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Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 300M Amplifier 2 English Version USD $4.98 (AUD $6.43) Delivered @ GearBest


Restricted to one per Gearbest account. Coupon will only work with AU & NZ IP addresses.Ensure you select Unregistered Air Mail. PayPal is your friend for buyer protection.

"The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 is the successor to the popular WiFi Amplifier that allows you to increase the coverage area of your wireless signal. It now features 2 antennas with a transmission rate of 300mbps and can have up to 16 devices connected. It's small, lightweight with a 180° rotation and is powered by USB that allows you to power it with many chargers including a power bank. This repeater is compatible with almost all routers and works perfectly with Xiaomi routers."

Edit 3/11 415pm: "300 more units available with code "adamfury" AU$6.43/US$4.98." Thanks to member adamfury.

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  • who hasn't got one yet

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      Me! Are they Super Useful [TM]?

      • Repeaters share the "airtime" so in some situations can make wifi slower.

        It's an inexpensive way to extend range, but also the least effective.

        • If only it was dual band and it received and transmitted on different frequencies. Are dual band repeaters available?

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          Repeaters use the same channel for transmit and receive. Clients expect the same channel per BSS. If the channel changes there needs to be a new BSS which means it's no longer a repeater but something more complicated and expensive. Although sales & marketing might still call it a repeater so as not to confuse the average punter, it's not really a repeater.

          Mesh wifi can use different channel for transmit and receive, but that's obviously more expensive.

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      I didn't even order one yet somehow I have one on my desk.

  • Enough of these already. Don't tempt us with this new low price, please.

  • Ordered on 12-09 and I still have not received it.

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      Ordered my one 2/10 arrived 2 days ago

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      Everything for me has arrived around the 5-6 week mark. You're still on track :)

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    Bought one last sale pretty straight forward setup dont no when it will come in handy though maybe i will set up in the garage

  • Tried messing with mine the other day, wouldn't pick up the 5GHz SSID, and it's on WPA2 :/ Picked up the 2.4GHz SSID, also with WPA2 lol

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      That's because it's 2.4GHz only.

      • Lol wow I didn't even think it was! Well there you go

        WiFi Network Frequency: 2.4GHz

        I really should read better! Ah well, will be handy for the wifi lights :)

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      I've had this for a week now, absolutely regret buying it, it's worse than my Huawei E5573 being used as WiFi extender/repeater in every way. The huawei setup is a breeze compared to this MiHome shit, takes much longer from power on to being usable, data transfer is much slower than the huawei too, i can take the huawei anywhere for it having built-in battery, the xiaomi has a big drain on the power bank as well, when i took both units out to the garage only the huawei can 'see' the WiFi. Oh BTW the huawei Hi-link app is optional, i can access all its functionalities from the browser unlike the xiaomi
      I think the huawei has 5GHz support, there is option to choose in the setting although i can't verify since i don't have 5GHz at home

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        you are comparing a $6 repeater with a $40 wifi broadband. not really relevant whatsoever.

        • i paid $14 for the modem about a year ago, now i bought this xiaomi thinking it would improve the speed seeing its advertised as high speed (300 mbps ), the huawei is self powered as well as being 4G plus MBB modem, although it was an Optus prepaid, it came unlocked out of the box. So for the prices i paid, I'm very disappointed

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          I wish people wouldn't diss other people willing to type/waffle about an items shortcomings. It's not relevant to you, but it could be relevant to other people. For example, it was relevant to ME. I've been thinking of buying one of these, and already have a much more expensive Huawei pocket wifi than the E5573.


          1. I'd never heard of the app which I'm installing right now.
          2. I've never known if plugging one of these into a powerbank would actually be any more convenient than unplugging my pocket wifi and taking it out to the garage.
          3. Still have no any idea if my free Optus iheart would work through one. So it's a risk buying something I may not use.
        • @GregMonarch: $6 is a lot of risk to take for some people.

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          @arctan: Roll eye, OZbargain want the elite quality for $6. Why even bother asking about quality when it $6, seriously.

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          @bonz: OK, you have bought this without understanding what it is or what it does. Its not going to "boost" your signal meaning an increase in your download/browsing speeds if you are sat right next to your pocketwifi.

          Heres an explanation of what it does:

        • +1

          @arctan: [Sigh.] No, $6 isn't a risk. But $6 multiple times through your life is wasteful and stupid. In fact, by that reasoning, why come here to save money at all!? The guy was generous enough with his time to share his negative experience. If it doesn't apply to you, good - go on your way and mind your own business, because it will apply to someone else. The entire point of this site is to SHARE: bargains, information… if you have nothing more productive to say than, "Waste money by buying things to find out if they work…" then what are you doing here!?

        • @The Monk: Nah, i know full well what a repeater is/does, i already am aware that the further away from the router the more lost packets in data transmission. Thanks to someone on here who mentioned about the repeater ability of my pocket WiFi that i was silly enough to not read the bloody manual, i simply thought the included 30 day 4GB data was too cheap for the $14 i paid, the modem itself was gathering dust unless i picked up a really cheap data sim to throw in it. Prior the discovery of the bonus extender function we couldn't get a reliable wifi signal in the kitchen to read/watch cooking instructions because the router is placed upstairs, now with the pocket wi-fi sitting halfway, the whole house is covered albeit the lower speed from 'repeater' is as expected. The reason i bought this xiaomi amplifier is because i thought it being a "dedicated" repeater as well as being boasted with having dual antennas it should outperform the secondary function of the pocket wi-fi. So if anyone who has a newish pocket wi-fi with the extender/repeater function this Mi Wi-Fi may not be what you need, i hope all the xiaomi fanbois won't smash me for this but i find it stupid to have to register an account to be able to use the device, not to mention to have to connect to a server in China, initially i chose the US server because i feel uneasy with the chinese connection, but that didn't detect the devce, now i use the Singapore/US server instead

          ps. why does the MiHome app require access to my phone's camera, contacts, location, microphone, sms, storage, and phone calls ?

        • @GregMonarch: just buy it and give it a shot. If its not working then sell it on gumtree. It's just 6 bux and you expect it to work like something 60 bux. Not gonna happen.

        • have to register an account to be able to use the device

          require access to my phone's camera, contacts, location, microphone, sms, storage, and phone calls

          You're kidding. I don't trust the Australian government, let alone the Chinese one. I wouldn't get one now if it was 6 cents. Thank you.

    • Couldnt get it to work with my router.My Router is WPA/WPA 2 PSK. I have no idea how to setup WPA 2 since I don't know what Radius Authentication Server's IP is.

      • I also cannot get mine to work properly. it seems to connect to router and shows as SSID_plus.
        When I try to connect to that SSID_plus it says there is no internet connection.
        Has anyone else has this issue?

  • +2

    Paid extra for express and still haven't got it or the tracking number.
    13 days and counting so far.

    • +1

      I can't help but start to feel like gearbest is taking ozbargainers for a ride… since creating a forum topic regarding gearbest, I've read people have been receiving fake xiaomi earphones, packages taking months to turn up, some packages not ever showing up… not to mention my own xiaomi amazfit purchase which is faulty on arrival (starting to wonder if it is even a legit xiaomi watch).

      • Two years ago i purchased a phone on sale and was given confirmation they had stock.
        Well they didn't and i was promised it would be in next week for over 2 months.
        I got annoyed and requested a refund and then they refused it and offered a store credit.
        I said no way and launched a paypal dispute which paypal ruled in my favor.

        Gearbest is still a dodgy site. Its own domain name registra information was tied to several sites used to different scams.
        One in particular was used for sending some pretty nasty adware.

        I still have the email from them of all this and screenshots backing all this up.

    • +2

      I waited over a month for my xiaomi watch, which arrived defective… I have little faith in this company now.

    • +1

      An order I paid for on the 29/9 was shipped 2hrs ago, but I didn't pay express.

  • +10

    Can we create a OzBargain Essentials wiki and add this in there along with:

    • Eneloops
    • Xiaomi Xiaofang camera
    • Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier
    • Xiaomi Piston earphones
    • Lenovo Thinkpad E470
    • Bose QC35
    • DJI Spark
    • Blitzwolf cables
    • TM Lewin shirts
    • G1W Dashcam
    • you forgot microSD cards

    • +1

      CT Shirts*

    • +1

      Please add Xiaomi Power Banks to that list.

    • I think Eneloops deserves to be listed on there twice for good measure

  • Nah gonna pass on this one.

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    What 20 cents cheaper than last time, not fair!

  • +1

    Maybe we should rename ozbargain to gearbargain.

  • I'm in Silverwater at the mo so can't move more than a couple of metres anyway…

    • Whats going on in Silverwater?

      • Trying to work out how to get to the BBQ area.

      • Empathetic duplicate.

    • Dupe comment… my mouse is double clicking when I single click..

  • Mine arrived this week from previous deal. Looks pretty good - yet to use it. Possibly may never get to. I seem to remember them saying it came with a power supply.
    Decided to try it. Needs an account to use the app. ROuter Phone and device on the same desk but it is not connecting.

  • +1

    Just got it last week and it worked flawlessly on my 2nd level. Good signal and I can finally streaming upstairs.

  • +1

    Ordered one on the 24th of September and still hasn’t arrived.. gearbest is always a hit or miss

  • +1

    For $6 bucks it’s worth trying! I’ve not had any issues to date with gearbest… let’s see how this goes. Also purchased to mi bands as well.

  • ordered cheers

  • +1

    I got mine. Works great. I can now extend the Wi-Fi outside my house and down the driveway.

  • +1

    just got mine from a previous order.. looking to extend range from downstairs modem to upstairs bedrooms (small townhouse), anyone been able to get it to work reasonably well between 2 floors?

    • Yep worked great for me on full brick townhouse. Modem and router are at ground floor so this little tool on upstairs corridor makes it a great addition to the wifi range and signal strength. So far it has been rock solid for me.

      • I have also tested it and it has been good for split floors.
        People have been saying the speed is meant to be halved when this device is activated, is this really the case?
        I have run speed test on both wifi networks and they are the same speed as just the modem without this amplifier…

  • +1

    300 more units available with code "adamfury" AU$6.43/US$4.98.

    • +1

      Thanks Adam.

  • Best device to hook up all your Xiaomi cameras.

  • +1

    Got 1 Pro and 2 of these.. Do I need more?
    Hmm.. maybe.

    Thanks, Adam

    • YES

  • It did not work with my TP-LINK ROUTER

    • +1

      It works well with my TP link D9 modem router and only support 2.4ghz

  • Whats the point of Wifi Roaming mode? I know it keeps the SSID the same name with the source but I wouldve thought if I am in the area where the repeaters signal is stronger, it will auto switch to that while keeping the same SSID. Doesn't look like it works that way?

  • There probably is a forum somewhere but I wanna ask here if I can-

    Question from the tech challenged….if I have an LG tablet running Android 4.4.2 why can't I install the app from the PlayStore…says version not compatible with device

    Installed the MiHome on a PC but says Sing server not available in this region….US server said couldn't see device.

    Trying to install to boost home wifi for tech savy son who is "too busy to help"…………my blood pressure is UP so please excuse any fuzzy thinking.

      • MiHome app sounds like it needs a later version of Android - you're using KitKat which is ancient now as it's 3 full versions behind.
      • Use the Chinese server.
      • Sort your son out - tech savvy sons have a responsibility to sort all this crap out in every household!
      • +1

        Sort your son out…………hmmm maybe the OzB standby of "bikies" could LOL, thanks for the help.

        • Haha - that might work - speaking as someone who has served their time as the "tech savvy son"… :D

  • The price shows up as Au$11.73 but when I enter the code adamfury the price INCREASES to AU$13.84.

    I'm trying to place the order while overseas but using an Australian VPN so it should still work.

    Can anyone confirm this code still works?

  • +1

    Thanks @nocure. Relogging in in a private session did the trick.

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