(Port Out from provider A, Port In to Provider B) then (Port Out from Provider B and Port In back to Provider A) on the same day


As per the subject, I hope I have explained myself well enough.

Justification for doing this: wanting to make use of free 30 days KOGAN prepaid offer for new customer.

The problem: I am already on KOGAN prepaid.

2 Questions:
1) Do you foresee any issue with the process specified in the subject line?
2) Can you suggest the cheapest option for the stepping stone SIM starter kit (provider B in this instance)?



  • The obvious potential issue is that Kogan might recognise that you're not actually a new customer.
    The other issue will be loss of service in the porting periods and unless you recharge Service B, you may not be able to call out.

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    You yourself see the issue with the process: you already are on KOGAN prepaid, so not a new customer.

  • did this once… Kogan -> Vodafone -> Kogan.
    K->V was seamless, almost instant.
    I waited 30mins, then ported V->K
    massive fail. there was an issue and it cost me 3 days of no phone.

    suggestion - wait longer than 30 mins, don't attempt it on a Saturday evening!

    • Kogan -> Vodafone -> Kogan probably not the cleverest idea but fair if you didn't realized at that time that they were practically the same company.

      Kogan -> Telstra/Optus -> Kogan probably the better idea; I just need to find that cheap SIM starter kit.

  • Kogan uses the Vodafone system to manage its services
    if you number was active on the system within the last 14 days it will either have errors when porting back in
    the number will be flagged as existing and new customer offers wont apply.

  • Too much complexity and uncertainty .. perhaps I shouldn't proceed.

  • Worked at Telstra for a few years and saw this fairly often. ~usually~ the port out would be fine (15 minutes - 1 hour) however issues would often arise on the port back in. Systems didn't seem to like taking the number back so quickly.

  • Did this a few months ago and it worked fine. Entire process was done within 30 mins (as I waited for 20 mins before porting in again). Just remember to make sure you are using different providers.

    Kogan uses Vodafone so it would be a massive fail if you port out to Vodafone and try to get back into Kogan.
    Similarly Amaysim and OVO use Optus (so don't try to port in/out of the 3 networks on the same day).
    Boost uses Telstra.

  • Seems like a huge risk for little reward - a friend had massive porting issues where he'd been a previous customer of one of the telcos and was returning and data got all mixed up. They both blamed each other. Ended up taking days and hours on the phone with call centres. I doubt it's worth the risk