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AEG 18V 5.0Ah Brushless Line Trimmer & Blower Combo Kit $299 (Was $499) @ Bunnings Lake Haven (NSW Central Coast)


Clearance price at Bunnings Lake Haven. Store member said the higher-end brand was not selling in the area. Not listed on the Bunnings website. AEG link is here:

The 18V brushless line trimmer and blower kit offers powerful torque and superior portability. Featuring a brushless line trimmer, a blower, 2 lithium batteries and a smart charger, this kit has all the gardening tools and accessories you need for efficient yard work.

Model number: altbl1850x2. I didn't take down the Bunnings item number

Bunnings website has just the line trimmer, charger and 1 battery for $399 https://www.bunnings.com.au/aeg-18v-brushless-line-trimmer-k...
Or just the blower, charger and 1 battery for $299 https://www.bunnings.com.au/aeg-18v-garden-blower-kit_p33812...
Or just 2 batteries and a charger for $318 ($199+$119) https://www.bunnings.com.au/aeg-18v-5-0ah-pro-lithium-batter... https://www.bunnings.com.au/aeg-12-18v-dual-chemistry-smart-...

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  • Thanks OP.

    A genuine question, what is "higher-end" brand?

    • Probably meant anything over $200 for a line trimmer.. but higher brands would be the likes of AEG, Makita. Honda, Victa
      The "lower brands" would refer to the Homelite, Ozito range

    • +1

      There'll be people here that know better than I, but it was explained to me as four brands all owned by the one company (TTI):
      Top: Milwaukee
      High: AEG
      Mid: Ryobi
      Low: Homelite

  • +7

    AEG is not necessarily a higher-quality tool because of it's higher price.

    It is just ANOTHER Bunnings-exclusive ecosystem. Once you're committed to a battery model then you'll naturally buy the matching skins.

    Having inspected them on the shelf (not a double-blind real world test, so YMMV), the build quality is not double the build quality of the Ozito Power X Change range. My "OzBargain-sense" tells me that it shouldn't be worth double the price, and therefore the Ozito's are better value per dollar spent.

    'Higher-end' in Bunnings speak would probably translate to 'fatter margins', I would think.

    Still, seems a good deal otherwise, don't discount that fact if you're already an AEG user!

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      AEG is definitely not a Bunnings exclusive or private label. It is a German company with a history and reputation as good as Siemens and Bosch. Maybe even higher in Germany.

      • +1

        Similar to Bosch, Siemens etc, AEG manufacture kitchen cooktops, white goods etc.

        I've got an 18v AEG Drill Driver, and 18v Circular Saw. Both have taken a beating and still going strong. Well appreciate by most Germans that come across them.

      • +1

        They're branded as Rigid in the US and Canada I believe

      • And they use a premium battery brand. Its either Samsung or Sony cant recall which. Milwaukee use a Sony so probably the one.

        • +1

          Their batteries have failed on me quite a few times over 3month period. the tools themselves are quite powerful though but much better off waiting for Hilti EOFYS or Milwakee.

        • @donkeydoc: AEG have failed? Havnet had one die yet.

        • @Tuba: heavy usage over 3 months, 3 charges a day

        • @donkeydoc: Its not trade gear. Its not trade gear priced either.

          Good quality li-ion batteries have a cycle life around 500, if never fully flattened, and rested. If youre getting 270 in power tools, flogging them, thats a good sign for home use.

        • @Tuba: theyd be fantastic for home use

      • AEG was a German company. The rights to the AEG brand are now owned by Electrolux, a Swedish headquartered company. Electrolux has licensed the AEG Powertools brand to Techntonic insdustries, a Hong Kong based company.

        AEG power tools appear to be a Bunnings exclusive brand within Australia. If you know of another major Australian retailer who stocks AEG power tools, please share.

    • Once you're committed to a battery model then you'll naturally buy the matching skins.

      Whilst it'd be handy to have the same brand throughout I've found ultimately very little pull to actually buy that way. As in I regularly go to check out any specials (usually none lol) but over the years of OzB posts I've got batteries for 3 brands (Ryobi, Ozito, AEG) and had I not had an AEG brushless hammer already probably would have 4 with Bosch Blue and that recent deal lol.

      TLDR; Specials on kits just seem to always beat any "existing investment" on a particular eco system.

  • Is this brand better than Ryobi?

    • They are from same company TTI.

      • +1

        …but doesn't mean they're the same quality. There will be differences in materials, etc. to hit different price points and appeal to different markets.

        That said, "better" depends on what you're criteria and use are… if you're using it for home handyman projects then both will do the job very nicely - so Ryobi may be better because generally it's cheaper - hence "better" value for money.

    • I just replaced my Ryobi 36V Line Trimmer yesterday, because the battery or charger where no longer working after 2 charges. and now i am kicking myself with this deal :(

    • +1

      Ive used both cordless grinders this year and the AEG is far superior.
      Thats the only comparison i can give.

  • Is this store specific?

    • Clearance items usually are. You can ask for a price match. Some times they will and other times they will not. So you may to try other stores not just one store.

    • Most likely. This scanned at the original price and had to be overridden

  • +2

    Contrary to some of the guesses above AEG is a trade brand, they have good tools and a TRADE warranty (6 years). Ryobi and Homelite do not have trade warranties. I would still put AEG below Milwaukee though. TTi also own a bunch of others such as Kango, Empire, Hart etc. Yes Bunnings and TTi are well and truly in bed with each other.

    When it comes to something like a battery power tool, I would personally never get a cheapie because I value my time. A cheap and nasty cordless tool has little/no power and is therefore a pain in the ass to use.

    • Avoid cheap and nasty, but cheap doesn't automatically mean nasty.

      • not automatically, but in my experience with battery powered tools, you do get what you pay for. There's no free ride.

    • Ryobi also have a 6 year warranty now


      • yep, which is awesome. but you'll void it the second you use it for 'trade use' or 'commercial'.

  • +2

    Great price considering you get 2x 5Ah and the charger included.
    Edit: And also the warranty as stated above.

    • didn't see that, thanks, I'm off to get one.

      • No luck at the first place. The manager I spoke to said he could only do $399.00, I’ve never really understood the Bunnings price match policy.

        • Yeah. Ive been to stores 25km away from each other and one will have something on clearence months before the other.
          It seems very whimsical rather than a straight australia wide clearence that other large stores do.

  • +3

    Swear to god, I read this as "bushless trimmer"

    • That's because you seen the word "blower" first

    • Oh lol, moments like this is why I come on to Ozbargain after a hard, long day.

      • +1

        You might need to expand the websites you visit if you're coming here for the lols

        • +1

          Haha yeah true it's kinda sad..
          But if I visit another website, I might miss out on a great deal!!

      • hard, long

        Before or after using the blower?

  • Which store is this? Coming up at $499 at my local bunnings store and they said that the $499 IS the promotional price

    • Lake Haven, Central Coast, NSW 2263

  • Awesome price!! Don't need one though :)

  • $499 at Bunnings Kingston TAS :(

  • $499 Innaloo WA :(

  • Great price. Wish i needed one…..:(

  • I bought the ALDI cordless trimmer the other day - doesn't feel like any power in it; Only if I can find a better deal in my closest bunnings :-(

  • Can other Bunnings store price match it? Anyone has tried it?

    • Tried to at West Footscray, got a no. Wouldn't price match.

      • Got a price match at Thomastown in VIC.Line trimmer is great plenty of go, blower is a bit gutless

  • Couldn't get a price match at Mentone Vic. Called Lake Haven and they said it was not ever on there. Any idea's anyone. I could try Thomastown as well I guess, could u provide your receipt no Zacster?

  • Anyone else with any luck getting this price?

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