expired NEW Cardio AB Twister Exercise Fitness Workout Machine $99 plus shipping


Brand NEW Cardio AB Twister Exercise Fitness Workout Machine


2010 Latest Model


Cardio AB Twister is the super fun, effective fitness program that burns fat, helps firm and sculpt your body, plus gives flatter, tighter abs, all at the same time!

Regular steppers just move up and down, but only the AB Twister Systemfs advanced dual-drive gearbox has powerful bi-directional stepping that moves you up and down, and in and out. Combined with a smooth upper body twisting action that tightens and firms your entire body.

And AB Twister has 7 different settings perfect for any fitness level to go from fast and easy fat burning to a more intense leg and back shaping workout. All you do is basically, step on to it and twist. Start twisting away.

The AB Twisterfs fun, easy-to-do moves work all the bodyfs major muscles and the more muscles you use, the more weight youfll lose. Firm your arms, shoulders, chest, and back. Plus tighten your entire core, including abs, and obliques, while trimming your inner thighs, outer thighs and butt, All it takes is minutes a day to get fit with a whole new twist!

AB Twister is suitable for people weighing up to 113kg. Some assemble is required, easy to follow instructions are provided in the Owner fs Manual that you will receice with your AB Twister.

Postage and handling:

AUSTRALIA WIDE FLAT POSTAGE $18.00 Except NT & WA. The postage and handling charges for Perth is $18.00. For all other area of WA and NT, the shipping freight is $48.00.

$10 handling fee is applied to Pickup.

Pickup is not available for auction, only for fix price.

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