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M.Sparkling 3D Night Lamp AU$8.76/US$6.99, Xiaomi Mi: A1 AU$288.37/US$230, Notebook Air 13.3 AU$992.65/US$780 + More @ GearBest


PS:Feel free to pm me with order number or product link for better confirming.


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START TIME (AEST) Item Deal Price Code stock
2017/10/9 Mr Bean Teddy Bear AU$3.25/US$2.59 Obeyteddy 1000
2017/10/9 Homtom HT16 3G Smartphone AU$58.92/US$46.99 Vitali2 50
2017/10/9 Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp AU$43.87/US$34.99 FoodAU 50
2017/10/9 ORICO CBS7 Desktop Cable Organizer Silicone Wire Holder Clip AU$1.24/US$0.99 51ngh 300
2017/10/9 Samsung UHS-3 Class10 Micro SDXC Memory Card AU$56.41/US$44.99 boinkpatrol 100
2017/10/9 USAMS Dual USB Port Car Charger AU$0.13/US$0.1 HarvestAU911 200
2017/10/9 Long Arm Car Windscreen Cellphone Holder AU$1.24/US$0.99 harvestAU918 400
2017/10/9 72pcs DIY Construction Marble Race Run Track Set AU$16.29/US$12.99 harvestAU9182 100
2017/10/9 Jedir 2028 5292 Multifunctional Calendar Display Male Watch AU$20.05/US$15.99 Jedirwatches 500
2017/10/9 IKCOLOURING 98393G 4228 Automatic Mechanical Men Watch AU$75.22/US$59.99 IKwatches 300
2017/10/9 Jedir Ms2011G 5284 Calendar Display Male Watch AU$27.57/US$21.99 Jedir5284 200
2017/10/9 JJRC H49WH SOL Mini Foldable RC Pocket Selfie Drone - RTF - BLACK PLAID AU$47.63/US$37.99 H49WH 200
2017/10/9 M.Sparkling 3D Creative Colorful USB Powered Night Lamp AU$8.76/US$6.99 3DLamp 500
2017/10/9 Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp AU$91.52/US$72.99 MiCEL 200
2017/10/9 XIAOMI Mi A1 ( Mi 5X )黑色 AU$288.37/US$229.99 A1sev 100
2017/10/9 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 国际版黑色 AU$195.59/US$155.99 note4eubgq 100
2017/10/9 Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 AU$977.98/US$779.99USD MiAir13NEW 100
2017/10/9 Lenovo P8 AU$175.52/US$139.99 Lenovo01 200
2017/10/9 Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro AU$1228.75/US$979.99 MIBOOKPRO 100
2017-10-9 Teclast X80 Pro Tablet PC AU$86.50/US$68.99 X80Pro 100
2017-10-9 ThiEYE T5e WiFi 4K 30fps Sport Camera 12MP AU$137.91/US$109.99 11nov261 100
2017/10/9 23:00 Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor 7.99USD 11nov263 200
2017/10/10 00:00 JJRC H37 ELFIE Foldable Mini RC Selfie Drone 21.99USD 11nov264 100
2017/10/10 01:00 Kingston A400 Portable Solid State Drive - 240GB 79.99USD 11nov265 50
2017/10/10 01:00 DJI Phantom 3 Standard RC Quadcopter - RED 399.99USD 11nov266 50
2017/10/10 02:00 Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker 59.99USD 11nov267 100
2017/10/10 02:00 SCISHION V88 Mars II Smart TV Box 22.99USD 11nov268 100
2017/10/10 03:00 Xiaomi Mi MIX 4G Phablet International Version 463.99USD 11nov269 50
2017/10/10 04:00 SM 16C Eyewear Digital Video Recorder Sunglasses Camera 23.99USD 11nov270 70
2017/10/10 05:00 UGEE UG - 2150 P50S Pen Digital Painting Graphic Tablet 441.99USD 11nov271 50
2017/10/10 06:00 Xiaomi dafang 1080P Smart Monitor Camera 25.99USD 11nov272 200
2017/10/10 06:00 OCHSTIN Outdoor Working Sub-dial 3ATM Men Quartz Watch 9.99USD 11nov273 200
2017/10/10 07:00 Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 215.99USD 11nov274 50

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  • +1

    Hi Rep, Is there any chance to make a deal for this, as summer is coming.

  • +2

    Hi rep, can you do a special on the Xiaomi Mi Box international version? :)

    • I have been waiting for that one too.

    • me too please, mi MXPro box is almost dead!

    • sorry to inform you that our supplier donest allow us run lower price for now or they will stop supply us more stock,sorry.

  • Rep, deal for Xiaomi USB fan please.

    • +1

      I am applying a new code for OZB.

      • Hello Rep I'm interested in the Xiaomi USB fan too, roughly when will there be a new code?

        EDIT: Thanks Rep for https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/334724 :)

        • +1

          LOL,that is the one I was going to tell POWERevolution,I am applying more stock for that deal,pls keep following that deal to get that price.

  • Hi Rep,i’m looking for 2 pcs xiaomi mi band 2,any chance to make a deal for it?thanks


  • Hi Rep, Any Xiaomi earphones for sale?

    • could you pls send me product link for better confirming?

  • Hi Rep. What is the code for JJRC H37 ELFIE Foldable mini RC Selfie Drone?

  • +1

    FYI, XIAOMI Mi A1 uses stock Andriod, and not MIUI. (The "A1" stands for "Andriod One"). Don't trust the picture in the link.

    • +1

      Hi rep, is the Mi A1 stock available now or still preorder?

      • Interested to know as well. The Pixel 2 launch is a joke.

        I'm guess it's pre-order though, there is no stock count down.

      • "We except ship this item between Oct 12 - Oct 24."

      • 200 stock will back at October 12th,1000 stock will back within October 18th.

    • It also has only 3000mah battery, compared to the much cheaper, but nearly identical redmi note 4 which has a 4100mah battery.

      • Stock Android is what attracts me to it.

  • Hi Sunny, any chance of a deal on this ? https://www.gearbest.com/edc-tools/pp_392163.html?wid=21. Thanks

    • Hi Arkane,you can use out10off for 10% off.

  • Hi Rep

    Can you do a deal on the new Mi Air 12 for under $600 aud?

    • Hi kRaYziE666,sorry to let you know that we dont have stock for it now,so not able to run a such low deal for now,but you can use GBTPC for 13% off.

  • +1

    12" Xiaomi Air notebook??

    • Hi supasaiyan,we dont have stock for it now,you can use GBTPC for 13% off.

  • Why doesn't the code MEARIT08 work for us ozzys for the cheap $3 Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones? Not the first time this….

    • It is 3.99USD for Italy market.

      • its never good to see 'not for Australians' cheap pricing coupons. if its good enough for Italy?

        • we will have a good deal for Australian soon!

        • lower deal price for Australians now!

  • Hi Rep @gearbest, I use 'HarvestAU911' for https://www.gearbest.com/car-charger/pp_290268.html, but it says "The Code you entered is not for this product.".

    Please check, thanks.

    • Hi luciamyer,I have just tested and the code works,could you pls log in first and try it again?thanks!

  • Hey Rep, how about a deal on the Xiaomi mijia 6 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit? You know you want to do it :P

  • Hi Rep, any deal possible on the XGIMI H1? https://www.gearbest.com/projectors/pp_656107.html

    • +1

      Hi danjock,as confirmed,there is no lower discount for now.

      • No worries thanks for the quick reply.

  • Hey Rep, is there a deal for this i really wanna upgrade my desk. Thanks

    • Let me try get a discount at 24.99USD.

      • Ok Thanks Bro

  • Hey rep, any deals on Xiaomi Gateway?? Thanks

  • Has anyone tried the coupon on Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 ?? as soon as I apply the provided code it changes the base price of item to AUD 1433 and discounted to AUD 992 and not AUD 977.98 as provided by Rep. Any work around I need to use here ??

    • sorry,the AU exchange rate increased recently.

  • Hi rep, any idea why my 20k mah powerbank was shipped from china with no bubble wrap or anything?
    These things get smashed around in the post and you could see the box was damage during transit.

    • Hi Hirolol,

      I am sorry to hear that.

      Could you pls send me your order number and the picture of damaged powerbank to [email protected] for checking?



  • edit: ordered item is not the one in the post, but I can't get a hold of anyone at GearBest.


    Sorry to be a bother but it's been 1 week and the order is not shipped yet. It said dispatch date [8th of October] but it's been for awhile "Packed" status, is everything okay?
    Order number: W1710050744194334

    Thank you.

    • Hi blopd,your order W1710050744194334 was shipped out already,pls pm me and let me send you DHL tracking number.

  • Hi Rep, is the Xiaomi Mi A1 code for black only?
    I tried it on the Rose Gold and it was not working :(

    • I was actually after a black one, and code is not working as rep told me no stock at the moment

    • I am applying a new code for gold and rose gold one,we dont have sufficient stock for black one for now.

  • Hi Rep do you have a deal for Xiaomi Redmi note 4x please

  • can you do better deals than eBay for this BB-8 desk lamp?

  • Can you match Bang good on their price of Xiaomi mi A1 rep?


  • This one doesn't work. It says: "Over $229.99, by $259.99" And the subtotal = Your subtotal: AU$330.87

    2017/10/9 XIAOMI Mi A1 ( Mi 5X )黑色(gearbest.com) AU$288.37/US$229.99 A1sev 100

    • code only work for GOLDEN and ROSE GOLD

      • doesnt work at all anymore.. not even for GOLDEN and ROSE GOLD

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