This was posted 3 years 11 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Myer eBay (3 Txn's PP, $500 Maximum Discount Per Txn)


20% off Myer is coming back in 2 days :)

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This offer commences at 10.00 (AEST) on 24 October 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 30 October 2017.

The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at the Participating Store on during the Offer Period, for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction.

As always, make sure to put anything into your cart that you would like prior to the sale to ensure you get it! It might be worth doing this on the day as some of the sales end today.

Enjoy :)

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  • Should be 20% off selected products… and many of those have had their prices increased

  • false advertising..and no Apple deal , gonna do my part to -ve this deal

  • Was eyeing a sunbeam toaster oven. $47 yesterday, $60 today. After the 'discount' I lose $1. Good play Myer, timing the ending of your sale with the eBay one.

  • Thought Myer was better than this.

    ACCC should be involved.

    • +2

      Yeah, how dare they have a Sale that ends, then immediately hold another Sale that starts the next day - I'm sure the ACCC will be furious, call them quickly!

      They will probably point out to you; why are you complaining that a Department Store is having regular Sales?

      Tell them that, some of the OzBargain community believe that these stores need to hold multiple sales concurrently so people can maximise savings, at the cost of the business..

      • +3

        I dont think everyone is mad about the sales ending. They've removed a lot of stock right before the sale.

        • And if you read comments, this happens on eBay VERY regularly.

      • +1

        That's exactly what I'm complaining about!

        Thanks Sherlock you have cracked the case :)

        No…perhaps read the rest of the negs for context before going completely off tangent. I don't think anyone conplained about that.

  • -3

    I don't know why everyone is so shocked. This happens every time on eBay sales without fail.

    Once bitten, twice shy. Shame on you fool me once, shame on me fool me twice. Who let the dogs out? etc.

  • If ppl really need the airpods right now, u can use the 10% off code to bring the price down to 200 ish. It'll be 20 bucks more than what we hoped for from Myers, it's better than nothing.

  • Yep. Another bait and switch. Ending the deals I was interested in before the event

  • Very disappointing sale. Wanted a particular sandwich maker, and despite it being available as recently as last week, it is no longer offered via their store.

  • +1

    All Dyson removed - time to buy elsewhere.

  • It seems that the code has stopped working temporarily, it's not applying to any items Apple or non apple.

    Edit: Working now

    • +1

      Works fine for me now.

  • :( I was going to buy a Dyson from Myer and didn't buy from 20% Bing Lee to wait for the free Myer shipping. Now they removed it.

    • me too.


    • Don't feel too bad. I tried to get it at Bing Lee and it kept rejecting the code anyway.

  • dog act Myer…

  • Hmm. No white goods.

  • Snagged an IPad Pro 10.5 128GB. Accepted code and down to 783.20. Price confirmed on eBay order.
    Just received Myer order confirmation and receipt shows full price? Is that normal?

    • Yes

    • You sure you got 128gb or 64gb. The 64gb model is the one that comes down to $783.20

      • Doh… senior moment. 64GB is correct. Took delivery Friday. Very happpy.

  • Steam iron I was watching was $79 before this coupon, now bumped up to $139. Awesome. Thanks Myer.

  • Commenting so I can neg vote, but yeah basically was here for the AirPods, was going crazy when I couldnt find it, then realised they pulled it. Ended up paying $20 more a set from Officeworks because I was already emotionally investing and wasted time wondering if I wanted them last night.

    Pretty dissapointed, shouldve pulled all the items before working out a deal like this.

    • Airpods are back again, should listened and waited for them to relist, could also get them from here and return under the officeworks receipt.

  • Myer ebay simply dodgy.

  • Few Bose things listed about 40 mins ago: QC 35 II $399.20 & New SoundLink Micro Speakers $135.20 after code. Not bad for QC 35 II but the previous 2 deals were cheaper. Speakers might be of some interest, looks like they came out last month.

  • Myer still acting like the old days of pre-interweb when the only way to know a price tag was to look at the tag instore. RRP $1999, now $299!!!! Sale finishes, price goes back to normal $399. Now with computers faster than PC's in our pockets, it takes all up a few seconds to price check and price history check. Rubbish company. Sometimes I just don't believe these huge retailers. If I had these expansive brick stores with history and pride and delivery infrastructure, I would destroy all online retailers like Kogan in a heart beat. Can't believe all these retailers crying, when they can nuke every online retailer with just a few smart moves.

  • Anyone know if a tax invoice is provided with the order delivery? Thinking of getting the QC35s and claiming TRS in mid November, brings the price down to $350 or so.

    • +1

      You'd be better off getting it from other places such as PC Byte who have it for $388 after PERK10. I believe it comes with an invoice.

  • Airpods have been listed, deal post here

  • -1

    Saw the deal on eBay now and I just tried to apply the code but gave me expired. Then why the hell is it still on there? Gave me false hope :(