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B4 Unisex Silicone LED Digital Wrist Watch Sports Bracelet US $0.30 (~AU $0.39) FREE Shipping @Zapals


Cheap sports band with LED display !

Only 39 cents (free shipping), apply coupon code: FREE1028ALL

Must log-in before applying coupon

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  • +4

    Waterproof: No

  • +2

    Colour is random.

    • +6

      Time is random?

      • +1

        Battery is random?

        • -2

          Shipping is random ?

        • Arbitrary is random

  • +11

    Nice presents for your friends, lovers, etc.

    • +11

      and random strangers before inviting them inside the van.

  • Nice present for my nephew.

    • What a

      • +2

        Look at it the other way.. he could buy nothing for his nephew?

  • +7

    Didn't need it. Bought it anyway

  • I don't use these kind of stuffs, but can use for gift purposes, thanks.

  • Thanks OP. Cheap gift for chrissy.

  • Hope the battery is made well, so it doesn’t explode

  • I'm getting the message:
    "Coupon code limit has been reached."
    Is it working for anyone else?

    • Tried again, working now…

  • Random colours, but for 40 Cents, cant complain.

    • Some of these watches the face part clips out and you can swap it between bands. Bands are cheap too.

  • Looks like a smart watch, little brother will be pleased.

  • Is the led lights in white as the picture shows or is it red like all the other watches?

    • +2

      It is all random… including the colour of the leds.

      • One more q Xywolap, do you know if AG4 batteries fit in these? Officially it uses ag10.

  • Shipping time is also random.

  • +1

    Toooo bloody Expensive … Will somebody please think of all the poor uni students who don't have the cash to afford this

  • 40c when I applied coupon.

    • Change the currency to USD and pay in USD.

  • +1

    Nice found OP, sorted xmass pressie for loved one

  • +1

    Received mine today, and it came in black.

    • How do you use it??

      • There's instructions on the website on how to program the time and date. Not much else it can do though.

        • Thanks!

  • Received mine - cheap flimsy thing, as expected i guess. No capacity to adjust size - you have to cut the band. On top of this, the plastic clip to fasten the band already snapped - now in the bin.

  • Anyone have a manual for this? Gotta set the time before secret Santa next week

    • Just long press the main button and scroll through hour, minute, date, year.

      • I spent time trying to do that but it keeps resetting. It sets fine, but next time I press the button it resets itself. So frustrating. I thought we were past the days of manually setting clocks! Not expecting this to have wifi etc for 39c but was expecting it to work properly at least… now I'll have to give away something else cheap I got from GB/Zapals/Rosegal

        • Just remember, it's a Long-press to scroll through and Long-press to confirm as well.

        • @batrarobin: Tried setting it again, hopefully it works this time. Just seems to reset with a short press, when I'm just trying to check the time.

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