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Qatar Business Class Companion Sale to Paris from $3487 Per Person @ Escape Travel


Business Class Companion Sale with Qatar Airways from $3487.00 per person RETURN.

Massive discount fare with the WORLD BEST AIRLINE. QATAR AIRWAYS.

Full lie flat business class to Europe on a380, 777 and a350. Earn 260 Qantas Status Credits or Become Gold with QR.

**As always due to high demand please email full names as per passport, date of birth, ideal travel dates and be aware this is based on first come first served.

**Email: [email protected]

1. MUST Fly VIA DPS on outbound flights

  1. Companion only. Need minimum 2 pax to get discounted fare.

  2. Must book by 12th November

  3. Must fly in and out of Paris

  4. Must have R class available on flight.

Travel Dates

Feb 1 - June 30

Sep 1 - 30 sep

Example 1 : $3487.00

Feb 16 Brisbane - Denpasar (Bali)

Feb 22 Denpasar - Doha - Paris

Mar 10 Paris - Doha - Melbourne - Brisbane

Example 2 : $3917.00

May 10 Sydney - Denpasar (Bali) 5 hour stopover will need to check in again as two separate tickets

May 10 Denpasar - Doha - Paris

May 30 Paris - Doha - Sydney

Example 3 : $3787.00

Apr 16 Melbourne - Denpasar (Bali)

Apr 25 Denpasar - Doha - Paris

Apr 29 Paris - Doha - Melbourne

Example 4 : $4217.00

Sep 07 Brisbane - Denpasar (Bali) 5 hour stopover will need to check in again as two separate tickets

Sep 07 Denpasar - Doha - Paris

Sep 29 Paris - Doha - Sydney - Brisbane

Sale only until 12th November unless sold out prior - Please email full details as it will enable us to get to everyone before it ends.

Subject to terms and conditions.

email: jose.bis[email protected]

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  • Maybe companion restrictions mean it's targeted.

  • +1

    The routes are very complicated just to get to Paris.

    Should also add Bali in the title.

    • +5

      Most flights have at least 1 stopover, so it's only maximum of 1 extra stop? I'd prefer to pay thousands less for a slight detour :)

      • Should check out the returning leg in Example 1 and 4.

        • +1

          Uhhhhh, 'at least 1 stopover, so it's only maximum of 1 extra stop', that equals 2 stopovers, which is exactly what the returning legs have in example 1 + 4.

    • +1

      To simplify it, max 2 stop overs on the returns in example 1 and 4
      Example being
      Paris - Doha - Sydney - Brisbane

      Equals 2 stops max. Hopefully easy to understand.

  • seperate tickets on some of the flights is a deal breaker. no doubt you will need to grab your bags and check in again. plus any delays you could easily miss your connection

    • +2

      given that its Qatar airlines, they'll fix you up appropriately if i happens to happen

  • +4

    Pretty cheap for business class flat bed fares. Pity I’m not going to Europe

  • -2

    Don't help a state that sponsors … around the world.

    • What France? :-)

      • +3

        …. US, Russia, China, Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, Britain etc …….

        • I gave up then, the list is too long :)

  • Earn 260 Qantas Status Credits ..


    • +1

      qatar is a member of the one world alliance as is qantas

  • Any ex perth options?

    • +5

      Move to Melbourne and you'll be ex-Perth!

      • Gave me a good chuckle. +1 for you

      • +2

        I like how you didn't want him to move to Sydney.

        • Yea you don't want a lethal DJ in Sydney..

      • ahaha!

  • +1

    No info here on whose metal the Oz-DPS routes are flown? Surely not Qatar?

    • Definitely not QR, but they interline with a lot of airlines. They even interline with JQ, so don't be surprised if your Oz-DPS/DPS-Oz legs are in Y on a LCCA.

  • Is this also through the escape travel offices, I’d like to talk to someone rather than an email?

  • Wish i have the time otherwise I'll book it right away ;

  • Isn't Air NZ the best airline in the world currently for like the sixth year in a row?

    • +6

      Only as rated by AirlineRatings.com, which includes useless criteria like airline profitability and ambiguous terms like innovation. Skytrax, the most prestigious airline award, has more consumer-driven criteria, and ranks Air New Zealand 19th in 2017.

      • +1

        Thanks man!
        That's really good info :)

        I don't know why I got a neg, though, I was honestly asking, lol.

  • +38

    Guys, this fare is just the current Qatar Companion Sale fare wrapped in with a separate ticket from Australia to DPS.

    Go to https://www.qatarairways.com/en-au/book.html and select Multi-city flights. Enter DPS to CDG for the outbound and for the return enter CDG and your home city (MEL/SYD/PER/BNE/ADL etc). Then just buy a separate ticket from Australia to Bali timed to either connect with the Qatar flight, or arrive days earlier to enjoy a holiday in Bali.

    There is no need to go via this travel agent or any travel agent for that matter. It can all be booked very easily yourself online.

    • Hey it’s JoeyJoeJoe! Thank you

      • When I try that it keeps telling me that there are no flights home available, and the cost is not in AU dollars. Am I doing something wrong or are there just no tickets to Melbourne? Thanks

        • Input in the multi city DPS - CDG then on the way home CDG - DOH then another flight DOH - SYD/MEL/BNE and it prices at $6.472k for two to Sydney. If you input for the return CDG to SYD/BNE/MEL it doesn't price as cheap.

          payment is in IDR: 67028400.00

        • @dandandan: Thanks for the reply. Still seem to be having a similar issue, can you please indicate what dates you are using for the test. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

        • @try2bhelpful: Select the first fare and hit continue then the rest of the flight should come up.

        • @dandandan:

          You gotta get R class business for the super cheap fares. I and D class will price higher.

          I see $2,7450 AUD pp for DPS-CDG and CDG-MEL on many dates.

        • @JoeyJoeJoe:

          Good to know that….$3,236 is still very cheap however $2,745 is even better!

        • Great tip, thank you. Sadly nothing in June 18.

    • Very very clever Joey. I must remember this, if I ever can afford business class :)

    • He's right, just looked around from Melbourne and a DPS>DOH>CDG and CDG>DOH>MEL business for two in April came up as $5534 total. That's a lot of business class for the money but that missing flight to Bali is super annoying. I assume the poster will stick a $1000 dollars on the top to get you to Bali in business.

  • Why OP doesn't provide a direct link? Reluctant to provide so many personal info to individual.

    • -2

      Generally these types of flights need to be booked by a travel agent. You can clearly see which company it is by looking at the email address.

      • +1

        No need to be booked by a travel agent, refer to JoeyJoeJoe's comment

        • My bad, missed that comment!

  • A distant associate of mine provides 'business class / lie-flat companion services', but she charges way more than 3.5k, so this seems legit.

    • She acts as your lie flat companion? ;) Must be good to charge more than 3.5k!

    • Distant, as in in a Colombian jail Cassie?

  • +1

    Hi rep, any deals from Perth?


  • 3487… hmm I'm not worth that much in order to be comfortable on a plane.

    • +1

      sure you are! The trick is convincing other people of that, via their wallet.

  • +2

    For anyone in south east queensland, qatar is massively discounting flights out of gold coast.

    The cost of flying out of the gold coast via sydney or adelaide, is cheaper than flying the same route from sydney or adelaide.

  • -1

    pm sent!

  • in all seriousness, just go to a doctor, and get sleeping meds. drop a couple on the plane at take off, and save 3k

    • You’re shorter than 6 foot, I take it?

      • +2

        no 6"4, if your asleep you wont feel the discomfort

        • +1

          Best sleeping medication?

        • +2

          @Reveen: ramelteon combined with 6 cans of JD

  • +2

    Just took an OS trip with Qatar and I can truly say: this is not the world’s best airline. The majority of the crew couldn’t have cared less of what was going on, seating was v tight and the meals were truly bad.

    Next time I’ll pay more and go Emirates again.

    • I just came back from a 3 week trip to Milan from Perth travelling Qatar.
      The service I got from Qatar was great.
      I was greeted by cabin crew not long after seated (row 32 on a boeing 777) at the back of the plane.
      She came to me and introduced herself and assured me that I will be looked after throughout the duration of the flight.
      I was actually very impressed with that level of service in an Economy class seating.
      The food was actually delicious in airline food industry, but I guess I chose the right option from their food menu pamphlet given out to me at the beginning of the the flight.
      There was enough inflight entertainment content to keep me occupied (11 hour flight, layover 2 hours and then another 6 hour flight).
      The seats were comfortable and there was ample leg room.
      Overall, I would travel on Qatar if they keep coming up with great prices on airfare.
      I have not travelled with Emirates so I can not make a comparison between the two.

    • This review posted 2 days ago from someone who's views I respect, agrees - Qatar service is hit and miss':


      • True - that said, Emirates is also inconsistent in their service. Great hard product - but staff onboard can be good or bad.

  • OP, what about Perrh to Paris?

  • +5

    This is somewhat misleading… OP should make it clear that the flight to DPS is not with Qatar, so if that flight is delayed and you miss your flight out of DPS you're sh-t out of luck.

  • Any via Singapore?

  • OP, can you explain how this would get you Gold status with Qatar? By my calculations R class would get you 135 qmiles + 16 assuming you flew to Bali on Qantas. Need 300 qmiles for Gold

  • I've flown Qatar no less than 20 times and their economy service is ironically better than their business and first class service. The service I received from my 3 return flights on business and 2 return on first class from Sydney to Warsaw, their cabin crew were extremely indifferent, unresponsive and unhelpful. The times I've flown economy, their cabin crew were attentive, kind and helpful. Look elsewhere for business & first class - Qantas and Emirates are superb.

  • Great deal! Are you sure it finishes on Nov 12th? (the Qatar website says Nov 10th)