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Xiaomi Mi Smart Wi-Fi Socket Standard Model US $9.99/AU $12.78, Zigbee Version US $11.99/AU $15.34 @ GearBest


Standard Version

Zigbee Version

Max 3 Per account, 100 Units available. AU/NZ accounts only

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  • A buck… WTF.

    • i know right? i was going to buy one anyway lol. Doweyy tried hard for me but Banggood are reportedly "out of stock". I'll take it though. If enough people jump on, maybe the rep will give us a genuine deal for these soon

      • +7

        Yeah, so these were US$9 a day or two ago on this deal (and still are: the coupon still works): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/336278

        • thanks missed that one

        • Thanks man. I missed this one. What are they like to deal with?

        • @andrgram: Honestly, I don't know. They've had multiple deals here and they haven't been filled with gnashing of teeth, so hopefully OK.
          If the difference were only 50c, I'd buy from Gearbest because the one time I received something faulty I just sent them a video and they refunded it (one of the classic Xiaomi RGB yeelights) whereas I don't have an equivalent experience with YoShop. Just did my first purchase from them on that linked deal.

        • @2be8:

          Yoshop are owned by the same company as Gearbest.

        • @hamza23:

          They finally realised that “Gear Best” sounds really awkward to an English speaker.

          “Yo Store” lol. Whaddup homies.

        • That deal is restricted to 1, if you going down the smart home path you want more then 1 of these devices

  • IFTTT compatible?

  • It is expensive - in my memory they don't cost this much?

    • Cheaper then alixpress

  • +1

    does it require an adapter to work?

    • +1

      It has the Chinese version of the AU plug and socket. But it requires a zigbee module like the XM gateway to work.

      "This item must match the Xiaomi multifunctional gateway to use."

  • are these good for monitoring power, or are the wemo or tplink or dlink ones better?

  • I thought it needs the Xiaomi Multifunction gateway for it to communicate and work?


    • It does need a gateway.

      • Does not need gatway. I use with Samsung Smartthings hub. It's excellent, and doesnt miss a beat. Much prefer smartthings hub, because it can integrate into lights, doors, tv's, power switches, buttons, Sonos etc

        • +1

          Samsung Smartthings hub is a zigbee gateway.
          That's like saying, "does not need car, holden commodore works fine"

  • -2

    This is not a bargain, I bought this for $11 and I am sure you can still find it for a similar price.
    Just a quick heads up, these do not work with 2 pronged plugs and they force you to open an account and give your details.

    • It is compatible with other zigbee controllers and programs like Home Assistant.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        I have many devices connected to the wifi modem and controlled remotely. I never needed Zigbee!

        • +3

          There are two models that look identical - a zigbee and non-zigbee version.

          Having said that, the Zigbee version was available on another deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/336278) for US$9 just a couple of days ago.
          Note: still is available on the other deal. The coupon code still works.

        • @2be8: why don't you neg this?
          That is exactly similar, for $11! $5 or almost 50% cheaper!
          But the question is what the Zigbee version does? Mine just works fine remotely without Zigbee!
          Ps: Well, you did :)

        • @pal:

          Zigbee is fine if you already have the Gateway, less device connecting to your router.

  • wish these can be controlled by google home

    • +1

      If you don't want power monitoring, the Sonoff S20 supports Google Home.
      If you do want power monitoring, you can get the Sonoff Pow, but it is designed to go inline so you'll need to cut an extention lead in half and put it inline.

      (The Pow is also cheaper than this, but bigger)

    • The zigbee versions are compatible with Google Home, with a samsung smartthings hub. It's excellent.

      i say: hey google, turn on my coffee machine, curtain lights, Bartlett's computer, outside lights etc. Even away from home.

  • What would someone use this for? Serious question.

    • Automatically cut off the cool room if the temperature sensor detect below zero degree. Or switch on all exhaust fans when the door sensor detect door open….

    • In my case, it is turning on and off a lamp without having to go into a room to wake a really light sleeper.

    • I have this in my living room, all media devices such as TV,mibox, soundbar,etc.. are connected to a power board and the power board is connected to this socket. When I leave home or go to bed, I can just turn this off remotely from my phone and all devices will all turn off and won't consume any power.

    • remotely monitoring individual devices energy usage. Turning off an iron or missus hair straighter when you leave house and they not sure if they left it on or not

    • Jug boils every morning at 7am. Just makes the morning a little be easier.

  • So it's not wifi at all. It's zigbee!

    • Yep. Zigbee only, which is actually great if you have one of the gateway devices but useless otherwise.

  • Is it any different to this?? $14 for the wifi version here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ORIGINAL-XIAOMI-MI-BRAND-SMART-WI...

    Ah I get it, my link is wifi only version even tho the pic says zigbee. Been using it for a month now. I get around the 2 pin problem by using flat stick to "open" the holes and then insert 2 pin before plugging in the device into source of power. Make sure it is not plugged into wall when trying this tho.

    The wifi version works from my xiaomi account when I'm not home too. Can turn things on/off from work which is nice.

    Hope this helps.

    • WiFi doesn't have energy monitoring

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