonus Data - I was advised to complete the online application, while they were on hold. Once completed application, I gave the live chat operator the Order number and my Mobile number. He/she made notes from their end and said it will apply once activated. I saved the online transcript just to be sure (and evidence if need to force their hand in honouring what the confirmed)

    SIM Package was delivered overnight, activated the SIM, took about 8 hours to port over. Once ported, I checked the app and it was still showing $49p/m and 10gb data. Went back to the live chat and followed up. Once providing verification details, they saw notes from previous operator and applied the deal. Gave an interaction ID number for the amendment.

    Hope this gives confidence for those who are not existing Telstra customers.

    • Thank you! That provides some peace of mind! :-)

  • Chatted online with Sudeshana and got the deal. First request for a plan change after coming of contract a couple of months ago. Thanks OP

  • Thanks for those who gave me feedback. Ended up going neither with live chat (after 20 times trying) or back to the Telstra store (after dealing with the horrible rep) but went to JB Hi-fi and signed up to the 12 months - 20 GB plan for $49.95 (no $100 gift card :( though). However it says the period ends in eight days? I don't want to pay for another month so soon - are the plans set to end on the 21nd of each month no matter what?

    Would have preferred the 15gb for $40 or $50 for 20gb + gift card but I'll take what I can get…

  • Recontracted to this deal on two of my mobiles which were out of contract with them. Failed 1st time when I called them up, but got it via chat after that. Good deal for Telstra.

  • Is anyone else getting this deal and it's confirmed?

    I've tried and everyone keeps saying the deal found on OZB is not legitimate…

  • No dice.
    "I believe this is an OZbargain deal and as much as I would love to prvoide this, it's not possible as this is an invalid offer. The consultants who offered are now being investigated.

    If you're porting in an existing number to Telstra, we can get you the $59 plan with 15GB data + $10 discount making it $49 per month for 12 months."

    • +1

      Yeah I got the same treatment. No deal

  • If you mention this link -


    You should be able to get -

    "I am able to provide 15+3GB monthly data and unlimited national calls & SMS at $59 plan and will be able to provide you $20 monthly discount.
    You will have 18Gb months & unlimited calls, SMS to $39/month"

    • No dice for me 😔

  • Got it first time with 0 hassles over live-chat.

    Informed the consultant that I was interested in porting to Telstra, I was made aware of a $10 discount for porting in.

    Asked for the MX plan, they said sure, place the order and send the order ID through.

    I asked if this would combine with the bonus 5Gb data on offer, they replied yes.

    Placed order, sent order ID through, done.

    For what it's worth, I am currently going through a cancellation of my broadband, however still retain some Foxtel through Telstra at this moment in time, but I don't think it mattered.

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