GPS Tracker for Puppy That Doesn't Cost an Arm and a Paw

Good morning guys

The wife and I are getting a dog soon and we would like to get a tracker for it just in case he runs away, but also because unfortunately in the next 3 months we will be moving 3 times and this inconsistency might not be ideal for a dog and an escape might be more likely.

This one is apparently endorsed by the RSPCA but is about $250 and requires a subscription of $100 a year
Old model on groupon for $149

The petrek is $250 and can use a prepaid card, but doesn't state the rates

tractive $100 odd and $80 a year

Are there any trackers that I can put a pay as you go sim card in and check when needed? Or a considerably cheaper 24/7 option?
A xiaomi or cheap brand from gearbest or ali that anyone has tried?

Thanks for your help!



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    Shoulds be arm and leg. This joking is paw ones hahahahaha

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      Those ones are crowd located. They don't suit me because we are living in rural western Queensland. Need gps :/

    • Trackr is only Bluetooth. So won't work unfortunately as far as I know.

  • Pity you can't get a GPS tracker installed when you microchip them

    • Powered by their love x)

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  • I believe some of these don't need a subscription and will work with prepaid sims, maybe.

    You could also get a cheap android phone with a GPS and a prepaid card, then install
    If you send an SMS to the phone with your specified codeword it'll respond with the GPS coordinates. Mounting it on something suitable for a dog might be difficult though.

    Perhaps you can get a cheapo android smartwatch (a standalone android unit with its own sim slot, NOT an Android Wear or Samsung Gear) that does this and you can strap it to the collar.

  • If you sell an arm and a paw then you can buy a tracker. Wait, in that case you don't need a tracker. Ummm… :)

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    Something like

    only not that one since I think it needs the now defunct 2G.

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    Adequately secure your dwelling and yard in the first instance.

    • … good one

  • Can you delay getting the dog until you've settled into one place?

    • That would be the brightest idea,
      But once we are settled down we are beginning full time work.
      Over this time we will be training and ensuring a smooth transition with our 1yo dog

  • We have pod3. A worldwide service and they company is based in Sydney.

    189 plus 72 per year.

    A small price to pay to find your pet.

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